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Woorinara Korean Restaurant is a family-style restaurant situated within West Coast Community Club itself, looking inviting and cosy even before we entered the restaurant beneath the beautiful dusk skies.The dish that stole my heart was the Korean Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajeon), flutteringly-crispy on the exterior edge, packed generously with springy-textured seafood, luscious with thick cheese centre and best of all - filled richly with kimchi within this delicious creation. Every bite was a gastronomical-kaleidescope of different flavours and textures, forming a union that seduced the palate and kept it yearning for more. If I do not order anything else - I might very possibly be able to finish this entire pancake on my own!The BBQ Meat platter was in order, and the grills / pans were all heated. The Beef Set, comprising of Short Ribs, Bulgogi (marinated beef) and Sirloin were all being put to the heat, squirming their way in the sizzling heat from deep rose pink hues to a lovely earthly colour. The taste-buds and teeth got to work immediately, following the instructions of the Korean crew to wrap the meat and vegetables into large leafy lettuce and eat. I ate the meat with and without the lettuce, just to do a "placebo" test, and the winner that emerged was still the ultra tender, melty, luscious Short Ribs.A vase of pork collar, pork belly and pork jowl sliced thinly was being cooked next. Besides grilling it to a beautiful dark brown hue alongside lots of vegetables, a special sauce was being used herein - made of fruits and herbs, and "perfect for cold Korean winter nights", according to Cho Ji. The pork held a hint of crunch to its succulent flesh, and was pleasantly complemented by the exotic herbs-and-fruits sauce.Next, another generous pot of Clams Soup, richly indulgent with fresh, bittersweet clams as well as shrimps, tossed with a variety of vegetables into a creation of delectable broth. For seafood lovers, this is a beautiful soup that allows you to taste the natural flavours of clams (which is usually cooked in white wine sauce at other restaurants). We believe this soup would go very well with a bowl of rice too.Finally, we were privileged to watch the preparation of Kimchi Fried Rice right in front of us, from stark white rice pearls into gleaming golden drops of mouth-watering grains. Yes, the kimchi fried rice was substantial in flavour and even though this was the last dish and our tummies were protesting, we finished every grain of rice in our bowls simply because it was scumptious.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/06/media-invite-dinner-at-woorinara-ii.html continue reading
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Full Woorinara review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/06/woorinara-tasting-session.htmlWoorinara, also known as Woori Nara Korean Restaurant, has been in operation for quite a few years now, since 2009. The Korean owner (Teddy) and his family, opened Woorinara to offer authentic South Korea cuisine to Koreans craving for a taste of home. In fact, Woorinara in Korean means "Our homeland"! Ambience at Woorinara is their weakest point, as the entire place looks aging, with minimal decor. The place is brightly lit, and the wooden furniture is large and spacious enough to put all the hugh dishes, but the ventilation isn't the best, as the smell of cooking lingers in the air. They do have projector screens playing Korean music videos in the background, but sometimes, the background music changes to classical music, which is rather odd. Some parts of the restaurant are also rather untidy.Service at Woorinara is excellent. Staff are generally Korean, but are able to converse in simple English. They're very hospitable, able to guide you through their extensive and dense menu (over 60 dishes!), providing recommendations on how to consume a dish, and even offering to assist in cooking the dish at your table! The dining experience was us here was almost like a guest in their home, and staff made sure we felt welcome and comfortable. Excellent!Food at Woorinara is authentic South Korea cuisine. They specialise in grilled / barbecue items, as well as Korean soups, all made using their family recipes! You know it's good when the restaurant is crowded even on weekdays, and you actually see Koreans dining here! Communal dining is highly encouraged because the portions are huge! They serve up to 13 banchan / side dishes, all free-flow, depending on size of your group. Prices are rather affordable as well, budget between SGD $24 to $45 per person when dining here.Served as part of most set meals here, the Ttukbaegi Gyeran Jjim / Steamed Egg In Pot is a simple, straight forward egg, steamed in an earthenware pot. The eggs are soft and fluffy, but should be eaten quickly as it tends to harden slightly when it cools. Texture is similar to a mix of scrambled eggs and egg omelette. Good!The Beef Set (SGD $99) set meal's Galbi-Gui / Boneless Short Rib was the highlight here, with its savoury, beefy flavour, and tender, meaty texture. The Bulgogi / Marinated Beef was excellent as well, I notice a slight sweetness to the marinade, which contrasted well with the savoury and juicy beef strips. Pair these with the vegetables or egg when eating! The large Pork Cocktail (SGD $55 / $88) set meal is meant for 4 people, and is served with Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Pork Jowl. In a vase. A HUGE VASE OF PORK !!The pork is stir-fried at your table, along with the vegetables, and a house sauce is poured over while grilling. This results in the pork meat and vegetables taking on a pronounced sweetness, with a slight spicy taste, contrasting with the savoury flavour of the pork meat. The vegetables lend a crunch to texture, contrasting with the soft, tender pork. I like that the pork has a nice layer of fat, which is easily removed if you choose. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
This is the Jajangmyeon from Woori-Nara. I find that the quality of the food here has really dropped over the years. Compared with the jajangmyeon from Kim's Family Food (which is just a couple of shops down this stretch of shophouses), this one was so much saltier. If the picture makes the dish look like worms and it seems unappetizing, trust me-- it is unappetizing. The noodles were already soggy when they came and there was very little ingredients in this dish. Don't order this from here! continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-14
I bought a 50% coupon deal at Groupon at this Korean restaurant "Woori-Nara somwhere in Bt Timah. Since I read online that Woori-Nara is great for its Korean Fried Chicken, so naturally it's our must-eat item for the night. In addition we ordered a beancurd stew as well as kimchi pancake to share.There were 3 types of chicken in the sampler set, & my favourite was the original flavoured chicken. The other 2 types - soy sauce chicken & spicy chicken somewhat lacked lustre. Compared to Kko Kko Nara (another Korean restaurant good for Korean fried chicken), the good thing about the KFC here is it's boneless & a bit less salty. Other than that, I think Kko Kko Nara KFC is great too, no need to come all the way here to ulu Lorong Kilat. Nothing too special to rave about for the beancurd stew, but the kimchi pancake is worth special mention! Ir was wonderful with lots of kimchi & we must say the pancake was very nicely done. Guess this was our favourite dish out of the 3 that we ordered. After finishing the food we were very full. The total bill came to $52.80 (10% service charge included). Since I already bought $40 vouchers at $20, it meant that each of us only paid $11! What a value-for-money dinner, & the Korean staff were pretty friendly too hehe.However, after this meal, my personal opinion is that I will not go all the way there to this restaurant without any promotions, as the place isn't easy to find unless one drives, & we can find food of similar, if not better standard at more convenient places. continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-31
After hearing and reading good things about Woori Nara’s Volcano Korean fried chicken, we headed to Lorong Kilat to try it for ourselves.We ordered half a Volcano chickenAs with all Korean restaurants, this came with a few sidesThe Volcano fried chicken really didn’t live up to my expectations. Sure, there was some heat but only a strange lingering pepperiness rather than any proper heat. The sauce was again just predominantly sweet, and my biggest grouse was that the chicken was just way too battered, so that all I tasted was batter drenched in a sweet sauce, and could barely taste the chicken. continue reading
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