Wagyu Beef Cuts: Highlight of Fat Cow’s Revamped Menu
Fat Cow may look the same as it did three years back (when it first opened), but take a closer look at the ala carte menu and you will see how much it has changed. With the appointment of new Group Executive Chef Dan Segall, the Japanese restaurant at Camden Medical Centre has given it a boost to cater to more meat-loving foodies. As the main draw, there are more Wagyu beef cuts available; these were personally handpicked by Chef Dan when he visited different prefectures in Japan.

The restaurant interior sticks to its intimate setting, so guests can easily talk to the chefs about their food

Iwate Wagyu from Japan is known to have richer flavour and better marbling

Aside from the usual favourites of Saga Grade A3 Tenderloin (from $89++, 110g) and Sirloin (from $120++, 150g), carnivores can now enjoy extended beef cuts which include the Ohmi Grade A4 Ribeye (from $120++, 150g) and Iwate Grade A5 Ribeye (from $148++, 150g). According to Chef Dan, they all have different characteristics because they are greatly influenced by the overall conditions. Iwate is known to have extreme seasons so it produces meat with a bite; while Saga has milder conditions and generally has a richer flavour and marbling. The Ohmi Wagyu is known for its impressive marbling as well, with fats that seem to melt in your mouth on every bite. The good thing about Fat Cow is that the choices of beef are not limited. It also imports meat from other countries - Blackmore Waygu and a 45-day Dry Aged Sirloin ($68++, 220g) from Australia and Zabuton ($89++, 220g) from Snake River Farms in the US. Other Offerings by Fat Cow The Wagyu beef cuts may be the highlight, but that’s not the only thing you can find on the ala carte menu. There are items from the Raw, Cold & Hot, and Vege-Zen Starters; Rice Udon, Soup; and other sections. These were carefully planned by Chef Dan and team with emphasis on the use of fresh ingredients plus the quality (over quantity).

To eat the Onsen Tamago No Gyu 'Marrow' Furai , you have to break the egg and let the yolk spill out

This philosophy is quite evident in the appetizer section where the portions of the Maguro Shoyu-Zuke To Moromi Miso Tofu ($23++) and Onsen Tamago No Gyu 'Marrow' Furai ($16++) are smaller than usual. A lot of effort was put into creating these dishes though. The first item is tediously prepared with soy-soaked tuna cubes served with bean curd, ginger juice, and barley miso. The 2nd one has the traditional ‘onsen-egg’ served warm with a hunk of crispy fried beef bone marrow in a citrus dashi. There’s also a plate designed for seafood lovers – the Amerikachougani No Sakamushi ($58++ for half, $88++ for whole) where the live dungeness crabs are steamed with sake and served with house made black yuzu-ponzu; and the Ebi ‘Carabineros’ No Shioyaki ($24++ for 1 piece, $60++ for 3 pieces) where the tastiest prawns from Spain are grilled with salt to enhance the natural flavour. More Affordable Option: The Set Lunch
For Lunch, Fat Cow has a special Lunch Set Menu which makes popular items much more affordable. The Sushi Moriawase, with 10 pcs of premium sushi, is only $46++; while the Chirashi Zusji made with seafood and sushi rice is only $48++. For a taste of its meaty offerings, the Fat Cow Donburi with charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef is only $38++. There actually a whole other list of set lunch options for foodies looking for more choices.
--- Address: 1 Orchard Boulevard, #01-01 Camden Medical Centre Tel. No: 6735 8836 Email: enquiry@fat-cow.sg Operating Hours: Lunch: 12pm to 3pm (Mon-Sat) Dinner: 6pm to 11pm (Mon-Sat) See Also: Discover the best Japanese food in town Or, you can enjoy other steaks for under $20
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