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With a delicate selection of antique ornaments, old school furniture, and rustic paintings depicting the Singapore of yesteryear, diners are invited into a comfortable setting that invokes fond memories in many of the older generations. As customers savour the Bak Kut Teh while basking in the ambience, they are able to appreciate the rich cultural heritage that lies behind this simple dish. continue reading
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Bak Kut Teh
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Level1 2015-05-06
Im glad that they opened a branch in newly opened seletar mall. Song fa bak kut teh is more than just a decent food in seng kang. I queued up for about 20 min which they issued queue number and takes your order in advance. this can save a lot of trouble and time so they can have a faster turnaround in their small dining area. I always order sliced meat soup instead of pork rib soup as my young child can easily chew his food on his own. They allows 2 or 3 ingredients in a bowl of soup at 7 and 9 bucks respectively, but of course the portion also smaller.The pepperish soup is good and yet not too over spicy. Their staff refill soup very promptly so no worries about not enough soup. Their braised pork knuckles and intestine was good and not too salty. The only setback for me is they served mui cai instead of giam cai as preserved vegetable. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-25
Waited for about 15 minutes on a weekday night at 730pm, you get a ticket stub with a number on it, and a waitress will walk up to everyone along the line with an iPad to take orders. Hence, once you get seated, the food is immediately served to you!The menu is handed to you whilst you queue up.We ordered $30.25 worth of food for 2PAX, but it was way too much food! The braised intestines were some of the best I have ever had! The soup, though peppery wasn't too peppery, and just right for my taste. The pork ribs themselves were very tasty and I enjoyed them. Sadly the dough fritters weren't freshly fried and crispy, they were soft and doughy! The braised pig trotters was pretty good too, the meat fell right off the bones! All in all, a great place to eat bak kut teh in an air-conditioned environment, no need to queue outside along clark quay! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2015-01-14
Location: The Seletar MallMy 1st visit at Song Fa although they have have been around in the market for so many years. It was very crowded when my family & I visited this Seletar Mall branch. We queued for 35mins before the waitress showed us to our seats.Decor: The whole place was decorated like 1970s old nanyang style, with those attap house roof & harbour/jetty wallpaper. Dark walnut colored wooden tables & stools were used in this Song Fa. An old replicated Bak Kut Teh wooden cart stall was also displayed outside the restaurant.Service: Staff were very attentive. Their speedy service in clearing up the tables after customers leaves, deserves a thumbs up. Customers queuing outside are also given the menu to order food first. Food served once we are seated.Food: Song Fa BKT serves ribs in peppery broth. Every sip is filled with the pepper and spices fragrant. The meat on the ribs is tender too.Soaking the dough fritters into the soup before I gulp it down is a "must-do" step as the 油炸鬼 tastes better this way!The Liver + Kidney soup that we ordered, comes in the same peppery soup as the ribs. Best part is, the liver & kidney are so soft & not overcooked. Yum!The pork trotters meat are not as tender as what we expect it to be but at least the springy "Q" texture is still in the skin. The intestines "粉肠" that my hubby adds on, is so flavourful. It has already absorbed all the gravy when cooking.My family & I also ordered some greens to go along with so much meat that we consume. The poached Kailan with oyster sauce and preserved salty vegetable. And after all the fatty food, we put our Song Fa journey to an end by enjoying mini cups of chinese tea to digest some of the oil inside our tummy.. Haha..Experience: The overall experience was good and my family liked the food also. Although Song Fa BKT is yet the best I've eaten but their standards are definitely above average. Keep it up, boys! continue reading
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