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Nook is Singapore's first D.I.Y. pancake house. Each table comes with a griddle in the middle to design and flip your own pancakes with a range of coloured batter. Brunch options are available on the menu as well. continue reading
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Located relatively near Beauty World MRT, via the downtown line is Nook. Famed for their DIY pancakes. I chanced upon this place, while looking for a supper spot at 10pm on a monday. I had previously passed by this cafe on a monday night and saw that it was closed. It seems that the management has changed and they have decided to open on mondays. Great news! Since majority of the cafes in Singapore tend to be closed on a monday, after a hectic weekend.The menu seems to have most of the common hipster food options. I wasn't too hungry and decided to just go for a savoury waffle, a batter of pancakes and thai milk tea.1. Pandan Pancake Batter $10 (with one free topping)I decided to go for pandan batter. They gave us a whole bottle which you can easily squeeze out the pancake batter onto the hotplate to cook. The pancake cooked quited easily on the non-stick pan. It was fun drawing out stuff on the hot plate, but it wasn't quite as fun to eat. The pancake tasted rather doughy, even after cooking for a long period. They didn't taste like pandan. Even with the provided chocolate rice, the pancake was pretty unedible for me.I had to use the syrup that came with my savoury waffles to try and add flavour to my pancakes to make them more edible. I'd say, order this if you have kids with you, or if you just want to draw stuff and write messages to your friends. For $10, I'd rather you just order another plate of cheesy waffle fries.2. Cheesy Waffle Fries $9.80+Loved the cheesy sauce that was generously drizzled over the waffle fries. The waffle fries were crisp on the outside, but they were not served warm, but rather room temperature. I was okay with that. The cheese sauce made my day!3. Thai Milk Tea $3.80+The thai milk tea was interestingly, served in a bucket of ice! It tasted smooth and not too sweet. The taste was rather familiar, reminding me of a certain thai milk tea I liked to drink that has outlets in city hall and sembawang. It was a refreshing and cooling drink,. 4. Savoury Waffles with bacon, coselsaw and scrambled eggs ($16.20+)Savoury Waffles $6.80, Scrambled eggs $2.80, Bacon $3.80, Coleslaw $2.80The waffles were pretty good. They were crispy and airy on the inside, they weren't dense or cakey. Perfect, just the way I like them. Together with the syrup, my supper cravings were satisfied.The scrambled egg had a truffle aroma and taste and they were so good. I would totally order 2 servings of this scrambled egg with waffles on my next visit. The bacon was juicy, salty and sinful. The coleslaw was decent.Overall : A decent chill out spot on a monday night, the pancakes were a let down but the waffles were a refreshing surprise. Definitely coming again for more waffles and scrambled eggs! continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-08
A time to D.I.Y your Pancake. It is an interesting place which enable you to DIY your own pancake according to your preferences and customisation. The cafe is located at Bukit Timah, a bit ulu if reached by public transport. Full Blog review : http://cennds.blogspot.comA few option of flavours such as :-Strawberry #pink "-Natural #white"- Chocolate #brown"- Pandan #green" , etcand a variety of accessories for pancake customisation toppings such as marshmallow , m&m , fruit , etcTips for DIY a successful and edible pancake :1. When the staff adjust the heat too high, you can lower it down to prevent the burnt process.2. Make your pancake thicker hence when we flip it into another side , it won't be spoiled3. When you lower down the heat, and it is too lower. Adjust it a bit in order for your pancake could be ready to served in a short time4. Don't shake your hand when you make the design5. Put butter on it if you feel the pan is dry6. When you flip it into another side, slowly flip it . Don't be rushed7. Watch the timing for your pancake . it not it will become "chao ta" !!Steps DIY Pancakes : Strawberry ( pink ) and Natural ( white ) flavourAs a NOOK of making pancakes, we had a bad experience of over-cooked due to the heat was adjusted too high.We learn how to make nice and pretty pancakes step by step :Happy DIY Everyone !! continue reading
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Level1 2014-12-02
The place isn't too hard to locate since it is also near many other different restaurants. We were seated fairly quickly since there wasn't many customers. My friend and I were seated at a table near the cashier so we weren't at the main area. We ordered the pancake mix with one being strawberry farm and buttermilk. There were quite a number of toppings like M&Ms, there was just a tiny bowl of maple syrup and one tiny block of butter. The servings of the toppings were really small. Firstly, everything came without plates and utensils, no forks no knives so we requested for them and they took so long to notice us, just because our table was not in the usual view. Furthermore, they also took a while to bring our plates to us and we had to request a second time since they forgot to give us our utensils when they gave us our plates. Is it really that hard to remember that one table requires both plates forks and knives. Mind you, the place wasn't exactly super crowded I must say. Then our pancakes just weren't cooking so we had to request again and then again they took super long just to notice us. By then, my friend and I were really unhappy with their service.To add on, their pancakes weren't superb and you can get sick of them after a while. There is fun in making them but to me, that is like the only perk, you might as well just do it at home. Just buy a pancake mix and cook in your own pans. That will be so much cheaper and easier. We were so unhappy and it wasn't super filling, we went out for Indian cuisine after that, so much cheaper and worth it. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-18
 Is a random choice between little pancake & Nook DIY pancake...End up we decided to try the NOOK DIY pancake Buffet which sound like a really deal!!We are really excited aabout all the things that we could draw the unlimted~~ We order 2 batters of DIY PANCAKES, which came with 2 complimentary sweet toppingIs PANCAKE ART!! It's a little awkward to get working on it, but once you started, there's no stopping...We bascially created some cartoon design and names to draw out what we desire... MOST ARE DISASTROUS... LOLX!!Very fun places after all... continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-26
I love this self-made pancake place. the concept is just very interesting to me.their pretty menu.we ordered 2 diy pancake flavors (total is $20 for it) and they are red velvet and banana. scrambled eggs and sauteed mushroom as toppings for out pancakes! they taste delicious especially the sauteed mushroom. very tasty!we also ordered bacon slices and turkey ham as additional sides. so we started to use our red velvet pancake paste (red) and banana pancake paste ( in yellow) to start designing our pancakes! here are some of our artwork.pancake minion! my and my friends had lots of fun playing and decorating our own pancake. Although the pancake taste were mediocre, we will definitely be back because of the innovative idea of designing our own pancake. their staffs are also very friendly and would explain to menu to us.The total cost for this meal was $39 which i find it quite reasonable. continue reading
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