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I remember when I was little, Granny would sometimes buy orh luak (oyster omelette in Teochew) home for supper (only when she won at the mahjong table so supper was always a rare treat!) and it was one of the few foods that I didn’t know how to appreciate because I just didn’t like the texture of the sticky and gooey potato starch. I’d then pick out the egg bits and eat that instead. Over the years, orh luak still hasn’t made it to my list of preferred hawker fare.Last week, the husband and I were at Whampoa for dinner and he wanted to eat oyster omelette so I recommended him this popular stall which many have recommended. I told him to only order one plate because I would only try one mouthful as I wasn’t a big fan of it.It really wasn’t a pretty sight when this was served to our table. And despite the humble portion, we were really surprised that there was a generous serving of oysters (at least 5-6 pieces) in it that tasted fresh, soft and juicy, definitely not overcooked.What really stood out was the sweet potato starch that was fried in pork lard. It had a good crisp to it with a slightly chewy, springy texture in the middle and every bite gave a crunching sound in the mouth that was unparalleled plus it had really fragrant wok hei too. The chilli sauce was a good balance of spicy and sour. It wasn’t spectacular but we didn’t really need the chilli anyway because the omelette itself had a lot of flavour to it. Anyway I was wrong. I didn’t just have one mouthful. One plate wasn’t even enough for us! Too addictive!For full review and pictures, please go to http://www.springtomorrow.com/2014/02/20/ah-hock-fried-oyster-hougang/ 繼續閱讀
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We were scouting the vicinity for some good food and the media clippings at the front of this stall caught our attention. We decided to give it a try and ordered a portion for sharing. Priced at S$8/- , I was rudely surprised with the price and naturally I was expecting it to be calories worthy to say the least. As usual, photos do the talking!The portion size was just about acceptable for the price though we would expect more eggs and/or oysters. What we enjoyed about the oyster omelette was the crispness to the surface (of the eggs) which complemented the plush, fresh oysters. The oysters were well-cleaned and was void of any grittiness from sand. The homemade chilli sauce won us over as it sharply cuts through our palate with a fiery tang due to the chillies and lime.While everything was about right for me, I personally felt that it was too starchy as seen in the picture above. For those who desire it might say otherwise but I felt that it kind of overwhelmed the eggs and oysters and assumed the centerpiece of the dish, which seemed quite wrong in my humble opinion.While service was not terrible, it was nothing to shout about. Word of advice, do remember your table number as a queue is likely. They will need to take down your table number and serve it to you subsequently.Overall, it was still a palatable hawker dish but I continue my hunt for the best oyster omelette yet. 繼續閱讀
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Where is ah hock? Where is he? I gotta thank him! I have stayed here for 24 years and as far as i know.... this place is the deal for oyster... im a more egg person but given the chance to have an oyster omelet i would.When i head here for dinner, i would usually buy some sting ray, calamari, kang kong, rice and oyster omelet. This taste is magnificent but for those who cannot take too much oil or will fall sick... try not to eat too much.The chili that this stall serves *whooo* it is DAMN! good! I feel as if im gonna scream and all. Not coz of the spiciness but coz of the tangy flavor.The queue is so long and sometimes you gotta wait for about half an hour to get your food served. Wait i think it is self service but yeah.. it is possible...So ah hock... next time i go to the market for dinner... you had better be there... cuz i wanna thank you for the awesome oysters... 繼續閱讀
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Look at the size of that baby!I usually wouldn't have that for lunch and this wasn't ordered by me. But boy am I glad we did.These oysters were substantial in size though not in number.The egg was fried to a crisp with just that much starch. It wasn't too much gluten to turn me off.The sour chilli sauce was so appetizing, every dip just made me want more.Not such a smart move. We just ate so much more after! 繼續閱讀
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During one of the visits there, I encountered not so pleasant service. The stall was supposed to start at a certain timing but it was not ready then as the boss is not around to fry the oysters. I checked with the assistant whether are they starting soon. He got a bit impatient. The quality and the taste of their fried oysters are one of the best in Singapore. Their ingredients have always tasted fresh. They served their fried oysters on proper plates that got their name printed on. I do not remember them serving it on paper plate like what shown in the picture submitted by the earlier reviewer. Their portion is quite little even for the $5. Only a few medium sized oysters found in it. The egg portion is quite acceptable though. 繼續閱讀
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