“Ceol, Caint Agus Craic” – music, conversation and good fun often fueled by alcohol. Succumb to your Irish cravings today and head over to Mulligan’s for your Irish culture fix! continue reading
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Bangers & Mash Steak & Cheese Pie
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Level4 2013-12-17
The place is decorated in a country manner, with beer barrels as tables and accompanying high chairs. There is also a gigantic TV to broadcast sports like soccer, tennis etc.And if you are thinking, how do I eat sitting on the high chairs?? Dun worry lah, there's also dining area for you to sit back and enjoy the yummy food!Beer Battered Fish & Chips I have eaten beer battered Fish & Chips in some places, but I think Mulligan's is the most honest one! Why? Because the batter really tasted like beer!Most places just state it in the menu, but really taste like normal batter, which leave me wondering anything wrong with my taste bud. At least for now, I know I have perfectly fine taste bud! Hurray!! KekeThe batter was really good - crispy and nicely favoured with beer without overdoing it. Amazing part was that the fish meat remained soft inside. And the dish was completed with everyone's favourite - Fat french fries!Sausage Platter Pork Sausages Both sauasages plates were quite similar, but I prefered the sausage platter coz there was more variety. Eating too much pork sausages is kinda boring. Both dishes are definitely great for sharing with friends - that was what we did!Ribeye with mushrooms This was a little bit on the pricy side, compared to the rest of the items. But definitely worth every cents of the price! It was agreed by all that it was really good. I ordered it to be served medium rare ( my favourite!) but there was no "bloody scene". Instead, the meat juice was well contained, which helped to preserve the sweetness of the beef. Thumbs up!Do come here for drinks and their live band too!To read more and view photo, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2009/10/mulligan-clarke-quay.html continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-05
Mulligan's Irish Pub is quite a nice place to hang out with your friends! I love their calamari rings and buffulo wings! The calamari rings are very nicely fried, and it did not rob the squid of its natural sweetness. When eaten with the mayo, it was superb! Their buffulo wings were also done very nicely! The sauce was good! Very tasty! Yummy! continue reading
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Walking along clarke quay, i decided to go to this Irish pub. Never went there before, but I am attracted by the design of the pub. The very strong irish green and yellow theme and the overall atmosphere is great.I ordered tiger crystal because I heard that you cant get that at any other places. Maybe you could get it at some other pub, but they have it here too.. It is way nicer than the usual tiger beer, the one with brown glass bottles. This is good. I also ordered some snacks that goes with it too. The music and the environment makes it good for you and your friends to chill out. Music is not too loud, so you could have a nice chat with your friends. continue reading
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Level1 2010-10-31
Great Experience to be out on a Wednesday evening for tasting feast with ORTU. Welcomed by friendly staff and service is above average. My first time for authentic Irish cuisine~! Entering the country style restaurant with beer barrels as tables, 'kerosene lamps' and 'road lamps' as lightings decor and the dim lighting effect, it brings me in a vintage dinning experience. Great start with lightly beer-battered fish & chips~!!! Not a chips person, so shall talk more about the fish. The beer-battered of the fish is so well done that it gives a tinge of light frangrance not taking away the attention of the freshness of the fish. This dish is prepared with the right frying heat and duration as the crisp is just right~! Irish Stew is so rich and the complimentary mash is just the right thing to go with the gravy~ The meat in the stew just melts in your mouth. Have to eat this while it's hot~As to share and introduce local dishes to non-Singaporeans, the chef has added Beef rendang and curry chicken into their menu~ I love the beef rendang as it's on the spicier side. The beef has totally absorbed the rendang gravy. Should try pouring the gravy onto the rice, it's Shiok!My FAVourite dish is the Scotch EGG!!!!!!!!!!! It's supper shiok and YummyLicious~!!! It's like the way they do indian rojak with the egg in dough thing.. But this is way Better!!!! The egg is 'surrounded' by meat and caster flour batter, then was somehow refrigerated and deep fried. Cant really remember the steps~ When served, the eggs were cut into half and the fried batter is nicely set around the hardboiled eggs!!!! Think it's dealing with the right temperature to keep the egg from not burnt while deep frying the outer wrap~ THUMBS up!!! Must Try!!! continue reading
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Level1 2010-09-27
I live to eat! And I love hearty meals at that...give me Cream, Meat & a whole load of Cheese, and I'll be happy as a lark can be.. So here is a big THANK YOU to the team at Openrice for inviting me to Mulligan's for some Irish food tasting, it totally made my night! Most of the dishes were MY kind of food, and I was indeed truly satisfied after the meal.The interior of the restaurant was cosy & inviting with its green & brown furniture. We had a total of 7 main courses and Apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream for dessert...YUMS!! Some of my highly recommended dishes will be Irish stew, Beer battered fish & chips, Steak & cheese pie, Shepard's pie (my favourite of all - the taste of the melted cheese lingered for a long time) and Scotch egg.Head chef Ivan Ho also came by the table to answer many of our amateur queries. He looks young for his age (go ask him yourself), and has vast experience with many kinds of cuisines, and the best part is he is so warm & friendly, totally no airs! So wait no longer, go to Mulligan's and experience Great food in a Superb atmosphere. Oh, there's live band playing every Wed-Fri too! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)