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Level2 2014-01-26
Had the chance to visit Supply & Demand at the Esplanade Bay Mall with OpenRice and Between App (Thanks!) A modern Peruvian-Italian restaurant that serves really good food at affordable prices. The cheapest parking nearby should be Marina Mandarin hotel (a short distance away, opposite esplanade) – only $2.20/entry after 5pm! We parked there and took a nice stroll to the Esplanade Bay. The interior boast of a homely industrial chic style with its brass pipes, hanging incandescent light bulbs, brick walls, steel chairs, cemented seats, and huge warm-colored cushions peppered around to add on a relaxing composition. Oh, not to forget, Supply & Demand houses a really cool rooftop bar. The open-air bar felt all cosy and romantic, making one yearn for a night long of chilling and gazing at the picturesque ferris-wheel. The main courses - pastas and pizzas - are generally in the $15-$20 range. Pretty decent for a restaurant situated in such a centralized location and it comes with a splendid view of the MBS/CBD skyline if you’re seated at the alfresco area.Tasting pasta - $11-$16Full pasta - $15-$229" Pizza - $1713" Pizza - $21The menu has over 20 flavours of pizzas, so great news for pizza lovers!The only down-side is, there aren't photos in the menu. Personally I find it hard to read menus that are purely in words. It would be good to have pictures of the Best-sellers or Chef’s recommendations at least!Service-wise was fine for that minimal interaction we had with the service crew since it was an event and the OpenRice guys coordinated most of the stuff Now, more on the food! Fries with a Side of Guilt The fries were presented in a metal tin container, in tune with the industrial chic style decor of the restaurant.Though thickly cut, they were evenly-cooked and comes with generous servings of cheese! There is a choice of barbecue sauce at the side if you wish to add more flavour to it, though personally I don't see the need at all Parma Ham with Arugula SaladI'm not a fan of parma ham or salads, so I didn't exactly try the appetiser :X Mel likes it quite alot though, citing it is one of the better ones he have tasted. All'Arrabbiata $15Classic Italian Fiery Hot Garlic Infused Tomato Sauce"Arrabbiata" means "angry" in Italian, referring to the chilli peppers in the pasta sauce.However, being a non-chilli lover, I could accept this dish perfectly! (okay, just slightly cheating with my iced drink lol) Apparently, the sauce has been managed to suit local taste more An unique twist to this common Italian pasta introduced by Supply & Demand is the minced meat added to the sauce. La Mattina Dopo $17(The Morning After)Tomato sauce, Mozarella, Bacon and Mushroom With An Soft Egg Set In The CenterFans of runny yolks will probably squeal in delight like me Mel and I shared the soft, runny yolk with a slice of pizza each, almost immediately after the pizza was served (after quick snapshots of cos heh).The pizza crust was thin, crispy and yet fluffy to taste. Even the portion covered by the soft egg was not soggy at all.Dough of pizzas are made in-house daily, and baked to order, ensuring fresh pizzas for you anytime!Ingredients were well-spread over the entire pizza, though being greedy foodie us, we wished there can be more bacon/mushrooms if possible to make the pizza less "plain". But, the slight "plain-ness" could be due to the fact that we slurped up the runny egg too soon instead of spreading it over the pizza! Oops! Textured Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel $11This cake was amazing! I finished the bulk of it even though I was so full from trying the pizzas and huge portion of the All'Arrabbiata pasta earlier on.Like I always tell my friends, salted caramel with chocolate will never go wrong.. Uneven sizes of chunky chocolate bits at the top, plus some tiny bits in-between the layers of the cake added to the texture - as the name of the dessert suggests - and gives extra bite to it.The salted caramel was rich and just right, not too overpowering or underwhelmed by the chocolate. For more photos, you can check out my blog post here: http://oyhz.blogspot.sg/2014/01/supply-demand-openrice-x-between.htmlThanks for reading! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
My fiancé and I were very lucky to be selected as one of the 6 couples for the food tasting session organised by Openrice and Between* at Supply & Demand on 17 November 2013.Supply & Demand is a quaint and indie restaurant that was opened for a few months tucked in the touristy place at Esplanade. What’s most interesting about this modern Peruvian-Italian bistro? I would think it’s the décor. The décor is an interesting mix of industrial chic and cosy wooden cabin, with both wood and concrete/cement elements – it’s pretty obvious the owners put a lot of effort into designing the place to make the diners feel homely. The place was pretty quiet on a Sunday night (as compared to other bistros on a weekend)! I will definitely recommend this place to my friends for a hangout/chillout since the place is really cosy with the cushions on the benches. But not forgetting to try out the really cool chairs made of steel or aluminium. You will definitely love them!!! Outside the restaurant, there are two bigger tables with swings as seats to accommodate more people. Isn’t that cool to swing as you chit chat with friends?Personally I love the stairway leading up to the bar on the second floor. The bar takes on a cooler approach overlooking the scenic view of Marina Bay. The sofas are peppered with green and grey cushions which further accentuate an atmosphere like in the “beach’. On the other side, the beer drums are used as table tops and it’s pretty nice to have a drink with your partner if you prefer twosome. I think the décor alone would be enough to attract you to visit the place. I will revisit the place again in the daytime to experience the different kind of atmosphere.Let’s now turn to look at the food and drinks. Supply and Demand has an extensive range and spread of food and we were really spoilt for choices when we opened the menu. The menu is super wordy – the reason being the description of each dish is pegged to the name. I would suggest that some food photos will be good for a reference to the diners. As for the prices, it is quite reasonable – $15-$25 for pasta, $20-$40 for pizza, and $10-$20 for desserts. This bistro, as mentioned earlier, serves food from tastes of Italy and Peru, somewhat fusion with Asian influences. My fiancé found them interesting since it was our first time trying Peruvian food. The menu was prepared in advance for our consideration: Appetisers (To share):-Shrimp and Avocado salad-Fries with a Side of GuiltChoice of Mains:a)9” inch pizza from the menu selection (no extra toppings)b)Pasta (spaghetti or penne) with choices:•All’ Arrabbiata (Fiery Hot Tomato based, with minced pork/chicken)•Ragu Di Maiale (Tomato Red Wine-infused, bacon & minced pork)•Carbonara Classic (Cream based, with bacon)•Maiale Orientale (Olive oil based, white wine, with minced pork, bacon & mushrooms)c)Desserts (choice of 1):-Italian Style Tiramisu-Molten Chocolate Cake-Textured Chocolate Cake with Salted CaramelAnd Drinks from menu (coffee/tea/juice)After some discussion, we decided to go with Truffle & egg pizza, All’ Arrabbiata Pasta and Tiramisu. The All’ Arrabbiata Pasta has a spicy taste prepared in the Italian way with an Asian twist topped with minced pork. I had to mix the pasta thoroughly as it was a little dry on top but tangy and flavourful with the sauce. The Truffle & egg pizza reminded me of the one I had at Skinny Pizza and La Villa becuase of the runny egg. And needless to say, their pizza is incredibly delicious. The crust was thin yet chewy, with a good spread of tomato sauce and truffle oil to enhance the aroma and taste. The egg was perfectly cooked as its yolk was still soft, I love this kind of egg.The appetisers came after our pizza and pasta. I am a salad lover and the shrimp and avocado salad was fantastic because the shrimps and vegetables were fresh with added …. Personally, I was not a “potato” person except for truffle fries but the Fries with a Side of Guilt was not too bad. The fries were served in a metal tin and thick cut drenched in cheese and jalapeno to give its extra spiciness taste. I think the presentation in a metal tin has given the rustic and nostalgic feel. My hubby liked to dip it with the “Side of Guilt” which is the barbeque sauce and it makes it so heavenly that he could not stop eating (even though he was having a sore throat that day). The pasta and pizza were so filling (too much carbo) that we were unable to finish them because we wanted to leave the stomach for the dessert. Tiramisu is one my top favourites although I was procrastinating initially to choose between tiramisu and molten chocolate cake. I think we did not regret to order the tiramisu because it was perfect to end off the night with an Italian dessert.The tiramisu came in a glass jar (reminded me of the similar one at Poulet) and it is good enough for two persons sharing. The Tiramisu was really to our liking since it’s not too sweet and yet we could taste the lady fingers soaked in the coffee in every mouthful. I even felt on cloud nine for every spoon of Tiramisu I took that my fiancé felt I was over exaggerating. Once again, thank you Openrice and Between* for hosting us at Supply & Demand for the great food and desserts. We are happy to have met and became friends over this session. Overall, the place is a great for unwind and food is marvellous. We will patronise again for more indulgence. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Astelle and I were really lucky to be selected as one of the 6 couples for the OpenRice and Between* event on 17 Nov 13. Venue was Supply and Demand.It was our first time there and honestly we did not know what to expect. Personally I read up on the restaurant and the general comment was Italian and Peruvian so I didn't really know what to expect. Making this all a bit exciting.We spent some time searching for the restaurant, as we were not too familiar with the esplanade grounds. Although located slightly away from the main area at Esplanade (i.e. Harry's bar etc) it was very easy to locate the restaurant due to the décor placed just outside the restaurant.Supply and DemandOrnaments and Menu just outside the restaurantOpenRice and Between* kindly put together the following dinner menu for our consideration: Appetizers (To share):- Shrimp and Avocado Salad- Fries with a Side of GuiltChoice of Mains:9' inch Pizza from the menu selectionPasta (Spaghetti or Penne)- All' Arrabbiata- Ragu Di Maiale- Carbonara Classic- Maiale OrientaleDessers (1 of the following)- Italian Style Tiramisu- Molton Chocolate Cake- Textured Chocolate Cake with Salted Carameland Drinks.After much thought and debate, Astelle and I decided on the following items:Maiale Orientale PastaJeremy from OpenRice mentioned that this is a very peruvian style of cooking pasta. I feel that there was also a Asian style fused into it. The dish reminded me of Thai Basil Leaf Minced Pork (Pa Ka Prow Moo) with Pasta. Just less spicy and with a more fragrant herb taste. This is good for adventurous eaters who are on the look out for new tastes.Carbonara ClassicI have always always always liked to eat CARBONARA since I was a kid and I am constantly on the look out for good Carbonaras. The Carbonara served at Supply and Demand ranks in my top 5 Carbonaras in Singapore. I usually prefer to have my Carbonara with more sauce (e.g. Yomenya Goemon). However, the amount of sauce and portion of pasta in the Carbonara Classic was just right due to its rich taste. I particularly like the cheesy flavour of the Carbonara Classic.TiramisuThe tiramisu came in a glass jar (similar in size to the one served at Poulèt). It comes in a generous serving that is enough for two persons to share. The Tiramisu is creamy and not too sweet. The lady fingers are thoroughly soaked with coffee and you can taste it in every mouthful of Tiramisu that you take. We shared our Tiramisu with Between* Co-founder Jake, who also thought it was wonderful.Fries with a Side of Guilt(Apologies we can only post 8 photos ): )Very good side dish. We were very impressed that the fries are not the pre-packed kind and are probably cut by the restaurant. They are thick slices of potato, come dipped in cheese sauce with an option to dip into the 'Guilt' sauce (which resembles barbecue sauce). Despite the fries being thick, the texture of the fries is just right and not over nor under cooked. Maybe this won't strike you at first but the décor inside the restaurant is unassuming and comfortable. The lighting and music further enhanced the atmosphere making it an ideal place for any get togethers, be it with friends or for a romantic night out.A unique collection of items at the counter greets you as you walk into the restaurant Homely and warm designCreative use of space to create a more homely atmosphere in the form of a library/study on the stairs. You can even borrow the books to read in the restaurant! (We think (: ) The stairs leads to a nice rooftop bar with a nice cosy corners where you can relax and catch activities on going in the bay. You can adjourn there for drinks after dinner and chill.If you are looking for a restaurant with delicious food and great ambience, Supply & Demand is definitely a place you should check out (: continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-21
We were lucky to be invited to a food tasting session by Between and OpenRice at Supply&Demand. It was pretty hard to find the place. But all the walking was worth it when we walked into Supply&Demand. I loved the rustic look and cosy setting, perfect for gatherings and dates.The food tasting menu consisted of two appetisers, a pasta, a pizza and last but not least, a dessert. Avocado And Prawn Salad along with Fries With A Side of Guilt were dished up first. While the former was definitely a healthy and yummy choice, the fries were amazing! Fluffy and covered in cheese with bbq sauce dip on the side, I wished I had stuffed myself with more.My partner and I shared the Maiale Orientale Pasta and Al Funghi Pizza. The pasta had a slight hint of spiciness and the slivers of sausages added oomph to the dish. The Al Funghi Pizza was served on a wooden block and had a thin crust. I would have preferred the crust to be more crunchy but my partner loved it and the toppings were full of mushroomy goodness. By the time the dessert was served, we were already feeling full but who could possibly turn down the opportunity to indulge in a sinful lava chocolate cake topped off with a macaron? We polished it off within minutes. After the sumptuous meal, we made our way up to the rooftop on the second level. The night view of the city skyline from the porch was simply breathtaking. From what I've heard, there are also live soccer screenings for football fans!Anyway, there was this carte blanche on the menu, basically you choose the meat you want and the chef determines how it is to be cooked. What a pity we didn't have it this time but we'll definitely be trying this on our next visit. Can't wait! continue reading
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Level1 2013-11-17
We tried the truffle and egg one($21), and it was our second most favorite EVER - you could actually taste the truffle. Also, it was thin crust without a soggy middle (a mistake that plagues many otherwise great pizza places such as peperoni)Pasta was also above average. Instead of mincing the meat, some meat chunks are used to give an additional dimension of flavor. Appetizer salad was great as well. Nice touch with the avocado and nuts. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)