TungLok Teahouse brings you experiential dining amidst the Peranakan-styled furniture and be treated to a traditional teahouse ambience with oldies from the 1960s to 1980s. continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-23
My family had a pleasant experience with Lung Lok Tea House last Chinese New Year trying out their dim sum menu. This year we decided to go for a set menu instead.At $998++ per table, it would work out to be $117 per pax. The menu looked wholesome and we were prepared to fork out the money to try this menu.1. Sound of Firecrackers Prosperity Crab Yu ShengThe Yu Sheng was served with crab meat and fried salmon skin instead of the unhealthy fried crackers. The sauces embedded in the Yu Sheng were also different from the traditional kind, it was less sweet and more savoury. It's a new kind of yu sheng taste to me. The freshly friend salmon skin was a good treat, as they were crispy and added a good crunchy into every mouthful of yu sheng!2. Braised Shark's Fin Soup with PumpkinServed individually in a pumpkin, this shark's fin had a subtle taste of pumpkin with every sip. There were huge chunks of sharks fin in the pumpkin and it was very flavourful even without the pepper or vinegar. 3. Braised 6-head abalone with fish maw and seasonal vegetablesThe abalones were pletntiful, the vegetables though mostly stems were juicy and not too oily. The fish maw was soft and delightful to chew on.4. Deep Fried Prawns with Golden Sauce served on LettuceThis was my favourite of the dishes. A crispy exterior of salted egg batter, over a very fresh and crunchy prawn that was pipping hot! I love everything with salted egg on it and having it fried with prawns just makes this a winner for me!5. Teochew-style soya duckThis duck was a lot tougher than expected. It was cooked more in a way that they would cook a goose. I can imagine that this would go well with "kong bak pau" bread. The fatty skin was hard to separate from the meat itself. As the meat was quite tough, they were thinly sliced. 6. Hong-Kong style steamed marble GorbyThe fish was very fresh and the sauce was sweet and cooked to perfection. Drowning my bite sized fish portions with the sauce did not encourage me to feel thirsty, something that normally happens at other eateries. I can tell that their sauce isn't overly sweet or heavily ladden with MSG because of this. 7. Dried Scallop BBQ Goose Sauce with Fried Rice in Lotus LeafThe most "normal" of the dishes, with the other dishes setting a high standard for the food here, this dish was just too "normal". It tasted like any kind of steamed fried rice in  lotus leaf. There were chunks of dried scallops everywhere in this dish, just wished that they had added some mushrooms in there too. 8. Double-boiled American Ginseng with Red DatesI didn't quite like this, it was quite bitter and Tung Lok did their best by adding as much rock sugar as they could to offset the bitterness. Maybe it's because I don't like ginseng, but this just tasted strange to me. It was also served cold.I love their porridge here, served generously with alot of cubed century egg. It's one of the few porridges that I would love to eat! It is also topped with a handful of fried crackers.For $118 per pax, it's twice as much as what we paid for dim sum last year. Was the food good? Yes it was, but I think we will go back to dim sum next year. We were too full from the food and didn't quite enjoy it as much as we had hoped to. continue reading
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Used my $30 for $60 groupon. The har gao is nice, translucent skin with succulent prawn. All dim sum is quite good except the steam teochew dumpling with peanut in it.. The baked bbq bun is nice but quite small. Their signature teahouse chee cheong fun with scallop and prawn is very nice and special, there is a crispy layer covered by steam layer of the chee cheong fun... fried item is not bad too.. Hot and fresh. Braised efu noodles with abalone sauce.. I like the veg, I like this simple dish.. S $14... S $18. Prawn and glass noodles claypot.. tasty but as they halved the prawn so it is not so nice.. would prefer to ask not to halved the prawn.. nicer to eat whole prawn.. The glass noodles abit dry and some stick to the claypot. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-19
So my family and I came here for a dinner after it's newly renovated. We had the set menu for 10 pax at $488++FOODSince it's a Teochew restaurant setting, their first dish of the set menu is the Teochew-styled platter which comprises of slices of duck and pork, some pieces of tau pok, and many quarters of braised eggs. It's quite salty if eaten plainly without rice.The scallops are well marinated with the XO sauce and the broccoli is well-cooked - not too hard or soft.One of my favourite dish in the set menu. The fish skin is quite crispy, tantalizing one's tastebuds. The prawns balls on the other hand tastes more like a sotong ball though.The gravy is one of my "grading criteria" that I look for when tasting the different ways fish are being cooked. For this particular dish, I like the gravy. Not too salty, and is rather sweet-smelling, which makes it appealing. The fish maw are soft and soggy, which are easy to bite. Taste good too!The teochew-stlyed noodle, which has those standard ingredients cooked elsewhere. Taste quite bland and dry. Lastly, this desert is my top favourite for the day! It's a newly-created desert that is wrapped by a coconut, which has coconut ice-cream and coconut pudding in it. The serving is topped off by lotus seeds, which creates the feeling of nuttiness in your tastebuds!SERVICEI have always admired the service of Tung Lok Group Restaurants. I think their staffs are trained in a certain way that they must present the best service so as to promote the company's goodwill in customers. The staffs here will take the initiative to take extra chairs for you to place your bags on it, so that you can sit back comfortably on your chair. Brilliant move! continue reading
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