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Established since 1980, SHIMA is Singapore's first fine-dining teppanyaki restaurant. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-21
Shima Restaurant @ Goodwood Park Hotel is one of the pioneer Teppanyaki Japanese restaurants in Singapore. While I am not too sure how long exactly this restaurant has been around for, I do know that my very first Teppanyaki memories were made here when I was just a little girl so I am just going to assume that it has been for quite a while.Back in the day however, we did our own bbq-ing over the grill and used to come out of the restaurant smelling of charcoal and grilled meat. But now coming back here slightly more than 10 years later to celebrate my birthday, I realised that the place had changed quite a bit from the old settings that I was used to. For starters, the dining area had dimmer lighting and there were now special chefs to mend the iron griddle. I did appreciate the change of having chefs now because it was certainly entertaining watching their skilled maneuvers as they prepared the food, poured the sauces and did their magic to ensure that we were being served delicious grilled dishes for our main course.The prices of the teppanyaki buffet lunch which we had were:ADULT: $39.90++CHILD: $24.00++I believe the prices for dinner would certainly be more expensive due to a longer duration of 4 hours as compared to the only 2 we had for lunch.To whet our appetites and while waiting for our chef to get his tools ready, we were served with a few appetizers first.APPETIZER: Salmon SashimiWhile I was not a fan of sashimi, my sister who gamely finished all three serves, enjoyed it and said that it was sweet, fresh and sliced to just the right thickness.APPETIZER: Prawn and Shishamo TempuraGreat batter used for the tempura that went well with the dipping sauce. I especially enjoyed the prawns while the shishamo had a slight fishy aftertaste. Or perhaps I just was not too used to eating fish with roe still intact.MAIN COURSE: Prawns and SalmonSpecial mention to the garlic prawns that were so fresh and plump! It was a great serve of sweet grilled juicy prawns.MAIN COURSE: BeefRequested Medium rare and this was juicy, tender and full of flavour. YUM!DESSERT: Fresh fruit and Coffee/TeaAnd finally ending the meal with some watermelons and tea once we had ordered our fill of appetizers and main courses. continue reading
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For a more detailed review with photos, please see http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.com/2011/01/shima.htmlThe quality of the food here has dropped substantially but surprisingly, it remains popular. Weekends will find this place packed to the brim.Food's pricey for the quality. Also, service was a little slack, especially since this is considered a "first-tier" restaurant. We had trouble getting the wait staff's attention to re-fill our waters.We had the Teppanyaki Beef and Seafood Set ($45.90), beginning with:1) Norwegian Salmon - simmered in a proprietory mix of shoyu and teriyaki sauce. This was nice, fish was not overcooked, still soft and tender2) Shisamo Tempura and Ebi Tempura - Too much batter, overcooked and the prawns were miserably puny3) Salmon Sashimi - could be fresher4) Garlic Fried Rice - nice and aromatic and garlicky5) Sauteed Beansprouts - crunchy and simply seasoned6) Sauteed Prawns - fresh enough but they were a little bland, not sweet enough7) Sauteed Sesame Chicken - succulent and juicy, but a little tasteless. 8) Beef Tenderloin - not great continue reading
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Level4 2011-09-04
Celebrated 3rd wedding anniversary with hubby at one of the best teppanyaki specialist restaurant in town! They can be considered on of the most authentic and pioneer teppanyaki in Singapore i think.The chef will cook right in front of us in a chamber and serve all the food hot! Their skill is very good as well.Teppanyaki chicken with teriyaki sauce. Chicken is very well marinated combined with special teriyaki sauce is just perfect! Yummy.Salmon- Norwegian salmon simmered in Shima’s famous salmon sauce. 2 small pieces and quite expensive @S$25. However it's worth it! The chef even skinned the salmon skin and cooked it separately from the salmon to make it very crispy! Their signature salmon sauce is very good! Not too salty and not too sweet. Just nice! The way they cook it is by dipping the whole salmon into the salmon sauce and wrapped in an aluminium foil then slow cook on the hot teppanyaki plate until perfection.Salmon skin- very crispy!Mixed vegetables consists of beansprout, okra, onions and shitake mushrooms. The shitake mushrooms is sweet and juicy. Onions taste nice.Garlic fried rice- A lot of garlic used and very fragrant! Garlic is cooked till slight brown in color. Just the correct fragrance!Fried rice with chicken, onion, garlic, carrots and bell peppers taste good too! Thumbs up for their food as well as service too! continue reading
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