Free Chicken Rice for All!
Who doesn’t love chicken rice? It’s Singapore’s most iconic dish and you can find it almost anywhere, in every food court, kopitiam and hawker centre. But we’re sure you’re aware of the tricky part – finding a place that does it very well.
One fine Saturday on March 9, eight chicken rice aficionados gathered for a Food Tasting session at dining haven, Maxwell Food Centre. The culinary host for lunch this time round was none other than Ah Tai Hainanese Chicken Rice.
The menu was simple but fantastic nonetheless: classic steamed chicken, chicken feet, chicken liver and traditional greens like bok choy and bean sprouts. According to our OpenRicers the steamed chicken and the chilli were real hits; the chicken was tender and juicy and the handmade chilli was definitely up to standard with the right amount of spice. Another star was the chicken feet – a favourite of the ladies as it’s chock-full of collagen (the key to beautiful skin)! For more chicken rice reviews, read on here.
Like we said, who can say ‘no’ to chicken rice? Our OpenRicers will be back for more, so join them at Ah Tai at Maxwell Food Centre! Like what you see? Don’t be too envious now, you could be part of our next Food Tasting session! Simply fill up this form and you may be the next one to get invited to a FREE food tasting session with us:

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