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<br><br>Tonkotsu Kazan originates from Osaka, Japan. Tonkotshu Kazan makes use of the best ingredients and simmer these ingredients for a long time to get the pork broth, which is used in their ramen. Their signature dish is the Ishiyaki Ramen (hot stone roast ramen). continue reading
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Beef Sukiyaki Kazan Ramen Chashu Karamiso Ramen Gyoza Kazan Curry Kazan Ramen Tonkatsu Pork Cutlet
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Level3 2017-08-06
This weekend was back to Novena but this time visited this restaurant which located at 2nd level. The RED colour stucture design cannot be miss. The furniture is quite traditionally designed. Started to order curry ramen and Karamiso spicy ramen. The wait was not long and every table also have free eggs to starter to pass time. What a surprise with the ramen serving with a funnel like shape on TOP of Claypot. 😬😬😬Refer to photo. After waited for another 1 mins, both ramen is ready and dame HOT. The toppling came with a lot of vegetables, 2 slide of Chao Siew and sprouts. The Chao Siew is very thick compared to other restaurant which I estimated about 200%. LOL. The soup is very fresh and thick texture. The spiciness would have been more spicer possibly will be perfect for me too. Add on 2 more side dish, Gyoza. The meat well cooked with skin is thin and crispy too. Not so special for this one. Overall is good experience and will come back in future. continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-26
So on a Sunday, I was back at Velocity @ Novena Square for my 2nd facial appointment and T accompanied me down so we can have dinner here at Velocity/Novena Square/Square 2/United Square! And look what T has found!One of my favourite food, Ramen! And this is the Tonkkotsu Kazan Ramen located at Square 2. It was pretty crowded when we got there at about 8 plus, and the small ramen-ya remained pretty packed up until we left at almost 9pm. Pretty popular huh! You'll find out why. And this is how small the entire place is. Erm, sorry uncle, I didn't mean to snap a picture of you slurping the hot ramen... So T chose a pretty 'usual' Karamiso Kazan while I decided to try something new and went for their Hinomaru Tomato Kazan. And then we were first served these jugs of soup....Then this intimidating "volcano" ramen is served, dry in the super hot stone pot. The server will then pour in about half of the soup in the jug and close the red lid back on. Then you wait for 1 minute (there's a cute little timer on your table), until you see smoke rising from the top opening of the lid and, and remove the lid, pour the rest of the soup in and viola, you get your kazan ramen done!I'll definitely advise that you get the staff to help with removing the lid for it'll be VERY hot.Tadaa~ My Hinomaru Tomato Kazan Ramen,I think this ramen will be the best choice for ladies, filled to the brim with a huge tomato, tons of cabbage shreds, beansprouts and red capsicums. The pork bone based broth is further 'spiced up' with a tangy flavour from the tomatoes, giving it a lighter and refreshing taste to the usual heavily flavourful ramen tonkotsu broth.Seriously, I think that all the cabbage and beansprouts combined is twice as much as the noodles inside. Having a ton of beansprouts seemed to be how they do their ramen, so if you dislike beansprouts, please make a special order request to not add them in! It'll be a painfully infinite process if you have to pick them out one by one.T's Karamiso Kazan Ramen.The broth was strongly flavourful, yet not spicy at all. So we're both a little disappointed. The charsiu, however, was heavenly! So thoroughly braised, and has the right amount of fattiness to make it tender and soft. I took a bite and it literally like melt apart in my mouth.Their flavoured egg was pretty disappointing too.Yes, the yolk was almost perfect with the outside moist and just cooked through while the innermost is glistening gooey, but... where's the braised flavour?! It was pure white throughout on the insides and the surface was only so ever slightly tanned that on first look I thought it was just a soft boiled egg. Taste wise, same thing.This is just a soft boiled egg sold as a flavoured egg. Period.Yaki Gyoza.My first impression when I saw these burnt gyoza was also another mental thumbs-down. But hey, I was surprised when I took a bite! The slightly charred flavour actually added more taste to the gyoza, while the meat filling remains tender and moist.Failed on the presentation, but passed with flying colours on the actual taste. repost from: http://molly-mia.blogspot.sg/2014/12/mias-review-tonkotsu-kazan-ramen.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-08-25
Wanting something soupy for dinner that night, The Beau and I headed for ramen, since the "volcano ramen" concept seemed interesting, and this was one of the restaurants at Novena Square 2 that was not crowded on a Saturday evening.It was a small and non-discreet little Japanese restaurant with rather friendly and jovial service crew. The setting was simple but richly infused with authentic Japanese decor.For mains, I had the Chashyu Karamiso Ramen (SGD$15.00) with kimchi and flavored egg. It was supposed to be spicy, but it wasn't, though the soup was tasty. I don't get why we were given three halves of the flavored egg, but anyway eaten with the spicy kimchi, it was good. The pork slices were tender, firm and thick - very lovely to chew. The noodles looked springy / hard but were actually rather soft - I would prefer the doneness a little more taut.The Beau had the Hot Stone Curry Fried Rice (SGD$7.00) - which he had to constantly stir so the rice would not stick to the pot. The rice was rather crispy, and the curry was good - the taste was distinctive without being overly spicy. The pork slices on top of the fried rice were rather tender as well. The portion was just nice, making it a rather fulfilling meal.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/08/dinner-at-tonkotsu-kazan-ramen.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-26
Karamiso Ramen + Gyoza Set cost $16.I love the gyoza nicely fried. Ramen was eaten by my grandma which she say it was fabulous too!! StepsKazan kaisen-shio cost $18.beforeafterThe amount of ramen was enough and ingredient was good. However, i think ramen was too overly cooked.Addition egg cost $1.Dessert time: Only 2 desserts to choose from so had choose the Kinako-mochi ball in coconuts with fruits sauce that cost $5 because it was special compare to the ice cream.The seats between was too small and the waiter / waitress keep banging my mum when she is eating. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
Attention to Ramen lover, Tonkotsu Kazan which originated from Osaka Japan was now proudly located at Singapore. It probably not news, but I just came to know. Anyway, it served the freshest and funniest tossed up Ramen in town. Burning as if Volcano, patrons may enjoy the entertaining moment for such cool creation. Instead of the high-profile happening version, I picked the most decent one. Natural and original Tankotsu broth enhanced the special blended salted paste, noodle was spongy and chewy. I found their decent recipe soup was finely boiled, the most typical at the moment. The soup was fragrant and exclusively filling, only price at $12.00. continue reading
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