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<Br> Saboten offers family style service and serves traditional Japanese food. They use a family recipe to concoct their tonkatsu sauces, which is made with fresh cabbage. This makes their tonkatsu different from other Japanese restaurants. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-21
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/11/saboten-at-t1-changi-airport.htmlWe had our dinner here just before we depart SG for our Swiss holiday. Saboten is one of the most successful Japanese Tonkatsu chains with over 500 shops in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Canada.Table setting with various condiments and the menu.There's an ongoing Scallop feast promo but we decided to eat something else from the main menu. I had the Chicken Katsu Supreme set $22.50++ which consist of Chicken katsu, Pork tenderloin & Ebi fry. All set meals are served with free flow cabbage, steam rice, miso soup, pickle, appetizer and dessert.Both the chicken katsu and pork katsu were very nicely done with light and crispy crust and tender juicy meat center. The ebi was fresh and succulent, a really delish set meal, living up to the eatery's reputation.Matcha ice creamThe accompanying soup, pickle, appetizer and dessert were all pretty yummy too. The free flow raw cabbage was fresh and crunchy, giving a good balance to the fried items in the meal.Hubby had the Salmon Variety set $23++ which consist of Salmon katsu, Asparagus cheese roll and Crab cream croquette.The salmon was fresh and cooked just right, meat remains moist and tender despite the frying process. Hubby was also very happy with the creamy croquette and cheesy asparagus roll too.We had an enjoyable dinner at Saboten. Food was good and reasonably priced, and service was prompt and polite. We'll definitely dine at Saboten again, but probably would choose an outlet in town area as the airport is out of the way for us. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-02
Saboten rolled up breakfast menu which they serve until 11am. This chicken katsu sandwhich ($9.9) was part of the breakfast menu. Refreshing shredded cabbage and crispy katsu were sandwiched between two slices of soft white bread. Here we go, a little pounding exercise before meal.This Irodori combo meal ($28) was interesting, you get to choose a combination of katsu that goes into your plate. My choice was: main dish - mentai tenderloin, sub-side dish - asparagus cheese roll, side-dishes - ratatouille katsu and mini cheese katsu. Among these, my personal favorite was the ratatouille one. Yum yum.This was Irodori curry ($23). The breadcrumbs outside the katsu was fried to perfect crisp while the meat remained tender juicy in the inside. The curry gravy was fine. I am a spicy food lover so this sweet curry barely tickled our tongues. It tasted good nonetheless.The shredded cabbage was served free flow. It can be enjoyed with yuzu dressing or sesame dressing. We love shredded cabbage, and it is not surprising if you see any one of us alone finishing off this gigantic bowl of cabbage. It was so refreshing, especially after eating the katsu, it kind of cleansed our tongue from the oiliness. My verdict? I think the food tasted great, I won't hesitate to come back for their wonderful katsu. However, service-wise, we thought there are still rooms for improvement. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-19
Recently there is a groupon deal for Saboten and we decide to use it at the changi airport outlet before our flight. We have the Twin Special Set ($48++) to share. It comes with the free flow shredded cabbage, rice, soup, side dishes and the following : 2 Breaded Shrimp 1 Breaded Pork Loin (M)2 Crab Cream Croquette1 Asparagus Cheese RollRadish Ponzu Dipping As we are dining-in in the late afternoon, there is not much people in the restaurant. There is also free flow of green tea served free of charge. As there is 4 of us and the set which we have ordered is for 2 paxs, the staff reminds us if we need additional bowls of rice and shredded cabbage, it will be chargeable. It seems misleading as it also noted on the menu that rice and shredded cabbage is free flow.The serving is huge and is quite filling for us. Of the deep fried items, I like the breaded pork loin as it tastes very crispy even when cool. Inside it is quite tender. Overall the food is not bad, service is quite fast too. continue reading
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Level1 2014-01-10
Tucked in the cosy corner of changi airport terminal 1 is this tonkatsu restaurant.A personal favourite of mine. Free flow of salad, rice and miso soup!!Would never fail to order the katsudon, with the oozing yolk mixed with the rice.It is now their 'Oyster Fest', ie there are some set menu that came with oyster katsu.Succulent and juicy, and of course so fresh. Definite must-go at the airport. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-24
Established in 60’s an, it was considered one of the largest Tonkatsu restaurants in Japan. Saboten was actually meant Cactus, they believe in its spirit to survive even in a worst circumstance. Highest standard of ingredients and dedicated chef team, guests were greatly appreciated. I was impressed by the contemporary Japanese settings upon arrival at the restaurant. A small bowl of sesame was first served, given a wooden stick also. We had to grind the seeds ourselves, scoop the sauce into the bowl and mix it up. Then it became a perfect dip for our main dish. Very fun, it was my first time to touch this kind of culture. Are you kidding me? I am not going to eat these grassy stuffs. Veggies were free-flow somemore, it came along with the set.Fundamentally nice taste with the melted cheese wrapped within crispy Katsu, the mixture was moist while not overly greasy. Crisp fluffy, I can even listen the crunchy voice. Having to say, I was satisfied the food here and they were reasonably-priced. continue reading
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