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11:30 - 23:30
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11:30 - 23:30
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Review (6)
Level4 2014-08-13
As it is almost 3pm, and there is not much crowd in the restaurant, just 3 tables occupied. So we get to dine indoor. After making our choice of 2 types of soup, the staff asks us to pay up. Each of us is charged $21 each. We select mala soup and chicken soup for steamboat.The buffet counter looks limited but still acceptable. There is lime juice and barley drink to help yourself to, as well as, sliced watermelon. Next to it is the range of green leafy vegetables in baskets.In the centre counter, there is a wide range of condiments to make own dipping sauce. Feel that the sesame sauce and the Sha Cha sauce are quite water down and tasteless.There is also a range of cooked food in the center counter.There is also dried food items, raw eggs and Chinese Tea Eggs茶叶蛋 in the center counter.In the cold shelf, there is a good of food items such sliced meat, seafood and vegetables.I feel that the chairs are placed quite near to each other and I have problems getting out. There is barely any service provided. Used plates are not cleared. We have a hard time getting the staff to refill the soup in the steamboat.The meat are sliced quite thinly and taste not bad. The vegetables looks green and fresh. The seafood looks average. The mala soup is a bit bland to me. When refilling, only chicken stock is added. If you feel not spicy enough, remember to ask the staff to add spices. Overall still not bad. continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-03
These days, it is rare to enjoy food that is serve in consistent quality and standards. The first time is great but the second time worst than ever.The ingredients are not fresh, I even spotted an insect among the vegetable. Well, I can only say the price speak quality. You want quality, pay more for that if not you have a choice to patronize or not.I will give this steamboat restaurant a miss now.Although the Tom Yum soup is not that bad but the ingredients affected the taste. Shake head, shake head!There was this service staff standing right outside luring customers even when the place was quite pack already and given the space of the restaurant, it couldn't match the demand. She probably thought she could run it like a fast food chain whereby people eat and go but HELLO it is steamboat, people take their time to eat!As we were seated outside, we were a little uncomfortable with the glaring from the waiting customers "faster eat leh" that kind of feel. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-09
This was my first time having steamboat in Singapore, I have done some reviews before I decided to try on this restaurant. Most of them were saying this was value for money, seafood was fresh, even have bamboo shoot clam and cockle, etc. Frankly, by reading the reviews it was tempting to try. We reached there before the dinner crowd around 6+pm.It was a small restaurant with overcrowded tables, no aircon! Food was putting on the corner of the restaurant, variety wise, not as much as I was thinking, few types of vegetable, some cooked food(cold), raw meat-pork, beef and chicken, prawn. It could be time was still early, we wanted to try the bamboo shoot clam and cockle eagerly, they were not fresh at all, it seemed they were left over from lunch! After a while, when there were more dinners, then they refilled most of the items. We tried clam and cockle again, although they were a bit fresher than the first batch, they were still not up to the standard.I didn’t try their cold cooked food as they didn’t look good to me. Whereas I tried the deep fried egg, they were lumps and tasteless, way too far to improve. Fruits have pineapple and watermelon, thinly slice. Soup base contained MSG.It was really out of our expectation and the worse steamboat I have at a restaurant. Having said that it was almost full house that evening! I have steamboat in Hongkong, variety of food and fresh, price wise around S$20+ at a aircon restaurant. continue reading
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Level2 2011-09-20
Few weeks ago i had a class outing. As it ended really late we could not decide on a place to have our dinner, so we walked around Bugis area on a search for a suitable dinning location that could accommodate all of us.We came across Thye Hong Casual Cafe and found the price to be quite reasonable.The buffet costs $17 per person and it includes drinks and a wide range of meat and seafood including scallops, crabs prawns fish, and many more! The seafood was quite fresh and well worth the money!We were amazed by the range of food to choose from and were very pleased with the overall experience at Thye Hong steamboat. If given a chance, i would chose to go back there for another class gathering ! continue reading
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Level4 2011-06-11
I went to this place for a steamboat dinner gathering. Frankly, I have not heard of this steamboat place before and it turns out to be quite good. The choice of soup base has tom yam, chicken, spicy and herbal. The place is air-conditioned and there was quite a lot of food. The steamboat food includes meat, fish, chicken, beef, vegetables, prawns, crabs, squid, cuttlefish, cockles and oysters. There were only 4 kinds of cooked food but nobody really goes for that. There is free-flow of drinks too. I was quite surprised to see oysters at steamboat buffet, those who like to boost testosterone level can come often. The prawns were pretty fresh and I had lots of them. The beef were cut pretty thinly and good for shabu-shabu. At $17 nett, I think this is a very good dinner gathering place. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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