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Soft ice kacang   Smile  2013-05-30
This ice kacang is unique as the ice is soft and smooth unlike other ice kacang , always had rough and hard ice . This was special and the ingredients given is not too little . The stall holder did give a lot of corn, red beans,grass je...

Tasty baked rice   Smile  2013-05-29
Had this crab meat baked rice at compass point Jack's place . It was cheap as it was student price at the moment . One set of main course + drinks and dessert is about $10 . So it's totally a worth for a try . Moreover , the po...

This Swensen is much more better than some other swensen . The staff as well trained and the food taste nice as well . The portion is big enough for the price we had paid . The restaurant is a nice place to chill out . Will recomm...
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