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Ootoya Japanese Restaurant is Singapore’s first Japanese restaurant serving home-cooked Japanese cuisine from the heart of Orchard. The quality, authenticity and sheer comfort of the Japanese dishes will surpass the expectations of diners, making it a unique dining experience. continue reading
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*High Tea: 14:30-17:30. Last order at 21:30.
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Charcoal Grilled Mackerel and Pork Pork Katsu
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Level3 2015-03-07
My first visit to Ootoya was years ago at their Suntec City outlet. I was quite satisfied then with the food & their service.First time dining at this Clementi outlet and I was rather disappointed with their service as they are obviously understaffed with only 2 service staff on the ground.The food came rather fast but the staff served it in a rush, simply placing it on the table without even realising that the table was too cramped with the food.Nevertheless, the food was quite good.Green Tea was really hot!This cost S$12. Maguro was rather fresh, however, the sight of the blood is unpleasant.My friend likes raw egg, so he ordered this for a dollar.This comes with the set. It's yummy & I like it's served with wooden spoon instead of metal spoon.Ala Carte order is S$14.50 & set is S$19.50.Though the taste was not bad but the pork was a little too tough.Ala carte order cost S$14 & set is S$19.The hokke fish was tender & fresh. A little letdown as the skin was over grilled till it taste a bit bitter. Be careful of bones too.I personally don't fancy miso soup but the one that serves here is good. The taste of miso is not too strong and they added carrots & radish with traces of meat too.Overall the dining experience was still good just felt that the service needs a little improvement. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-13
I like to have lunch at Ootoya. It serves very authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine. Today I ordered Katsu Don - Pork Cutlet Rice with egg. The pork cutlet is thick and the portion is big. It is covered with bread crumbs and fried to golden brown and top with egg and onion and light brown sauce. They use short grain Japanese rice And it is served in a very pretty wooden Japanese box. I spent approximately $15 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Again ate at this small little restaurant that was tucked at the corner of Clementi mall. Took me awhile to find this place at first HAHAA. First Stop: Yummy Potato salad appetizer.Price: Around $4+ Taste: Was satisfied with the creamy texture of the potato. There's even a salty dressing provided for the generous spread of fresh greens. REFRESHINGBUT: It was rather disappointing that the salad was served AFTER the main course. Time management needs to be improved.Second Stop: Grilled Fish SetPrice: $15+Taste: Was about the same quality as compared to other Japanese restaurants. Didn't have any outstanding points, other than the soft wintermelon wedges and pickled wintermelon. Have them between bites of fish for a quick palate cleanse. Didn't fancy the kelp slices. Third Stop: Chicken Rice Bowl (Didn't remember the original name OH WELL)Price: $18+Taste: Really Crispy Chicken! If I had a clip mic I will demo the sound of biting into this juicy poultry. It wasn't salty and just oily enough for my liking. It was rather light though but adding the special sauce heightened the flavor of the dish! That salty and tangy sensation just blew me away.CHICKEN CLOSE UP! ★Overall[+] Plus Points● Most dishes are well above the standards of any other jap restaurants you see elsewhere, with a affordable price! ● Set meals comes with FREE BOWLS OF RICE AND MISO SOUP.Choose between:1) Normal fluffy white rice2) Seaweed Rice *Recommended by me3) MultiGrain Rice (Yummy but abit too glutinous for my liking)【IMPROVEMENTS】○ Miso soup is way tooo saltyyyy. (Ugh ugh, the generous amount of pork slices, carrots, wintermelon & tau pok won't bribe me)○ Service. *The grilled fish set was initially ordered wrongly; it was intended to be the set with the whole fish. (But kudos to the calm lady who changed the bill to accommodate the altered set )*Time managementBut most importantly enjoyed my meal here! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-16
As we had just finished our karaoke session at Party World Clementi, we decided to shop around Clementi Mall for a quick dinner fix. Ootoya offers pretty authentic Japanese fare that will not burn a hole in your pocket. I especially like their concept where you get to choose other rice varieties that are healthier and tastier!Belly Shio Koji ($23.50++)The pork belly was very nicely marinated and grilled. It was tender and chewy but I found it a tad too oily. The set also comes with rice (we chose the mixed grain variety), miso soup, some preserved vegetables and chawanmushi. Yasai Seiro ($4.00++)This is basically steamed vegetables consisting of broccoli, cabbage, carrots, lotus roots, and radish. A very healthy side dish to complement the main course. Maccha Mousse ($7.00++)The Maccha Mousse is rich and silky in texture. It is not too sweet and brings out the full flavours and fragrance of green tea! A really great dessert that is quintessentially Japanese. Warabimochi ($7.00++) This is a really light dessert that does not make me feel guilty at all. The mochi is soft and melts instantly in the mouth. Overall, it was a satisfying meal that makes me wanna go back for more, especially for their desserts! continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-04
I heard good reviews of Ootoya and chose to try the Torotoro set which is like scallop steamed in a steamer on top of rice with some thick soup. I didn't like this much. Firstly the scallop and rice didn't have much taste and the soup feels quite starchy and gelatinous. The soup is super salty so I'm not sure if we are meant to mix the rice and the soup together. Ultimately I ended up eating something like "mui fan". Not really what I expected. Plus there were so many people queuing that it was very difficult to get the staff's attention. continue reading
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