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Taste the vibrant remix of international flavours at the kitchen table, an all day dining restaurant where playful surroundings and live cooking stations showcase vibrant dining options, including sushi, tandoori, wood-fired pizza and more. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-23
I am back at the beguiling W Hotel @ Sentosa Cove, this time headed for The Kitchen Table for Seafood From the Heart buffet featuring Celebrity Chef Peter Kuruvita. This is available every Friday and Saturday from 6.00pm to 11.30pm at SGD$85.00++ per adult.  If one sits by the window, they would get the killer views of the waters, yachts and some pretty buildings looming ahead. However, do not overlook the beauty of the restaurant's interior decor itself - simple but elegant and clean-cut, with overturned tables and glasses suspending from the ceilings!I started with some seafood as usual - some very juicy and delicious Oysters made my day, as well as thick, springy pieces of Sashimi!Following that was another must-try, because we had been tempted during the live demo earlier - food from the Indian station. I had a little basmatic rice, my favorite Papadum chip, some Curry Snapper and Tandoori Chicken. The Curry Snapper was aromatic and flavourful without being too spicy. The Tandoori Chicken was utterly tender and smooth, much to my surprise; and boosting of a distinctive smokey hint to its sweet flavour.Finally, time to respond in kind to the colourful desserts that kept beckoning to me throughout the evening. There were many different flavours of Maracons, soft but not cloyingly sweet or creamy. There were also Chocolate Panna Cotta (tasted too milky it was more like Milo unfortunately), Lychee Pudding, a pretty little Cupcake etc.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/05/media-invite-ultimate-seafood.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-04
Full review, http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg/2014/12/kitchen-table-w-hotel-sentosa-cove.htmlThe kichen table at W hotel sentosa seems to focus on quality rather than quantity. I've to say the spread isn't much if you compare to The Line or Carousel. Came here for their dinner buffet for my company's corporate event. Desserts spread were of unique cheesecakes n crumbles rather than your usual chocolate mousse cake. The best was the seafood spread - lobster, oyster, snow crab leg, mussels, sashimi, tuna etc. They were fresh and sushi segment were of good quality with special treat of tea rice. Noodles were the usual, laksa, char siew noodle and fish maw soup, nothing over the world. Indian cuisine were of wide spread as well, from freshly fried papadum, grilled prawns, briyani etc. Pasta section - only 1 kind is available, Squid ink w crab meat pasta. Service were efficient too.Overall, a decent dinner place great for chilling but I wouldn't be back though continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2013-08-16
I've always wanted to try The Kitchen Table but never had a chance to until I found out that they have a 1-4-1 buffet dinner promotion for SPG members. So my and 3 other frens trotted all the way in - the promotion is only valid for more than 1pair if you have more than 1 SPG membership.The place was smaller than I thought - seafood, sushi, cold cuts / salads / appetizers, indian, western / pasta, and chinese noodle / soup. And it being a weekday it was not as empty as I thought it would be.Seafood - a smallish almost hidden counter but fresh seafood. Usual suspects like oysters, prawns, mussels, clams, lobsters were all good.Cold cuts / appetizers - The salads didnt leave a very big impression on me as they were quite medicore eg tuna, mushrooms salads. But they had about 3 variety of cold cuts including parma ham which were quite nice.Indian - made to order naans, chicke tikka, curries and lentils etc which were all good.Pasta - I headed straight for the made to order pastas instead of the handful of western buffet choices - you can basially take your pick of ingredients eg veg, sausages, and type of pasta, then choose the type of sauce you want. Very nice!Chinese - Soups and noodles available but I only had the soup - Pork rib and winter melon soup which was superb.Desserts - Very prettily arranged like a showcase of 3 'cabinets' and had rather good variety but quality wise was just okay. Strangely enough, the tiramisu had almost no sponge fingers nor any cocoa powder on top.Coffee - the buffet comes with coffee / latte / cap / tea - the cap was quite nice and did not taste like it came out of a Nestle machine.Honestly, I would not have recommended this place without the SPG promotion as I think $65 per pax is too ex for the variety and quality. But paying $33 with the promo is definitely worth it! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
The Kitchen Table is W Singapore's in-house gourmet restaurant, and also the feasting ground for the morning breakfasts for my staycations at the hotel. Morning breakfasts that can actually make me bolt out of bed before 9 are definitely something, no? The Kitchen Table provides such an exciting spread, it took me exactly four breakfasts to truly explore almost all of it entirely... and possibly a few months' worth of consecutive breakfasts there to get bored of it. While the list of idealistic breakfast selections is endless, the buffet spread here is extensive and impressive enough for the realist. For one, there are enough carbohydrates to go around for those who vow fiercely by breadfasts. Cousins of breads - pastries are available by the trayloads as well at the Bread Station.Fresh fruit slices to go along with your breads and waffles (yes, you can order them - they are crispy & fluffy all at once, but only if they made it on the spot)There's also good ol' Jam in 5 different flavours to go along. Namely1) Wild Lemon Citron Sauvage(2) Strawberry(3) Blueberry Myrtille(4) 4 Fruits(5) Blood Orange SanguineMy favourite has got to be the Wild Lemon jam - the others are overly sweet albeit very fresh and made from genuine fruit pulp. You've got to taste it to believe how 100% real the fruit pulp is.More - a Cheese bar... but my eyes were completely drawn to the Smoked Salmon, which I helped myself to servings and servings of it... heavenly discoveries that I can't get bored of. A Salad Bar is available too for the health-conscious. This is in fact, one of the more (surprising) popular choices among the ladies during breakfast. For me, I steer clear of this place unless I'm getting a few rocket leaves to decorate my plate.My next favourite station - Fruit & Juice Bar. An extension of the ingenuity of the fruit jams, the existence of these fruit juices put Peel Fresh to shame. There's Mango/Apple/Guava/Orange/Cranberry/Soursop Juice as well as Skim/Fresh Milk available. Coffee and tea is served by the ever-attentive waiters/waitresses milling about diligently.Dim Sum and Live Noodle Bar - a little disappointing with its limited range of dim sum but perhaps it is not that popular with the patrons.There's also oatmeal and cereals, breakfast staples that seem to bring home to hotel (located in the neighbouring restaurant area Skirt) at the Cereals Station.There is also one central section which I only took two quick photos of - it had Fried Rice, Porridge Station, Eggs and more. It's also where you can make your special requests - for hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs - you call the shots.Here's what I picked out from the buffet: The smoked salmon is practically a staple for me. I loved the extremely saltish raw freshness of the fish, it was addictive. They replenish the tray at quite a fast speed, I never found it empty despite the rapid turnover rate. The mushroom quiche at the side is a little greasy for my liking, but an interesting change from the usual baked beans sort of breakfast - the latter being rather average.The har gow and chicken char siew bun are also satisfying but could do more to match up to above-average dim sum restaurants. The har gow skin feels a tad too thick, while the chicken char siew bun was okay but nothing more to rave about.The custard buns flow, which meet my basic expectations. They are much better than the har gow and the salted egg yolk flavour was strong and fragrant. Though I personally wouldn't recommend trying their dim sum too much, you can try it if the craving hits you. There's always an option for plain toast to try out their range of jams. I also tried their fried rice which was quite tasty, along with it I tried their curry sauce - which was good.Surprisingly, their porridge was really very aromatic and not too thick, you can put in all sorts of flavouring available there or have it plain. Don't mistake the little square cup for some sweet dessert, it's actually oatmeal - cold one at that, it was pretty gross. I usually have my oatmeal warm.The pastries are really picturesque and tempting! They tweak their menu slightly every week - so you might not be seeing these anymore.There's an entertainer that will walk around to entertain children (or adults that never grow old) with magic tricks and balloon sculpting! He has been practising balloon sculpting for 15 years and here he is, making me a blue sword! We were trying to challenge gender stereotypes of girls receiving teddy bears and flowers and boys receiving swords and guns... but honestly I love swords.Breakfast buffets at The Kitchen Table are complimentary part of your stay at W Singapore for 2 people, the third person can dine in at a rate of $48++/pax. Overall: They do have more hits than misses, but their "misses" aren't too bad, actually. Their impeccable service and attention to detail impresses me a lot, and what they are selling is a whole W experience that will make you miss it the moment you leave. For full review and even more photos, please visit- Part I (The Buffet Spread): http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/2013/08/food-feat-kitchen-table-w-singapore.html- Part II (What I Ate): http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/2013/08/food-feat-kitchen-table-w-singapore_2.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)