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Offering you the freshest catch to welcome seafood lovers from all parts of Singapore, Tung Lok Seafood specialises in the best of Singapore-style seafood prepared with the quality and standards synonymous with the Tung Lok brand. Perennial favourites are the Black Pepper Crab, voted the best in town, and Chilli Crab that uniquely combines orange juice and tomato sauce to create a finger-licking good gravy, perfect for slurping up with man tou. continue reading
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Black Pepper Crab Chilli Crab Wasabi-mayonnaise Prawns
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Level3 2014-11-28
Agree that the buffet lunch is value for money, at around $30+/pax. There are a wide range of food, and most of them are quite delicious. I like the fish hor fun. There is generous helping of fish. The fish meat is tender and not overcooked. It is not salty too.The gravy is not heavy handed on seasonings but some may find that this plate leans on the milder side compared to those in HDB zi char.Would like the recommend the pork ribs too...The meat is not too tough or gluey soft like some shops. The rich honey/sweet taste makes you crave for more.Staff service could be better...perhaps there are too many people and clearing of plates is a bit slow. Also I have to repeat one of my orders 3x before it was delivered. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-20
We tried the ala cart buffet lunch. $26.80/pax for weekday, and children below 6 yrs old are FOC. Quite a lot of variety - includes dim sum, meat, fish, beancurd, vege, noodles, dessrts. Value-for-money atthe price.One of my favourite dish is the curry prawns. The taste is very good, and go very well with the fried mantou.For desserts,  I recommend Crispy Pancake with Lotus Paste Filling and Ice-cream Puff. The fillingin the pancake is generous, not too sweet and nice. Must be eaten fast when it is crispy. The icecream puff is vanilla flavour and is a hit with children. The beancurd is also good as it is very smooth and silky, and best of all not too sweet.I've also tried their yam paste in coconut in another occasion, and it taste very good. The portion is very small though.Staff service is prompt, change plates for every dish, and is a good place for family and friends gathering. Will comeback again. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-30
The first time I had the buffet at Tung Lok I remember the food to be pretty good. I also liked how there were many many choices for us to choose from the menu. Hence, I decided to bring my parents there to try it out. The sambal clams while yummy, did not seem to be very fresh. Most of the clams in the plate had their shells closed, which only means that they had gone bad. The worse thing is that they still served it to us.The pig trotters vinegar wasn't in the buffet menu, but somehow the staff shared with us that we could order it at no extra cost. It was my first time having this dish and I quite liked the vinegar taste. The thought of it is making me salivate now The only downside was that it's really really oily.The deep-fried salmon skin was nice and crispy and was great as a snack. It was so easy to lose count of how much you've had because you'll just keep reaching for one after another munching on them The portion was really generous too.The assam gravy was slightly thick, and the colour was a bright orange. The portion of the fish was just right, not too big so that we could still have enough room in our stomach for the other dishes. The vegetables in this dish was also well-cooked, soft but not too much so.  The salmon sashimi slices were big and thick, and they were fresh too. This is another dish that you can just keep ordering to satisfy your craving for salmon sashimi!There were also plenty of other yummy dishes so if you're looking for affordable quality Chinese food with a wide variety of dishes, this is the place to go! continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-24
Last year I received a pack of bak kwa, which I felt tastes great. This year I happens to know that DBS is having a 1-for-1 promotion for its bak kwa and decide to get a pack from the Orchard Central outlet. For a 500g pack, it costs $32++ and is available in 2 flavours : honey and spicy. The bak kwa is prepacked in pink boxes and displayed at the cashier for sale. The bbq meat looks well bbq but does not looks as well as grazed as the version which I have last year. Maybe it is good business now and standard has dropped. The honey flavoured bak kwa tastes quite juicy and tender. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-05
I've always love the furnishing of Tung Lok group of restaurants. Very creative and impressive. Tung Lok Seafood @ Orchard Central is quite special in the sense it has a outdoor "corridor" for customers to admire the beautiful scenery from a height of 12 stories.Some of the dishes I had for their ala carte buffet @ S$38.80/pax.Crispy Prawns coated with Crushed BiscuitsThis is quite a unique dish when I first saw it in the menu. I wonder how biscuits can be associated with fried prawns. However, it's not very nice when served. The prawns are not crispy, and the so-called biscuits were quite hard to chew on. Tung Lok Chilli CrabThe crab meat was not too bad. The amount of chili is just right. Neither too spicy nor too chili-less.Deep-fried Dumpling with sweet and sour sauceSoft texture wrapped with tasty 韭菜 (leek). I liked the sweet-sour taste of the vinegar in it.Poached Prawns with wineThis dish is quite soft and bland on the stomach. The taste and fragrance of the wine is not that strong though.Braised Beancurd and Minced Meat with Pickled Vegetables in Black SauceThe black sauce is quite unique but would taste better without the pickled vegetable.Fried RiceThe fried rice was extremely fragrant.I think ala carte buffet at $38.80 is considered cheap along the streets of Orchard Road. It has total of 43 delicacies to choose from, including desserts. continue reading
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