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Tomi Sushi Novena has created for our patrons a taste of Japan prepared and served in keeping with our long established traditions. We offer a variety of foods such as Japanese noodles, "wafu" steak and Grilled item. Our menu also offers special set meal. continue reading
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Tomi Sushi has come a long way from its first outlet in Japan back in 1954. Today, it has expanded to 14 outlets in Japan, and has penetrated the Singapore market as well. Currently there are 3 outlets here, being Cuppage, Novena and Katong - we visited the branch in Novena.We started off with the Ankimo (SGD$15.00) - the Anglerfish Liver. It was soft and creamy, the texture reminding me of foie gras; but the flavor made me think of cod liver oil - a little fishy, savoury, yet piquant in its deliciousness. They serve this item in different ways - you can choose to have it as an appetiser like we did, or the sushi version at SGD$10.00.Then we tried the Madara Shirako Ponzu appetiser (SGD$20.00) - Pacific Cod Soft Roe. It looks coiled like intestines, but it is so brittle it melts in the mouth into a mouthful of lusciousness. It was so smooth in texture I felt I could simply slurp it up with a large straw. The flavor was not unlike cod flesh - buttery, and much, much softer. This dish also comes in several versions - the appetiser version, the sushi version at SGD$16.00, the tempura version at SGD$20.00 or the chawanmushi version at SGD$12.00.Now came the mains. They served the Sashimi Set (SGD$35.00) first. This set consists of the pickled vegetables, a miso soup, a chawanmushi, fruits, and of course the precious platter of assorted sashimi (salmon, tuna, yellowtail, swordfish and shrimps) with rice. Yes, for that price, we get so many items, and the thickly-sliced sashimi were fresh, bouncy as well as tasty.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/03/dinner-at-tomi-sushi.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-25
We were in a mood for quality sashimi and I'm glad Tomi Sushi didn’t disappoint us.Sashimi Mori ($60++)There were a total of six varieties and I must say all were equally fresh and succulent. Just look at the translucent texture of the sashimi slices tempting your tastebuds, how could anyone resist that? My favourite was the scallops which were exceptionally sweet and mouthwatering.Chawanmushi ($6++)Their Chawanmushi was pretty smooth and flavourful as well. A nice complement to the sashimi platter we had! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2014-12-02
Originally posted on: http://www.thegirlnextshore.com/2014/02/la-la-la-love-sushisashimi-tomi-sushi.htmlI've been thinking of sushi/sashimi a lot lately. The last time I've had proper sushi here in London was during a date in Kikuchi three years ago where I've had the most amazing aburi otoro in my life. Given that 1) we racked a bill of £150 (which I insisted on splitting); 2) it was the most awfully quiet date ever (I passed for round two ten minutes in); I bought a Cornish pasty on the way home as my belly reminded me to "Mind the Gap", I didn't think it was worth it. There are decent-enough restaurants that serve good Japanese here but sushi is generally expensive in Londontown. For the price marks you'd think you'd be mind blown by what you're paying for but unforch, the only thing blown is that hole in your pocket.This thought takes me back to Tomi Sushi in Singapore (Novena Square), where Plaid Boy and I would go if we wanted a quick Jap fix. I was quite apprehensive during my first visit as it's a chain restaurant in a mall (only because London is the land of no sushi and Yo!Sushi), but despite the mass-market cover up I've been told the food is of high calibre... at modest prices.The set menus are absolutely best bang for your buck: they all include rice, miso soup (you can upgrade to soba noodles for extra $3), salad, chawanmushi ($6 a la carte) and fruit. They have different prices for dinner/lunch service, mind you, but still absolutely affordable. Here are some of our favourites:Nigiri sakura ($28) includes eight pieces of nigiri (including a slice of maguro chutoro), and tori karaage. The fried chicken pieces are quite tender juicy and not oily at all. I enjoyed having this with the salad, simple as it is, drizzled with sesame dressing.My absolute favourite has to be the sashimi set ($25 for lunch, $35 for dindin) and yes - it tastes as amazing as it looks. The cuts of swordfish, prawn, tuna, salmon and sole are so melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Each piece is so fresh you can absolutely taste the sweetness of the fish and there's no need for that soy-wasabi what have you. You seriously need this in your life.(By the way they serve different soy for sashimi and for sushi. Not sure I was able to spot any difference save for viscosity.)The sushi gozen set ($54) is super sulit also. You get a set of maki and nigiri (including a piece of tuna chutoro), an assortment of tempura, some hijiki and a slice of gindara teriyaki. Isn't that a feast?If you're a purist who just wants sushi/sashimi they obviously sell these a la carte but you're better off with an assortment if you fancied trying everything. For five pieces, the maguro chutoro alone is up for $40, and the otoro for $60. That's fair pricing compared to the ridic price tag of sushi here in London, but still. The assorted sets range from $23-130 and you can't beat that, can you? Everyhing is absolutely fresh.Boyfriend not includedService is decent and swift and the quality of ingredients makes me question the price (Why so cheap?!). Not that we mind, of course... but you get my drift. I wish we had something like Tomi here in London. That would be lunch sorted every day. Ave spend pp $30 for lunch, $50 for dinner (and that can go a very long way) continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-17
I am attracted by its delicious looking lunch set display outside the restaurant and decide to stop here for lunch. The restaurant is decorated in traditional Japanese way. Most customers prefer to sit at the counter as one could see the chef at work. There is also dine in area but we are show to a private room which sit about 20 persons.Nigiri Umi ($20++)The main dish of this meal is the Tofu burg which is a patty made of tofu and assorted vegetables, topped with assorted mushrooms and brown sauce. The patty is quite tasty and I could not taste that it is tofu at first bite. It is served with salad, chawamushi, assorted sushi, soup and fruit.The sushi and maki taste quite fresh and moist. Well made. I could feel the fish melt in my mouth.The chawamushi is quite smooth in texture.The salad is simple and tasty.The soup is full of flavours and has chunks of salmon in it.Chicken Katsudon Set ($23++)The set comes with pickles, soup, salad and fruit. For the Katsudon, the chicken is quite juicy and the egg is moist and not overcooked.Suruten ($15++)This is actually Squid Tempura, which tastes crunchy and QQ in texture.Okosama Set ($10++)This is the Kid's meal which is ordered for little JJ. It comes with a cup of orange juice. There is a lot of items in this small meal, such as assorted sushi, fried chicken, fried prawn, french fries and fruit. The staff even asks if one need wasabi in the sushi. The serving is more than enough for little JJ.On the table, there is Sashimi Sauce and Sushi Sauce to dip the food with. I have tried both but feel not much different between the 2 kinds of sauces.Overall it is a very nice meal with great food at reasonable prices. Service is great too, with tea refills regularly and staffs are quite friendly too. continue reading
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Level2 2014-01-12
Seriously! This is really an awesome place to get super fresh japanese food (personal opinion) but really, ordering the sashimi set which cost about 35 dollar is so worth it. at first you may see it like so little for a set, but it really a filling meal i must say. fresh sashimi, two slices each except for the ebi, which only has 1 piece, thick slices and just melts into your mouth. this set consist of sashimi, chawanmushi, a bowl of rice, soup, pickled veg and a slice of watermelon and orange. even the cod fish set my mother order, really taste yummy!there quite a variety of dishes, like lunch sets and dinner specials.. and it not very expensive for this level of awesomeness. service is quite fast and you dont really need to wait very long to be served with you dishes, just that you need to wait for about 30 plus plus min and more if there a queue. the crew there are really friendly continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)