Presenting My Humble House, TungLok Group's first artistic restaurant. It's all about Contemporary Chinese elements at this classy eatery, and this is reflected in both the interior design and menu. continue reading
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Dress code: Smart Casual
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Mon - Sun
11:45 - 15:00
18:30 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
Hainanese Chicken Rice Sakura Chicken Sauteed Beef
Review (18)
Level4 2013-12-15
Decided to try My Humble House with colleagues as have recommended from friend. We ordered their specialty Chicken Rice and Laksa, as I requested that I only want chicken breast meat so can taste meat without taking out bones , the chicken was well marinated and taste juicy and tender. The laksa was fragrance, tastes a bit spicy but gravy not too thick. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-12
I went on a Saturday noon without any reservation, thinking that who will wake up on a Saturday morning and go all the way to town to have lunch? Well, I was the exception since I wanted to make use of the voucher...Alas, a couple was holding their ROM/wedding there so we cant have nice pictures of the tall velvet chair etc. We were told that we can order food from My Humble House menu while seated at Space ( beside My Humble House), so bo pian lor, we got to settle for a much simpler and less elaborated setting.. -_ ~~Crispy Tiger Prawn Glazed with Citrus Cream on Grape Salsa - $14One of my favorite definitely! I love the crispiness on the outside, and spongy texture on the inside. A pity that the serving was so little... Just one for each. Steamed Fillet of Ocean Cod - $10This was originally served with rice wine and red chilli sauce. We explained to the staff that we dun take spicy food and he helped us to change to mushroom and truffle sauce, no additional charge! The cod fish and the sauce complement each other ~ Sweetness.. Loved it! Crispy Spiced Kurobata Pork Ribs in Sun-dried Tomanto Reduction - $14I remembered having similiar dish at my fren's ROM at Humble House, so it was a must to order for me. It tasted like spared pork ribs served in a western manner ~ fusion indeed. Again, we had no complains for this dish... Double Boiled Seafood Consomme in Young CoconutThis was fantastic! The soup was filled with goodies like scallops, prawns, mushrooms etc, and it was concentrated sweetness.. And there was still young coconut meat, which remained soft and tender. Must try, if you adore soups..Wild Berries Lemongrass Gelo with Lime Sorbet - $8This was basically ice jelly. Refreshing, a nice touch to wrap up our sumptuous lunch! ******The portion are all meant for 1 pax. We ordered more variety to share, rather than have the same dish served in 2 portions. I think that is probably more econmical, looking at the price range. But since we had the voucher, so we boldly made our order! KekeI loved most of my orders in terms of taste and presentation. It was really a work of art, with a hefty price though... I will definitely come again, at least to have the soup and the prawn, just to satisfy a little craving.. =pTo read more and view photos, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2010/04/my-humble-house.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-03
The dessert served here is definitely a must try, in my opinion. I had the "Chilled Cream of Japanese Tapioca with Coconut Ice Cream" and it has definitely scored a perfect full marks in my food dictionary. Firstly, the presentation. Almost everyone on my table took out their phones to snap the beautiful art piece in front of us. The color (purple and white, with pinch of green mint) blended so well together that honestly speaking, I couldn't bear to dig' in if not for the melting coconut ice cream. Next up, the taste. I don't usually fancy very sweet dessert but for this, the sweetness is just nice, not too sweet not bland. The coconut ice is very flavorful and I won't be surprise if it is made by the chef from scratch. Blending very well with the purple Japanese tapioca cream, the dish marks a perfect ending of the meal that day. Excellent! continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-28
If you're in the mood for some delicious comfort food after catching a performance at the Esplanade, then My Humble House is the place for you. Under the Tung Lok group, My Humble House offers a variety of food, mainly typical asian fare such as Laksa and Zha Jiang Mian and some western dishes such as salad. Although I usually order the Laksa, I decided to opt for the Claypot Beef Rice ($14) as I was feeling abit more peckish and also had some of the Rock and Roll salad ($14) to share. While the Rock and Roll salad was delicious, especially the tangy Asian-style dressing which was light yet flavourful, the Beef rice failed to impress as it came in a much too small for its price portion and was nothing spectacular. Menu:Ambiance: Cosy yet artistic feel of the place, in line with the concept of Esplanade as a place for the artsRock and roll salad ($14)The salad came with generous portions of chicken, caramelized walnuts, raisins and garden vegetables and drizzled with a tangy and light dressing that made it even more enjoyable. Highly recommend trying this although the price is pretty steep.Claypot Beef Rice ($14)The rice set came with white rice topped with some coriander and fried shallots whilst the beef was braised in sauce. Although the toppings on the rice was a nice touch, the claypot beef came in a very small serving and did not impress in terms of flavor. Would not order this again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-20
Was there for a 5 cse wedding lunch. 1st impression was bad as the host ushered me to the wrong weddign reception actually, even after i quoted the name correctly and he insisted this section is the correct olace but i could not see anyone familiar at all, turned out he has ushered me to the wrong place. Back to the foodCrispy crab meat cigar roll with crisp-fried tiger prawn in wasabi mayo and fresh garden green-> This was supposed to be the appetizer but couldn't quite agree. Nevertheless the tiger prawn is nice and not too oily while couldn't taste much of the crab meat with the stick cigar. 3/5Broth of Preserved Fish maw with freshly peeled crab meat and egg white-> above average, one of the better shark fin's replacement i've tasted with lots of different ingredients. 5/5Crispy cutlet stuffed with prawn mousse coated with almond flakes-> the almond flakes were a nice touch but the stuff prawn mousse doesn't taste fresh and almost covered the chicken taste entirely. 2/5Braised mee sua in consomme, infused with hua tiao wine and topped with homemade meat patty-> top notched, the mee sua was super smooth and the consomme gravy is just perfect, with texture almost resembling that of egg yolk. 5/5chilled cream of japanese tapioca with coconut ice cream-> very unique dish with its colors surprising you, purple based tapioca but it complements the nicely cut slice of coconut ice cream 4/5 continue reading
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