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Originated from USA, Wingzone was started by 2 men, Matt Friedman and Adam Scott. They came by developing this recipe of buffalo wings in year 1991, all because of Florida university students. At that time, pizza delivery was the only food for students studying late, which gave Matt and Adam an opportunity to provide an alternate choice to these students' boring pizza life. These buffalo wings recipes successfully conquered the hearts of USA and by year 2009, Wingzone went on their way to Global expansion.Currently in Singapore, there's two Wingzone outlet. One situated in Bugis Plus shopping mall and the other newly set up store at Buangkok. I chanced upon Bugis outlet while shopping with my friends and we decided to give it a shot.Wingzone menu was quite extensive, from their signature buffalo wings to drumsticks, hand-breaded tenders, burgers, salads, sides and desserts. As for choice of flavours for the meat, there were 15. We chose cool ranch, honey, buffalo bliss, garlic parm and thai chili. We ordered the buffalo wings set meals instead of ala carte, which came with side wedges fries and a drink at $10.95 per set. There's also option to top up additional $0.50 for Wingzone signature dips and dry rubs for the wedges. We added blue cheese dip and blackened voodoo rub. Lastly, cheese lovers like us couldn't leave the counter without ordering mozzarella sticks!Mains: Buffalo Wings (ala-carte $7.95) Cool ranch - Naked wings tossed with spices and herbs. Crispy skin but was a little salty. Most votes went to this flavour. Honey Q- This flavour brought out a smokey taste unlike what the name describes. It wasn't sweet like honey but more on the bbq side. Buffalo Bliss- These 3rd flavour we tried was sourish. The tangy aftertaste resembles tabasco. Not a crowd pleaser.. Garlic parm- This flavour ranked my 2nd choice apart from the cool ranch wings. They tasted very garlicky, although slight salty but I still love them! Thai chili- There wasn't any wow factor for this flavour. Too sweet, simply the common Thai chilli that we could get bottles from supermarts.Sides: Wedges Fries- We had both the original wedges fries and also the blackened voodoo seasonings. Original ones were still the best! Voodoo tasted weird with spices that my tongue couldn't accept. Hahaha.. I guessed that's the reason behind how it was named! Not forgetting to mention these wedges fries comes in crinkled shapes. I do agree with my fellow foodies that these shapes did improve the biting texture of fries in our mouth. Mozzerella Sticks- Anything with cheese usually won't go wrong because we all love cheese! Although Mozzerella sticks were commonly sold in any western F & B but we still love them. Eat them when hot to enjoy the gooey cheese within ** Although Wingzone uses fresh chicken wings instead of frozen ones, but I find the size too skinny. I still prefer big fat wings. Taste wise, the 5 flavours that we tried didn't pretty impressed me much. Nevertheless, I might come back for other flavours if I'm in this area. **📍 Wingzone (Singapore)201 Victoria StreetBugis+ Level 4Singapore 188067Open daily 11am - 10pm continue reading
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Level1 2016-06-05
Went to eat with my friends at Bugis+, never seen so many flavours on a single menu before, I actually had to spend some time to think about it. Fortunately, the staff were kind enough to allow me some time to think of what to choose. In the end I chose to try Mango Fire and Sweet Samurai on the 6pc boneless chicken, Mango Fire started with a sweet, fruity mango taste and ends off with an explosive spicy savour on the tongue. Mango Fire is set to liven the taste buds of any diner! Although I couldn't handle the spiciness, my friends enjoyed the taste fairly enoughSweet Samurai glazed the chicken with Asian flavours of Teriyaki, soy, ginger and honey, Sweet Samurai perfectly represents the fusion of the Asian flavours into Western food.Offering a wide variety of flavours for your chicken, Wing Zone lures you to a second visit to their seemingly never ending types of exotic flavours that you can experiment! continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-16
Located on the 4th floor of Bugis plus is Wing Zone. Having studied in the US, I do miss wing nights and grabbing a whole bucket of wings for cheap and washed down with a cold root beer. But being in Singapore, these wings don't come cheap and no one seems to sell them in buckets (50 wings)  Wing Zone is touted to have had 20 years of experimental success with their 13 flavours, originating from Florida. Looking at the menu, it really reminded me of being back at my second home. The usual items like mozarella sticks, burgers, wedges, winglets and drumlets etc. Most of it, seemed pretty affordable and they are all nett priced.This was their weekday lunch menu from 11am-3pm. I visited on a tuesday afternoon at 12pm and my colleague and I were the only customers the entire time. After you have picked your order, regardless if it's a burger or not, you have to pick a flavour.- Buffalo Bliss- Mango Fire- Nuclear Habanero- Thai Chili- Sweet Samurai- Liquid Gold- Honey Q- Garlic Parm- Cinnamon Maple- Tokyo Dragon- Lemon Zinger- Cool Ranch1. Mozarella Sticks $6.95You get 5 mozarella sticks for $6.95. First off, the exterior of the mozarella stick wasn't breaded, but rather just covered in flour. It was piping hot when served with the super chilled and cold salsa. This was completely unexpected but oh well! The mozarella stick did have a long stringy cheese in the center which wasn't impressive in taste or texture. It felt very chewy and hard.Check out the stretch!The batter that covered the mozarella stick was too thick and intense for me. I got pretty full from slowly eating one mozarella stick. 2. Chicken Tenders (4 pc)  $7.95Served with a side of full-flavored version of traditional honey mustard offers blissful relief from the heat aka Liquid Gold. The chicken tenders were dry and hard. The were hot but I can pressume the meat was just as frozen as the mozarella sticks were frozen a long time ago. Not a single chicken tender tasted tender. It was another disappointment. The sauce however was it's saving grace. 3. 1/4 Pound Burger $8.95The burger though small in size, was the best tasting item we had ordered. The meat was seasoned with Honey Q  that had Sweet honey and smoky BBQ to deliver great Southern flavour. The meat itself wasn't as dry as the chicken tenders or mozarella sticks. The bread felt a bit hard and stale though. The tomatoes and veggies used in the burger tasted fresh. The wedges were slightly too salty for my taste but they were fresh and crisp on every bite.4. 6 Pc Wings $7.95I got a side of 6 pc wings with Tokyo Dragon which had hot honey meets classic teriyaki for an experience of ginger, soy and heat. The wings were dry but the skin of the chicken was slightly crispy. The sauce gave a sharp sweet and sour sensation. The sauce was evenly distributed amongst the 6 pieces of chicken.Overall : The food came quickly, maybe because we were the only customers during a weekday lunch time, but the food didn't satisfy any of my cravings for wings. The staff were polite and very friendly. They were also very patient and helpful when it came to picking a sauce for the wings. continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-21
It starts in 1991 on the campus of the University of Florida as late nite supper for students. People like the flavours created and keep coming back. Today there the restaurants can be found over 4 continents.  Besides expanding to Singapore, it has also expanded to Ipoh, Malaysia.The solo outlet in Singapore is located just next to the escalator at level 4 of Bugis+. It looks like a fast food restaurant at first glance. But it is actually a causal restaurant as food is cooked upon order. So the food may take awhile to be ready, but you will be well rewarded for your effort. Unlike the usual fast food restaurants, only fresh chickens are used here.We start the meal with a tasting of 10 different flavours. Out of these 10 flavours, Smokin'Q, Tokyo Dragon and Honey Q are difficult as all 3 have similar BBQ taste but vary in different spicy levels. Thai Chilli is the easiest to recognize. Our meal of the night! We start with the wings which are priced from $7.95/ 6 pieces for original and $6.95/ 6 pieces for boneless.Thai Chilli Boneless WingsAlthough it seems a quite normal flavour, it has a balance between the spicy and sweet.Honey Q Wings It has a slightly sweet BBQ taste.Mango Fire WingsIt starts with a sweet fruity mango taste, but ends with an explosive spicy taste. To prevent the spicy taste from coming, try to eat as much as possible.Tokyo Dragon WingsThe flavour itself kind of reminds of Hosin sauce. It has bites of ginger in it. Grill Chicken Burger ($8.95 served with a side/ $11.95 with a side and a regular drink)The grilled chicken patty is flavour fuzed with mango fire. With the bun, it is not as spicy as the wings alone. The chicken patty is quite moist and tender.Smokin'Q WingsSpicy and peppery BBQ flavour fuzed wings.Garlic Parm Boneless WingsThe flavour isn't what I'm expecting. I'm thinking that it would be a dry rub on the meat or a cream colored sauce. I'm surprise that it turns out to be a orange colored sauce. I could taste the hints of minced garlic and bites of Parmesan cheese in the flavour sauce.Sweet Samurai WingsThis sweet black colored flavour kinds of reminds me of the sweet flour sauce which is regularly used in the spring roll. It is sweet and additive at the same time.Cool Ranch WingsThis is one of the 2 dry rub flavours available. It kinds of reminds me of the Taiwanese salt and pepper chicken cutlet. Kinda of salty.Nuclear Harbanero WingsAlthough this flavour has the highest heat index (4 chillis), it's taste isn't that frightening. It starts with a rather strong Tabasco taste and ends with a spicy taste.Cinnamon Maple WingsIt is chicken coated with maple syrup. Too bad there is no waffle to go along with. So yummy. Smokin'Q 1/4 lb. Beef Burger ($9.50 served with a side/ $11.95 with a side and a regular drink)orginal chicken tender ($5.95/ 4pc, $8.95/ 6pc, $17.95/ 12pcs)Even without any flavour on, the chicken tender is tender and well seasoned. None of the stiffness which usually found in frozen chicken.Mozzarella Stix ($6.95)Remember to eat this while it is still hot. You will be surprised how long the cheese can last.Onion Rings ($4.95 Regular/ $8.95 Large)The onion rings are huge and light in taste. Best of all it not coated with thick batter.Celery ($2.00)Sauces : Bleu Cheese or Ranch ($0.75)If you feel that it is too spicy, do try to take off the heat with celery dipped in Bleu Cheese or Ranch sauces.Minute Maid Orange Juice ($2.65 Regular/ $2.95 large)Overall the chicken really tastes very delicious. Can't wait to come again to try the rest of the flavours. Currently there are 16 flavours available : Buffalo Bliss, HotShot, Nuclear Habanero, Garlic Parm, Lemon Zinger, Liquid Gold, Sweet Samurai, Honey Q, Cinnamon Maple, Thai Chilli, Smokin'Q, Tokyo Dragon, Mango Fire, Blackened Voodoo, Cool Ranch and BBQ Nirvana, with more to come.If you could not decide on what flavour to have, why not spin the wheel which is located behind the counter. If it is Nuclear Harbanero and you are willing to take up the challenge, you could be getting 10% discount on your order.If you are planning to dine in, takeaway or phone delivery at the restaurant, do not forget to show the above picture or code @alamakgirl, which will entitle you to 10% discount on your order. continue reading
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I was dining at Wing Zone with my friend earlier on. I purchased the 6 piece wings meal in Mango Fire flavor while my friend bought 6 piece wings meal in Honey Q flavor. Both of our food were served hot with a good portion to make us full. The Mango Fire flavor was really unique with a refreshing fruity spiciness to it. Mango and Chicken sounds weird together but surprisingly, it taste really good together. A MUST TRY for spicy lovers! As for Honey Q wings, it has a strong BBQ taste with a little sweet taste. Tasted more like BBQ sauce. Not bad! The wedges were serve with a good portion with a really crunchy outer layer. Both of us love the mango fire wings and wedges!The environment was really nice too! Unlike other environment that sells similar food, Wing Zone provides a really clean and comfortable environment to dine in. The most important thing is that it does not blast fast music that makes individuals feel that there is a need to eat as fast as possible. Total plus point! Overall, it was a great dining experience and I will be coming back for more WINGS and FLAVORS! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)