Housed by the waterfront, The Chop House in VivoCity enjoys expansive full-length windows to let in the sunlight in this bright and cheery venue. Guests can enjoy a wide selection of international favourites from house special fajitas to classic fish & chips and much more. The restaurant also offers a wide range of tipples, including delectable original cocktails and icy craft beers on tap. continue reading
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USDA Prime Grain Fed Rib Eye Australian Lamb Shank THE BBC - BBQ Beef, Bacon & Cheddar Burger Patty Melt Tagliatelle Salsiccia Chicken Quesadillas
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Level4 2015-06-09
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2015/06/dinner-at-chop-house-vivocity.htmlSecond birthday celebration of the month with the hubby. The venue of choice was The Chop House, a spin off from the hugely successful Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, an established HK steakhouse chain. The restaurant was pretty quiet on a Monday evening at 6pm.Sleek and modern interiors with touches of rustic wooden accents at one side, and a more edgy and vibrant colored settings on the other side. Full length glass windows provides an unobstructed view of the harbor-front and promenade.The bar area and tables with inbuilt beer taps.After exploring the menus, we each ordered a drink and a main course, and two sides for sharing.Aussie Punch $8++, soda mixed with passion fruit and mango puree, and Cool Mint $8++, soda with lychee juice and ginger ale. Both drinks were fruity and refreshing.Tater Tots $7++ and Sweet Potato Fries $7++, served piping hot with crisp exteriors and soft mushy centers, very delish. Great choices to go with beers.My Berkshire Pork Chop $33++, coated with Mongolian glaze consisting of Hoisin sauce and black bean chili sauce, served on a bed of sautéed red cabbage. The pork chop was well cooked, meat was tender and easy to cut. However, the thick dark sauce was extremely salty.Feedback was given to the staffs on the saltiness, they offered to cook another one but I rejected as my stomach could not accommodate another slab of pork chop.Hubby's NZ Grass Fed Sirloin 200g $28++, served with Chips, baked Mushrooms & Tomato and béarnaise sauce. The beef doneness and taste was not too bad.We weren't planning to order desserts but the restaurant staffs offered to serve them on the house, due to the earlier unsatisfactory pork chop dish. So we each picked a scoop of ice cream from the menu.Dark Chocolate $9++ and Peach Sorbet $9++, both were surprisingly good with dense flavors and smooth texture.Dining experience here was generally enjoyable. The restaurant has got nice ambiance and friendly service staffs, but the food here was lacking the wow factor. I personally prefer the Jamie's just a few steps away from this place. They produce more impressive pork chops at similar price tags, which I feel is worthy of repeated visits. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-06
Was craving for some steak, and we saw that they had a set lunch which had steak as one of the main course options so we decided to give this place a try!Their 2-course set lunch was $25++ for an appetizer and a main course. There's also a 3-course set lunch which includes dessert, but I don't remember how much that costs. Their weekday set lunch options for this week was either chestnut croquette or clam chowder for the appetizer, and duck burger, salmon or steak for main course.I got the clam chowder, which had a generous amount of clams! There were a few clams in every mouthful of soup that I slurped up - the most generous I've had compared to the clam chowders I've had at other restaurants.I got the grass-fed steak (can't remember the cut and the weight) and it was sooo tender and soft. I chose medium rare and it was done perfectly. It was really easy to cut and chew, it was really good. I also liked the diced tomato and onion salad that you see at the top right hand of the photo. The only bad thing about this dish was that they served the steak with goma/Japanese sesame sauce, which overpowered the steak. However I simply shifted the steak to a clean part of the plate and problem solved The service was also pretty good. I liked that one waitress came to check if the steak was done the way we like it shortly into the meal. Was super satisfied with my lunch and I thought that the amount we paid ($29.50 after GST and service charge) was really worth it for the kind of quality of food that we got! continue reading
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The Chop House is a casual dining eatery under the umbrella of Wooloomooloo Group. The same HongKong group that set up Wooloomooloo steakhouse in Swissotel the Stamford, which I have a memorable experience with their tomahawk steak a few years back. We have been wanting to try out this place since its opening, but there is always something that block our path. Anyway, since Little Devil's ('LD') BFF have a craving for lamb chop, we finally pop in there.At first they allocate us in the centre dining area, seated at a table for 4 but the size is about 1 square metre which is more appropriate for table for 2. The atmosphere was gorgeous, with the view of Sentosa through its floor to ceiling glass windows. It is very romantic atmosphere, but anticipating the space to place our food, we request to be move to a bigger table.We started the dinner with Crispy Calamari ($14) and Mussels Mariniere ($19). The calamari is tender yet slightly springy, coated with crispy batter. Seasoning is inconsistent, where some part can be bland while the other can be very salty. The Mussels Mariniere are perfectly executed where you can taste the wine in the broth. Unfortunately it was missing something to soak up the beautiful broth such as a bread or fries.For Mains, LD ordered Australian Grass Fed T-Bone Steak (400g, $49). T-Bone steak consist of two type of cut, short loin (the small part) and tenderloin (the larger part), which created a challenge in cooking both of them to the right preference (ha.ha, one of the challenge in Master Chef Korea). As usual, LD loves her steak medium rare, and they only manage to deliver medium rare on the tenderloin side, but overcook the short loin part to medium. The meat are tender and juicy, and the creamy mash potatoes that come with it just so smooth, creamy and so delicious. Honestly, the mash potatoes are actually better than the steak, so we ordered another side of creamy mash ($7).For my main, I have the USDA Prime Ribeye (200g, $36). It is cooked to medium rare as ordered. The meat is slightly chewy, not as tender as I expected from USDA prime ribeye. Sautéed potatoes are good and so does the accompanied peppercorn sauce. Portion is slightly small 200 gram, I wish they offer the 300 gram version. For the price I'm paying, I find the New Zealand standard steaks are so much better compare to the USDA in term of tenderness and price point.LD's BFF ordered Australian Double Lamb chops ($31). She said it was quite disappointing as the meat is tough and one of them are charred.For additional sides, we have the French Fries ($7) and creamy spinach ($8). Fries was double fried, probably with duck fat as it has that distinct crispiness and did not become soggy through the dinner. While the creamy spinach with onion is just smooth and tasty.The Drink menu here is very extensive. Our choice for the drink of the night is Cool Mint ($8) – lychee, lychee juice, mint sprigs, ginger ale, and soda. Serving is quite huge, about 500ml.The food menu offer quite extensive range, but it seems that the burger and their beef lollipop (braised beef shank size for 4 person) would be the better option compare to the steak. We decided to skip desserts here as we find what's on offer not enticing enough. The service is very good throughout and their service staff are very accommodating.Overall, we find the food that we had during this visit did not really wow us. It just seems to be odd where the sides dish are so much better than the main meal. In this case the creamy mash, creamy spinach and French fries are the star, instead of the steaks. I'm not sure if we will return, maybe when we can't find better creamy mash in other place, we might just unconsciously return here.For the complete Chubby Botak Koala dining experience, click here:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/03/The-Chop-House.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-24
I've been to Wooloomooloo before at Raffles City and personally i like it very much. So my expectation was pretty high for The Chop House especially when i've also heard good reviews from friends who have been here before. On the recent Saturday, i came with my brother, sister in law and 2 other friends =)  The whole atmosphere is not bad but i will recommend outdoor seats cause indoor ones was kind of noisy due to the loud music. A bit hard to talk at times and i don't think my nephew likes it too. Hehe!3 of us had different steaks - rib eye, sirloin , tenderloin while the rest had pork chop. Feedback was good for the meat dishes! Calamari and the fries ( i like the sweet potato ones ) are for sharing! I had the rib eye $36 which i have requested for it to be medium well. It turns out pretty good. Juicy and nice with the right amount of fats. Every single bite was delightful. However i noticed certain parts of my rib eye was kind of like red but i didn't complain cause the overall taste is good. Pork Chop $32 - There were 2 servings of this and this item arrived at our table first. I must say it smells really good and taste wise, it didn't disappoint. Nice and juicy! One thing for sure, they handle their meats pretty well here and manage to maintain the juiciness.Will definitely be back when i have any meat cravings! continue reading
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When I stepped into the chop house, the lights were rather dimmed accompanied by pop music! Personally, I feel that the chop house is really suitable for couples, perfect for a valentine or anniversary date!From what I know, they have today's special menu which saves the hassle of deciding what to eat from the long list of menu! So, I decided to order the baby back ribs for the main course and baileys cheesecake for dessert from the today's special.After around 10-15mins, the maincourse had arrived! And I was famished!The picture doesnt justify how much it looks in real life, mouth-watering! This is my second time trying ribs and I would say that, this baby back ribs sure taste much tender than the first one i tried. Personally, or most of the females, would prefer tender meat texture than the hard and chewy ones i guess? Also, i was offered a wide variety of sauces which I feel quite average. The portion is rather huge so I feel that it's perfect for couples too!The appearance of the cheesecake looks like any other cheesecake to me, but the taste is impressive! I had never had such smooth texture of cheese before, accompanied by the crispy biscuits at the bottom! Perfect! However, I feel that the baileys taste was quite mild. I would prefer a slightly stronger alcohol taste. Overall, this dish would be perfect for those who doesnt take alcohol but would want to try something special once in a while! continue reading
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