The Black Swan is a 1920s-inspired bistro and bar located at Cecil Street, and is created by the Lo and Behold Group. It has an impressive menu of food, and an extensive collection of drinks and cocktails to choose from. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Baked Bone Marrow Duck Leg Confit Good Night Peru Cocktail Grilled Whole Cracked Maine Lobster
Review (5)
The Black Swan is situated in an art deco building in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), a distinctive building that has changed hands a few times, including having housed the exclusive all-females only W Law Firm some years back. The cafe, restaurant and bar concept evolves around muted gold settings, giving the place a sophisticated feel; they serve European classics dishes.For starters, we had the Farmer's Salad, comprising of arugula, apple, celery, red onions, walnuts, cranberries, Fourme d'Ambert and balsamic vinaigrette. The lightly-tossed salad was devoid of sauces, so it was light, crispy and refreshing with rocket leaves and dices of cheese. It was a lovely starter.I chose the Pan Roasted Red Snapper with egg sauce and leeks two ways. The snapper was pan-roasted to a crackling texture, peaking its texture and flavour. The creamy egg sauce gave the crispy fish a smoother edge, making for a sumptuous dish.Finally, we concluded the meal with Dark Chocolate Dome. The beautiful cake had a glossy, sticky layering of dark chocolate, and a soft chocolatey interior with a vanilla heart. It was saccharine without being overly sweet, bringing out the richness of chocolate very well. The velvety texture melted easily in the mouth as well.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/05/lunch-at-black-swan-raffles-place.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-09
Came to this place as my girlfriends work around raffles place area and black swan is a relatively new italian restaurant. I love the ambience of this place, very suitable for girlfriends to hangout or couples to chill together. I had this black swan burger which costs me sgd $26++ and it consists of juicy beef patty, sunny side up, onion rings, bacon and a bucket of fries. Its definitely worth trying as the beef patty was very nicely done. Very juicy and tender. I love the presentation of the food too. (Sorry my photo is abit dark).Overall, i will definitely visit this place again even though it is alittle more pricey. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-04
Heard so much about this place and last month finally get to arrange dinner with my friend who worked around that area. I was quite keen to try the highly recommended and popular bone marrow dish but my friend was not keen so i shall save it for my next visit. Start off the night with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc as it goes well with my seabass which i be having later! Nice and easy to drink which i personally like =)Since we are not going to order the bone marrow dish, the staff kindly recommended another dish to us which is the Crab Salad $21. This turns out to be good! Quite a generous amount of crab meat together with the salad and i love the dressing! Nice refreshing start for our meal.As i was recovering from cough, fish was my best choice even though i initially had something else in my mind. Chilean Seabass $36 - quinoa,baconjam,roastedbeetroot, bacon velouté. Very fresh!! Yum.... It be perfect if it's a bigger portion but overall it's good! My friend had the Duck Leg Confit $36 - 36 hour sous-vide, bacon potatoes, fresh thyme, mustard sauce. It's not bad but both of us really enjoyed the potatoes a bit more than the duck confit. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-23
The Black Swan has emerged in Raffles Place, giving diners and drinkers more options.Rising fast and furious above the waters and becoming the place to dine at made us all quite curious.The newest under the Lo and Behold Group, I am sure interest was piqued further because of their illustrious alumni that I could have raved nonstop before.Enter into a world of tall ceilings, women in chic black (cocktail dresses and suits) and a bar counter that is as welcoming as the seats. Mondays bring about a host of blues and even as the day draws to an end, nothing quite beats swiveling a glass of bubbly and slurping Canadian Rock Oysters and wishing this luxury would never end. 18 buckeroos for a decent swig and creamy aphrodisiacs, #mondaybluesaway indeed. May I add then that, that only applies during happy hours from 530-730pmWhen can I return for these again? I could have the happiest hour around just sitting around slurping oysters and guzzling champagne all night long. Fries ($9)truffleCrispy fries doused in truffle oil - as overpriced as it is, we all enjoyed it. Crab Salad ($21)handpicked crab, avocado, mango, orange, grapefruit, toasted sunflower seeds, citrus vinaigretteIf I could, I would have this over Caesar salad. Citrus vinaigrette worked for me without being too acidic for the tastebuds, infact, a light and delightful dressing over the fresh bed of greens and crabmeat. Seafood Linguini ($32)prawns, calamari, clams, tomato, garlic, chilliClams were not good so ours came with more prawns. Tastes quite like black bean sauce tossed with linguine, the strong flavours made this outstanding and worth seconds. Duck Leg Confit ($34)36 hour sous-vide, bacon potatoes, fresh thyme, mustard sauce I find duck hard to ignore at a French restaurant and this was a really decent effort with crisp skin and succulent meat. Bacon potatoes were a huge distraction, speckled with bacon and panfried - no better way to have it. Stockyard Australia Wagyu Ribeye Steak (for two persons) ($96)16-18oz, 400 days grain fed beef, béarnaise, friesWagyu certainly did not shine through with parts that were not as marbled as desired but they do good steaks. Date and Toffee Pudding ($14)caramelised banana, medjool dates, rum, vanilla ice creamA tad sweet and dense which resulted in a slightly disappointing dessert, definitely expected better. Dark Chocolate Dome ($16)70% varlhona chocolate, vanilla crème, seasonal berriesSomehow, this looks like any other dessert that the patisseries can produce. Coated with chocolate, the vanilla creme was a nice contrast. This is not quite a dessert I would order again.We could have been spoilt rotten by the other restaurants to expect bread baskets and were met with none. Yet this gave us more reason to try the dishes on the menu. The meal was fulfilling and somewhat riveting at some points, desserts could have been dealt in a better manner but there is room for improvement for sure. Dying to be back to attempt more oysters, burger and lobster! continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-17
My friend actually introduced me The Black Swan after she went there and bunch of us went there to chill out on a Saturday night. To get there, if you are taking the MRT, you just have to exit via the path to Lao Pa Sat and that gets you to Cecil Street. The restaurant is located on the left and entrance is pretty iconic enough that you will hardly miss it. Although Cecil Street is quiet on a Saturday night as it is a central business district but once you step into the restaurant, you will feel that you have step into life into the Great Gatsby vibe. The counter staff at the entrance will warmly welcome you and usher you to your seats. The Black Swan is grandly embellished with a classic touch of the Jazz age. The bar is elegantly decorated with many different kind of liquors and bartender are busy preparing drinks for the patrons. The restaurant is also decorated with many interesting round balls looking chandeliers which was pretty dim but fits the mood perfectly.I was there for drinks and light bites so a group of us only ordered Truffle Cut Fries ($9) and Wild Mushroom, Homemade Bacon Jam Mozzarella Crostini ($9) for sharing. I was really disappointed that the Baked Bone Marrow with Chili & Kombu was not available for that night and I would love to try that though but this gave me another chance to go back there again.Truffle Cut Fries ($9) – The fries had a strong truffle aroma, it was crispy and tasted well even with the mayonnaise and tomato sauce that came with it.Wild Mushroom, Homemade Bacon Jam Mozzarella Crostini ($9) – The ingredients actually blended well, the mushroom was fresh and the Mozzarella cheese was chewy. Do eat this while it is still warm once it is served.As for drinks I ordered the Silver Lining Cocktail ($19) which according to the waitress was one of the sweeter cocktails in the menu. It comprises of a velvety mixture of Amaretto (an alcoholic base made of almonds) together with peaches and egg white and was prettified by a twig of rosemary.The service of this restaurant was perfect. The waiters and waitresses were very warm and attentive, constantly checking and looking if the tables needed anything. So far, this is one restaurant that I can attest to providing such observant service. They were also constantly topping up water which was a plus. The restaurant indeed has its own charm and character that which is distinctive to other places. I really recommend this place to go so check it out for yourself and let this place wow you. Although the price may be more on the upscale end but I can assure you it is really worth a visit if you want to try out something different. continue reading
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