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Level4 2014-11-18
I've heard many people rave about their food and everytime I walk past the stall I'll also see alot of people eating the big slabs of chicken, fish etc, so I thought I'd give this stall a try again (even though I had their chicken chop before but didn't think much of it).I ordered the chicken chop again this time. The chicken chop was indeed huge, but it was a little dry and not juicy like how it's supposed to be. Definitely won't be getting this next time but may still try their other food. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-07
Wow Wow West is my all time favourite western food stall during lunch in one of those days while I'm working in Bukit Merah Area. They were known for its value for money serving of western food which will just beat its competitor in ABC Brickworks Food Centre hands down.During the lunch hours, the plates and plates of attention catching western food that comes with enormous portion is a scene stealer in the hawker, especially when the aroma hits you when the helpers served were serving to the desinated tables.The chicken was well marinated with western herbs and coated with black pepper and brown sauce. Do not be deceived by the picture below, there is actually another slab of chicken under the top piece of chicken chop. Besides having a big filling piece of chicken, what i like best is its coleslaw. The milky fragrant and crunchy bite which is soothing to the throat.While the baked beans were more towards the ordinary taste, we had noticed its fries was of better grade when we packed the food home. As I was staying about an hour journey away from Bukit Merah, their fries did not turn out to be soggy when I reach home which I thought is good.The sausages were another starring items on its menu besides their Chicken Chop, Chicken Cutlet and Fish & Chips . The glossy looking sausage which is about 20cm in length was meaty and burst of cheese once you sink your teeth into it.There were 2 Wow Wow West in Bukit Merah Area, one is located in 85 Redhill market while the other is in Brickworks.All in all, I will recommend this place for western food lover for its pocket friendly and value for money portion. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-11
I ordered the Chicken Cutlet at $6. One thing special about this stall is they served the portion based on our body size which means huge portion will be given for those big-sized person & small portion given for small-sized person. Being a western food lover, I will look out for crispness & freshness of the chicken cutlet. This stall serves excellent & juicy chicken cutlet & chicken chop. The side dishes like baked beans, coleslaw & fries are given in generous portion & I like the crinkle cut fries as is very crispy. As for the chicken cutlet, the chicken meat is juicy & tender. Even though, I went during lunch hours and crowded but their service quite fast as I waited for around 10mins. Overall, the food & service is good & is a must try for all western food lovers!  continue reading
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Level3 2012-12-14
Wow Wow West used to be based in Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre and is famous because the owner hired ex-convicts to work at the store, providing them a means of livelihood as well as counseling whenever they need help. The owner has now moved to ABC Brickworks Food Centre. The best selling item here is their Chicken Chop which is juicy and goes very well with the sauce. The Fish and Chips is another best seller as are the various sausages that they have. I find their homemade coleslaw impressive too. And the serving is HUGE! I can never finish the whole plate although my colleagues manage to chomp down everything. continue reading
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Level2 2012-12-05
At ABC food center, there is a wide variety of dishes to choose. There is the delicious fried hokkien mee, the well-cooked claypot rice, famous thick longtong and many others. To those peeps out there who have made all the way from other parts of Singapore to ABC food center, you have definitely made the right choice. There is a food choice for each and every person. Today, I decide to satisfy my craving for chicken chop. There are a 3 stalls which sell chicken chop. But I decide to eat at Wow Wow West. Why? Look at my picture below and you will definitely be enlightened. As the saying goes" A picture speaks a thousand words"Service is fast. You do not have to wait long for your food to arrive on your table. The portion of chicken is huge! More than enough for 1 person. Perhaps, in future, I would order it and share it with my gf. The gravy sauce is thick and overflowing the whole chicken chop. Definitely adds on flavor to the chicken chop. Thumbs up!For the sides, they offer coleslaw and french fries. The portion of coleslaw is quite a big amount too. For the fries, it is not as much as the coleslaw. Nevertheless, I don't mind, as I don't like to eat french fries. Coleslaw is prepared well. The mayonnaise quite thick and isn't watery.To conclude, the chicken chop provides a good deal for those guys who are looking for a full and protein-saturated meal should eat at Wow Wow West. And it is only for $6. Definitely a deal-breaker. If only, they have a choice of healthy sides like Astons, I would definitely patronize it more often. continue reading
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