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Deep Fried Oyster Cutlet With Cheese Donburi Tofu Steak Unagi Shirayaki
Review (7)
Level3 2014-12-08
Saw this deal on Groupon and decided to try this Japanese restaurant in Tanjong Pagar. When we entered the restaurant, it looked a little simple, as if it is a cafe. The staff speaks some japanese. We ordered Unagi rice, grilled salmon and fried chicken. The Unagi rice was delicious! The unagi itself was soft and tasty while the rice is soft and truly japanese-style. The grilled salmon was average while the gried chicken was poor in my opinion. Nothing amazing as a whole but it's worth a try, since it is always full and you have to make reservation prior to your visit. A little short of staff as you can see them running all around the place answering to orders and delivering food to tables. continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-11
I was somewhat hasty when i bought 2 groupons S$28 for S$60 for miz japanese restaurant. i got a bit apprehensive after reading the largely negative reviews on hungrygowhere. the reviews on openrice & trip advisor though were pretty ok.i recce on miz the day we went to prelim wine bistro at duxton hill on 1.8.2014. the place did not look so impressive.anyhow my 2 groupons expire on 12.8.2014 so no option but to go today, on 11.8.2014.sashimi moriawaseS$30 sashimi moriawaseas it turned out the food was really quite good. the S$30 sashimi moriawase included 5 cuts of hotate (scallops), shake (salmon), maguro (tuna), hamachi (yellow tail) & kajiki(sword fish). all including hotatet were very fresh, certainly if you c/w say the quite poor kajiki & sashimi i had at olive restaurant on 15.1.2014. S$30 for a lot of quantity may not quite match sun with moon’s superb sashimi moriawase at S$29.80, but at <s$15, there’s nothing to be said. it’s like cheaper than buying from taka or meidi-ya at liang court.we wanted to change our S$14 kaki furai order to the S$16 salmon belly after seeing our neighbour ordering the very fresh & tempting sashimi, but the proprietress mariko-san asked the kitchen & they had already started preparation, so we forgo that as we already hit the S$120 voucher value.the S$18 ebi tempura had 6 prawns & the batter was good, crispy & light, a very competent to good tempura. we ordered the unagi kebayaki – i think it was 1 of their signature dish. it was ok edible but to me not an unagi kebayaki dish at all, so i would not recommend this dish at all. when i saw the bill, i realised that they took the wrong order & it was shira yaki, so it was my fault. when in doubt, query!another signature dish was oyster dynamite – 3 oysters for S$18. sounded expensive to me & not sure how the dynamite sauce & cheese turned out. so i opted for the usual kaki furai – 5 oysters fritters for S$14. this was good ok, not the standard of zen japanese cuisine ones we had recently on 21.7.2014, but ok.we had ika teriyaki whole squid grilled (forgot to take photo). wouldn’t say it’s poor. jut so-so & not worth ordering as you could order other items like salmon belly etc.the S$20 beef sukiyaki was ok, competent. S$20 would be expensive but <$10 after discount was pretty much ok. our bill came to S$129.25 include 10% service & no GST. so since i paid S$56 for 2xS$60 groupons, i topped up S$9.25 & the meal for 3pax was S$65.25. that would be like S$18++pax & i think more than fair.i chatted with mariko-san the proprietress. she was a busy, somewhat harried, competent lady, and in no way rude or unfriendly. i asked her which days were best to come for sashimi. she said tuesday & friday at first but then added that they had fresh sashimi every day as everything was sold. i quite believe her.not sure if i would come this joint for ala carte if fully priced w/o groupon discounts, but they also have sets, bentos & lunch promotions etc, so i may explore a little more.See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/08/11/ok-japanese-food-miz-japanese-restaurant-on-11aug2014/ continue reading
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Aimed to bring good quality Japanese food to Singapore at very affordable price, MIZ Japanese Restaurant served typical excellent cuisine to their patrons. Surprisingly there was Lunch Promotion from Monday to Friday, $6.00 for each set but offer given only for first 20 sets. Besides, Chinese New Year Yu Sheng Set with Salmon Sashimi was currently available. Reservation was required 3 days in advance, either dine-in or takeaway.Clockwise from Raw Sashimi, Salmon, Unagi Seiromushi and Deep-fried Softshell Crab as our orders, both of them were fresh from kitchen obviously. Especially the Unagi Fish, the plate was scrumptious-looking. The presentation was almost of art, the taste even better. Decent enough to munch, both of them were awesome. Having to say that, the price stated was worthwhile. It was my first time visiting it but definitely not the last time. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-25
Nestled along the food haven of Tanjong Pagar Road, this authentic Japanese Restaurant serves up some really mouthwatering dishes such as their Pork Loin Teriyaki and Seafood Hot Pot. However, we were rather disappointed with their quality of sashimi as well as grilled saba. Somehow, their fish supply was not fresh and undermined the overall dining experience.Salt Grilled Saba ($12+)Quite fishy and not much meat - not recommended. Pork Loin Teriyaki ($15+)The pork was soft and succulent. Topped with their special BBQ sauce, this is one tasty treat guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds! Highly recommended! Seafood Hot Pot ($16+)This little pot is stuffed with an overflowing portion of cabbage, golden mushroom, slice fish, sotong, prawns and tofu. The soup base is quite rich and thankfully, did not have a fishy taste. A healthy addition for a hearty lunch! Tuna Maki ($6+)Standard tuna maki that can't really go wrong. However, the tuna, was not exactly very fresh but still passable for sushi standard. Salmon Avocado Roll ($11+)They were quite generous with their salmon and avocado fillings which was a big plus point. Recommended for the portion in relation to the price tag Sashimi Mori (5 kinds) ($20+)Unfortunately, their sashimi was a letdown as it was not fresh. This was actually a chef's selection of the day and we highly suspect that they were trying to clear stock, At $20+ this was considered a steal and probably also explained the lack luster quality. Alas... Overall, it was still a pretty decent dining experience with some good finds! Recommended especially for office workers around the vicinity looking for a quiet Japanese restaurant to celebrate special occasions (e.g. colleagues' birthday, farewell etc). Just a note to skip their chef's sashimi selection of the day. continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-20
I SIMPLY LOVE RAW SALMON! It applied to a few of my friends as well. So we have decided to give this nice and cozy Miz a try. The design of the place reflects a very japanese style with curtain at the entrance and wooden furniture i thought. It does not give me the "feel" that normal shopping mall restaurant does. Probably because it is located somewhere at the shophouse. For the food menu, it can be considered a little pricey. You will have to share which makes it slightly cheaper.So we ordered salmon sashimi as our first dishes and followed by a few more variety that sounds nice on the menu. You got to love this salmon. It is fresh and does not have the fishy taste. I mean just look at the colour ! Definitely a MUST ORDER!We simply ordered 5 plates that night! is good but not that great for the value of its price.Personally i like salmon more. We just ordered one portion of the belly to try. It is still as good as the salmon shashimi but due to personal preference, i like the normal salmon more.It is rather difficult to cook a good prawn tempura. You got to have the right amount of barter on that little tiny prawn. This is rather so so to me because i felt that it is not really that crispy.If you like cheese, probably you will like this. With cheese fried together with the chicken, you get to taste both flavor at one bite. I expected something more cheesy and creamy but i guess this is more towards the "light cheese feel".Another MUST-ORDER! Their udon is rather chewy and does not have the "flour" taste. The soup is delicious that you can simply drink it after your finish the udon. It is not that salty. A light original flavored yogurt drink. They have other flavors as well, but we stick with the original one to play safe. Another plus point of the place is that they provide free flow of green tea! I guess the only downside will the price of the food. It is rather a bit too costly. Afterall, it is surely a nice place for big gathering. I mean sometimes, you can afford to pamper yourself a bit. continue reading
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