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Marché® stands for healthy nutrition and offers food that is cooked right before your eyes. Marché has been tantalizing Singapore with delicious European culinary delights from Switzerland. Enjoy fresh, healthy and highest quality food in a tranquil setting of a Swiss Alpine village, painstakingly installed by six Swiss craftsmen from the dismantled original Swiss chalets of the 16th century. continue reading
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Rosti Seafood Paella
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Level1 2015-12-10
Went to Marche on Thanksgiving day! Had a feast with my family. The rosti was the best dish out of all the dishes and the rosti station had the longest queue! I queued for almost 15 -20 mins? It was worth the wait though. Let me present to you Rosti with Sunny Side Up Egg! Eat it while it's hot! Break the yolk and mix it with your rosti! There's just something about flowy egg yolks that makes me go wow yums! I also ordered the rosti with garlic sausage! Sausage was huge and tasty! I love it! Here's a photo of the rosti with garlic sausage! continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-05
I haven't been to Marche in over 10 years, and my friends wanted a place with a variety of food to suit everyone's tastebuds, so we choose Marche. If you don't want to queue a tleast 20 minutes on a thursday night at 7pm, make a reservation.There are lots of tables, some are bar top, and some are booths and some are just typical tables which you can join together to accomodate a big group.The first stall you see as you enter Marche is the fruit juice stall.1. Watermelon JuiceThe watermelon juice tasted okay, nothing special. I would rather go elsewhere to get this watermelon juice.Pick up your own utensils.The desserts looks good!The rosti station had one of the longest queues!You can pick to have your rosti with sausages, smoked salmon and more.With so many potatoes placed here to decorate the stall, I wonder how much potatoes do they use on a daily basis.2. Rosti with Smoked Salmon $16.90+I loved how generous they were with the smoked salmon, covered the entire plate of rosti! The smoked salmon wasn't too salty, it was perfect and the rosti was crispy on the top layers and soft and warmed to perfection in the center. This was exactly how I remembered it 10 years ago. It seems quality standards remained the same over the past decade! *applause*3. Rosti with SausagesI picked both the chicken cheese sauage and the pork garlic sausage. The chicken cheese sausage was very juicy and flavourful. The pork garlic sausage (the shorter one) was a bit more dry and slightly harder to cut into. The sour cream added more flavour to the sausages.While waiting for my Rosti to be cooked, I watched this chef twirl and spin the pizza dough in the air, it was quite amazing and it made me want to try the pizza.4. Onion Chicken PizzaThe pizza looked fine, till we cut it up and saw the amount of oil in it. The onion was more for decoration as it seemed pretty raw. The chicken cubes were tiny and the cheese wasn't sufficient enough. The outside crust was crispy but the inner pizza was dough and pretty much all the ingredient slid right off the pizza. Very disappointing.5. PastaCheesy goodness and even the brocolli tasted awesome. A decent plate of pasta with simple flavours from the ham and brocolli6. Roasted Half Chicken with SausagesThe chicken was very tender and juicy, even the breast meat was juicy. The sausages here were the same as the ones that came with the smoked salmon.7. SaladThe salad seemed fresh, however there wasn't sufficient dressing on the salad. All in all, there were some hits and misses, and Yes I will go back for more rosti goodness, but I was surprised to see the bill of $140 for 4 pax. Is the food fresh? Yes sort of, I mean I can't say it's super fresh, but I know I didn't get sick from eating it. But the price just doesn't justify the quality of food we received.  continue reading
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Level3 2015-01-21
Marche Restaurant originally come from Switzerland, is specializing in high quality dining of Swiss restaurants. The dining concept is styled as a European marketplace, where you place an order and collect your meals at your food prefernce stalls.The serving food choice of Fresh variation of salads, crispy thin pizza , seafood and pasta, vegetable or meat with mouth watering sauces, grilled choice and light juice creations are freshly prepared in the open kitchen right in front of guests to watch.It was gonna be my awesome dinner with the signature dishes of Rosti at Marche - all time favorite in Marche. It looks like a roti prata but absolutely it is not. It knowns as a swissh dish mainly consists of potatoes. The potato part is tasted like a hash brown but neither it is a hash brown.  Although it is a bit too oily, but the crispy golden rosti is really delicious and nice for the second round.Topping of dishes such as chicken sausage, fried egg, beef or portk at the side of Rosti is available upon your order. Crepe would be a good choice for the light food . Lovely Caramel sauce makes the crepe very yummy though it would be taste better if it is a crispy crepe instead of soft uncrispy crepe.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-29
I had been to Marche several times and tried many of their food such as pizza, steak and rosti! Decided to try their dessert today. For the desserts, they offer ice cream, crepes, cakes and even have a chocolate fondue  As i have not try crepes before, i decided to order A chocolate banana crepe  The crepe is made to order and is served warm. It took only a short while for the crepe to be prepared. For the crepe, the skin is quite crispy but soft in the middle. The filling consists of a few pieces of banana and chocolate Sauce. I feel that they could be more generous in the fillings especially for the chocolate sauce as the cook only drizzled a little chocolate sauce in it ): Overall, this dessert is not really worth it. I would try other desserts next time!  continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-23
To the chocolate lovers out there, do consider this.. at the dessert corner.Extremely rich and chocolatey.. the mousse holds firm throughout, not the type that will turn softer upon standing.Rather firm mouse which is equally rich in the chocolate flavour not like cream. It melts in the mouth and the sponge cake is also fluffy and but not too airy.. This is a big serving and rather substantial so be sure to save space if not u might be too full to stomach this. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)