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The recipe for PUTIEN is a combination of serving authentic dishes which feature quality seasonal ingredients and keeping prices affordable to everyone. Heavy emphasis is laid on drawing out the innate goodness of these ingredients by using a gentle and easy hand during the preparation process. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
Putien always manages to serve delicious food at an affordable price with exceptional service! Order the XingHua Fried BeeHoon after the recommendation of one of the waiters. This cost $7.90 and as you can see, it has an abundant of seafood, from prawns to clams to squids. Most restaurants only add in prawns and squids in their seafood dishes but not putien! It distinguishes itself for being able to be creative and special by adding more than the normal things into their dishes. The BeeHoon is not very oily and was also very springy. SeaFood is fresh and I love that the prawn is those crunchy type that I like! This dish is suitable for all meals, from breakfast to dinner, it'll leave you craving for more! continue reading
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Shopping around at Marina Square and had Pu Tien for lunch. We had vouchers from the previous Mother's Day meal at Pu Tien. 2 vouchers were used for our lunch.It was a complimentary Pu Tien Signature Bee Hoon with seafood. Oh my, the bee hoon is certainly much better than the ones we had from the coffee shop. The bee hoon has been much thinner as compared to the norm. It includes 3 prawns, 2 lalas, some vege and meat within it. However, it was rather bland without chilli. The La Ma (Pu Tien signature Chilli) was on the table for diners. A mixture of the chilli with the bee hoon. It was superb. We even bought back 2 bottles of chilli. Wrapped in cute box and paper bag which has La Ma Chilli imprinted on it. continue reading
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Level1 2013-06-04
clean quiet ambience with really simple and quality food.it may be a simple noodle and gravy dish, but the ingredients were fresh and plentiful. It was a pleasant surprise to enjoy every bite which was flavourful (thanks to the seafood and pork belly). Not to mention, you get to taste that "wok-hei" fragrance in every mouthful too! Dont forget to put a dollop of chili which helps to brighten up the flavours a lot more! continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-17
FoodMy pal had given me a birthday treat in Pu Tien (Authentic Xin Hua Cuisine). Decided on having ala carte instead of set meal & here's what we had ordered.Cold Jelly Fish with XO Sauce as our starters - $7.90Ice cool jelly fish served in a different sauce. Great combination!Braised Beancurd with chinese cabbage - $16.90 / $24.90A tasty broth filled with fresh beancurd, calms, dried shrimps and scallops.A total different taste. Very Putien style.Homemade Beancurb - $8.90 / $13.90 Silky Egg Beancurb which is made daily. It is a heathly choice, stir-fried with mushroom, carrot and peas. Fermented Red Rice Wine Fish - $16.90 / $23.90Never know that Fried fish can taste so great with red rice wine. Braised Bamboo Shoot - $6.90Feels very chinese after eating the bamboo shoots. If you like bamboo shoot, try this!Fried Nian Gao / Rice Cake - $6.90 / $13.90 / $20.90Not many chinese restaurant offered this dish.Chef has to be skillful in order to cook this well and ensure the rice cake doesnt stick and lump together.Seafood fried rice - $7.90 / $15.90 / $23.90.Color of the food is there. Red, green, white and yellow. Seems delicious and in fact it is.ServiceAttentive staff. AmbienceCrowded during weekends.PriceAffordable pricing. It's good that some dishes do have price base on the portion that we have selected.Recommendation / TipsAvoid Queue, be early. However good food are worth waiting for continue reading
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Level2 2012-12-05
I went out with my gf's family on a Sat's afternoon to PuTien. We wanted to eat Chinese cuisine. And this restaurant was on our top's list. It is listed as one of the top 50 restaurants in Singapore, by Straits Times Newspaper. The quality of the food is consistent in all branches. The restaurant was quite fully packed when we reached at 1230pm, on a public holiday. Luckily, we have made reservation beforehand. Therefore we do not have to wait for a table. Service is tip-top, with the waitress mostly Chinese. Therefore, it is easier for us to converse in Chinese on the dishes. We ordered Pu-er as our tea. It was fragrant. On every table, there is a small pot of chilli sauce. It is claimed to be made exclusively in Pu-Tien restaurant. It wasn't too spicy. I can taste the freshness of the chilli sauce. We ordered Set Menu A for 4 Pax. It costs $108++. It comes with 1) Starters platter 2) Braised beancurd with chinese cabbage 3) Steamed seabass with chilli 4) Deep fried pork ribs 5) Stir-fried yam 6) Choice of main course - Mee Sua 7) Complimentary dessert.Firstly, they serve 2 starters. One is mini octopus dish. The other is Fa Cai. As my gf and her family members do not like to eat octopus, we told the waitress that we dislike the octopus dish, and request for a change, if possible. The waitress went to look for the manager. The manager came and find out what was the problem. We explained it again. To my unhappiness, the manager remarked that we should have told the waitress that we dislike to eat seafood when we placed our orders. Reluctantly, he told us that he try to change to another dish for us. In my mind, I was thinking that on the menu, it didn't state that the starter dishes contain a plate full of octopus. It merely states "Starters Platter". How should I be able to list out a long list of food items which I dislike? Nevertheless, we didn't allow the manager's attitude to spoil our mood. Next came the pot of braised beancurd with chinese cabbage. The soup servings is plentiful, allowing each person to have 2nd or 3rd servings. The soup is sweet and soothing to the stomach. Our taste buds are opened up immediately. Then it was the stir-fried yam. Yam was cooked amazingly well. My gf's family memebers praised it too. In the past, I don't have much liking for yam. But after eating this, I have a fond for yam dishes. Next, it was steamed seabass with chilli. It was a huge piece of seabass fish. Fresh and steamed perfectly well. There isn't any fishy smell too. All of us enjoyed it a lot. Ample servings for each person too .Next it was the deep-fried pork ribs. It was fried well. Not too oily. The well-made gravy on the ribs adds onto the taste of the pork ribs. With the dishes more or less done, the mee sua came. I feel this is the main character in this menu. It is cooked very well. Lots of fantastic ingredients in the mee sua, which makes it very delicious and fragrant. All of us enjoyed it alot. Last but not the least, came the yam dessert. It is presented very well, with sort of pattern like a flower blossoming. It tastes sweet and great too. It adds a final touch to the great food that we had beforehand. To conclude, all of us have full praises for food in Pu Tien restaurant. We will definitely recommend our family and friends to this place again. continue reading
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