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Turtle Soup
Review (5)
Level3 2013-12-31
The older Chinese have long been lauded for their voracious appetites, eating foods that would leave any uninitiated gawking. Of all the weird and bizarre, turtle soup seems by far the most prosaic, and I personally endorse it for flavour and as a Chinese delicacy.There aren't that many restaurants left in Singapore selling this particular dish - Ser Seng along Macpherson Rd is one of the last of its kind and has been operating at its current premises for nearly 3 decades! The set-up is simple, no more posh than what you'd expect from a run-of-the-mill shophouse: aluminum tables, plastic chairs and the orange utensils complete the coffee shop feel.Turtle soup doesn't come cheap. Just a small bowl like what I had set me back a hefty $15, plus $0.70 for the rice.The soup is tasty, with strong notes of herbs throughout every slurp. It is in fact the core flavour of the soup. The turtle meat, with the exception of the collagen like skin, tastes very much like stringy chicken.There are supposedly much medicinal benefits to be reaped from the painstakingly concocted soup. And I could just believe that with all the tonic vibes I'm getting from just a small bowl.Definitely worth a re-visit - and given that the restaurant has done well to expand to twice it's original size in the past decade, I'm not alone in thinking so! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-23
The first time in my entire life trying Turtle Soup upon a friend's recommendation for its health benefits. Before this, I never dared to try, for reasons unknown even to myself. I probably couldn't get past the mental part of it; never wanted to eat a turtle or know how it tasted.It is widely believed that this delicacy, often drank as a tonic, enriches, rejuvenates, strengthens and nourishes the body. They are also believed to enrich the blood. I've often heard about turtle soup being recommended for people who have recently gone through certain surgeries to encourage a speedier recovery for the above-mentioned reasons, although I'm not too sure how it really works. I've also read about it being used as a medicine in TCM.This stall, Ser Seng Herbs, has been around for decades, and have even expanded at their current premises, now occupying 2 adjacent units.Small bowl, for $16(Medium bowl costs $25)I was a little scared of trying but the first sip was surprisingly tasty. The broth was really thick and aromatic; I'm sure it's been painfully simmered together with lots of chinese herbs for many hours. I felt very much just like drinking a whole bowl of tasty good essence. If you're a fan of cantonese soup, you can expect the taste to be somewhat familiar. It reminds me of the standards of fine-dining cantonese restaurants serving up their double-boiled soup after many hours of cooking.The meat part didn't taste outrageous either. If I had to find a comparison, I would say the texture and taste are rather close to that of pork. There was also this jelly-like ingredient inside the soup, I was told it came from the shell of the turtle and that it is full of collagen which promotes skin rejuvenation. continue reading
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It was my first time drinking turtle soup and eating turtle parts! These parts include turtle apron/eggs/fats and other internal organs. Although that day my friends and I were the only teens eating at this restaurant (the rest were 40+ and older), we seriously enjoyed the $17 bowl of turtle soup. The soup tasted really herbal and potent and got our appetites going. (We ordered a bowl of rice each to go with the soup) Each of us also ordered a cup of refreshing lime juice although the soup tasted so much better. Besides turtle soup, they also serve steam black chicken soup for $10. You got to try out every part yourself to experience the taste and texture. continue reading
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Level4 2011-07-15
This place is famous for turtle soup but they do provide other soup and provide 3 kind of of soup in total - Pork stomach with black pepper corn, Black chicken soup and of cos their signature Turtle soup.My dad has bought me turtle soup the other day for the first time in my whole life BUT i really don't dare and don know how to appreciate this soup!So this time round, my dad has bought me their black chicken soup instead. Yes, their black chicken soup is really nice! The black chicken meat is rather tender and the soup is really delicious with a well balanced of the herbs and the natural sweetness from the chicken! Those who dare not try the turtle soup, the black chicken soup is definitely a MUST try soup from this restaurant!! continue reading
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