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Yoshinoya is the oldest and largest chain of beef bowl restaurants with over 1200 outlets around the world. Quality with Conscience is the hallmark of service excellence at Yoshinoya. From the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene to the friendly, well-trained staff and the flavourful aroma of the food, Yoshinoya will leave you craving for more. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-15
Didnt know what to eat at CWP and decided to get Yoshinoya. Instead of the usual chicken teriyaki rice bowl set which i usually order, i decided to order their Traditional Katsu Rice Bowl set which comes with chawanmushi and drink. The pork katsu is not very tough to bite into. It was crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. I also like the sauce which was lathered on top of the meat. Its quite salty and gave the meat considerable taste. If eaten alone without the sauce it will most probably have the fried oil taste. The serving is also just nice, if not for a little small. But for me its just nice.I am quite skeptical when i see this drink with the little bits in it. Anyway i thought it was mango cause when you think of Sjora, its usually mango drink. The drink is really good! With added texture from the bits. Doesn't taste weird or anything. Good job Sjora! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-03
Wanted a quick dinner but didn't want to have burgers or fries that are the usual at most fast food restaurants so we decided to have dinner at Yoshinoya instead. It may be a fast food chain, but I always found Yoshinoya's rice bowls to have that slight home-cooked feel and taste. The branch at Causeway Point wasn't big on space, but there were still several empty tables despite being dinner time, which was a plus for us since we were somewhat rushed for time. Since I usually order their rice bowl, I wanted to try the Rutan Nori Ramen that I saw on their website this time. But I was disappointed that they didn't have it at this branch. However, we noticed that they had the new seasonal Festive Bowl Set ($8.80) and Festive Combo Set ($11.80) that came with a mini chawanmushi, sjora along with a rice bowl or combo with two choices of meat. I opted for the latter set with a choice of Karaage and Katsu, with Traditional Katsu sauce. Festive Combo Set: Katsu and Karaage with Traditional Katsu Sauce + Mini Chawanmushi + Sjora ($11.80)The sauce was poured over the rice instead of being served in a separate bowl as I had expected, but even then, I thought the portion of sauce given was a tad meager. Nevertheless, it was sweet enough for me and I thought it complemented the meat and rice well. The chicken were both very crispy on the outside although the katsu meat was a tad fatty.The karaage fared much better and the batter had a slight hint of spices as well. I personally preferred the karaage over the katsu!The chawanmushi was smooth and there was a fair amount of ingredients like mushrooms and crab meat in it for such a small cup, but overall, I found this to be an okay.We also wanted to add a side to share but to our disappointment, most of the sides, like tori nibbles, tsukune meatballs, and gyoza were not available. In the end, we settled for Potato Croquettes ($3.30). No regrets getting this, even though it took quite a while for the kitchen to prepare it. The potato came piping hot and there was a still a slight lingering aroma from the oil after being fried. It was also very crispy on the outside but soft and smooth inside. Yummy!While the food were pretty decent, I can't really say the same of the service. The girl who took our order forgot to give us the chawanmushi and even lost our lucky draw receipt which she had earlier held for the kitchen to prepare the croquettes. To be fair though, she did take the effort to deliver the croquettes to us when we didn't realize that it was ready for collection at the counter. Lapse in service aside, I'd still visit Yoshinoya again for a quick Japanese meal. Depending on how light or heavy you want your meal, you can opt to get their Rice Bowl or Combo as a Value Meal set (comes with soup) or Complete Meal set (with soup, side and dessert). Honestly though, I thought that their Combo Complete Meal Set was more value for money than the Festive Combo Set since you'll get more items for just roughly $1 more! Their sides like the Potato Croquette or Crispy Potato Mix are also worth trying! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
This place is quite peaceful, even at lunch time when other places are packed with customers. I had the teriyaki chicken bowl, and unlike my usual experience, this is quite a big bowl. The amount of vegetable is more than half the surface of the bowl, and covered over by the chicken. I like the way that the vegetable was boiled but yet, the sweetness remains. The rice is soft and chewy, and would taste even better with extra sauce, which the person at the counter forgets to give despite my reminder when placing the order. continue reading
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Had a takeaway beef bowl and added vegetables. Felt shortchanged cos the beef they gave me was so little! Usually a beef bowl has much more beef! The vegetables were blah tasting... I think they just boiled them in water... However, the beef tasted great as usual. A bit like the beef in the yakiniku rice burger over at Mos. I just wish they would have given more! I don't think a regular beef bowl they would have dared to give so little beef, its probably cos I added the veg. Won't add veg next time! continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-20
Yoshinoya is a good place to go for a quick affordable japanese meal. The service is very quick so its a good choice when ou are in a rush. Whenever I visit the establishment, I order the salmon bowl. It comes with a piece of fried salmon patty and steamed vegetables atop a bowl of steaming hot japanese rice, and the whole thing is topped with a generous squirt of mayonaise. continue reading
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