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Boasting 200 items on the menu, diners can savour comfort food borne from simple recipes characteristic of the typical Hong Kong and Macau cafes, local Singapore favourites, tim sum and tea-time snacks. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-11-16
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As the place is not crowded, we decide to drop for a quick brunch before rushing off to bring JJ for class. The cafe is open concept and has quite a huge dining in area. Although we get the choice of table, it is also the start of a sad meal. Firstly we are told by the staff that credit card is not accepted as the machine is down. Although it is just past 10am, the staff keeps pressuring us to order as they will change menu by 11am. In the end we order breakfast items before 11am. I make a quick view at the normal menu and have found the items available are available in the normal menu in same prices. Do not know what is the rush. So upsetting. Another thing why we choose this restaurant is that it offers free wifi. But we cannot login no matter how we try. Guess the machine must be down too.Ham Bo Lo Bun ($4.90++)Looks not bad, but quite messy to handle.Sampan Congee ($9.50++)It is porridge with cuttle fish, sliced fish, sliced pork and braised peanuts in it. The braised peanuts reminds me of the canned version found in supermarket. Father does not quite take to the texture of the porridge. He says that it is like baby food with its mushy texture.Pork Chop, Egg, Toast 'N' French Fries ($8.50++)The pork chop is tough and difficult to slice through. Seafood 'N' Sliced Pork Macaroni Soup ($8.50++)There is barely any flavour in the soup. Quite a plain dish to have.French Toast with Ice Cream ($6.50++)The toast is not crispy enough and slice through with the rather blunt knife given. The ice cream tastes like the supermaket type.As my parents remember that the cafe serves cold drinks in metal cups which reminds one of prison, we orders hot drinks.Milo ($1.90++)Kopi ($1.70++)Overall the food is nothing to shout and has pre-cooked in advance feel. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-11-08
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Decide to dine at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for some decent Asian dinner one night, service wasn't as efficient as we were waiting at the queue for quite awhile despite seeing empty tables, this outlet always seem to be short-staffed. So anyway I've got myself the Sliced Fish & Egg Papaya Soup Noodle ($8-10), couldn't remember the exact price. The light soup base was savoury with hint of sweet papaya taste and the dish also comes with hard boiled egg which I believe would be better if it's its half boiled, the corn and sliced fish was okay. I wouldn't order again because it's something I believe I can easily whip up at home. My friend got the Macau Style Fried Noodle ($6.90), it's not that awesome but at least it was flavorful in a reasonably generous amount. But then again I wouldn't order this next time because it kind of has the instant noodle feel to it though. Despite some disappointments, there's always room for desserts! My friend and I shared the famous XW Special Mango Snow Ice ($6.90) which is always one of the must order in their menu. As you can see, the portion is generously sufficient even to be shared, we couldn't finish it. The mango sauce were not too sweet and the mango bits and ice cream compliments well together. A suggestion to this place? A huge improvement they can make is to serve customers sitting at the same table their orders together. From past experiences, my friend and I would always have to start eating first before all our orders come together, it's kind of disappointing at that part. Menu and service level can also be worked on. Overall, the reasons I still return are because of convenience and the restaurant's operating hours. Would be nice to see more improvements in the near future. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-10-01
115 瀏覽
iced honey lemon $4.90the taste was not rich but i could taste the honey and lemon flavour. not worth it at $4.90seafood fried noodles $10.90the noodles were flavourful but quite oily. seafood ingredients were fresh and I love the anchovies toppings!cheese baked rice with pork chop $11.90it was quite filling and i couldn't finish it all. taste was average only.it's quite expensive after adding the service charge and gst for ordinary fare. not sure if i will go back again. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-09-13
96 瀏覽
Went for lunch at xin wang and i ordered yuzu green tea and pork chop burger while my other friends ordered horfun , baked rice and noodles. The total bill for 6 of us adds up to about $80+ and we gort a complimentary tou hua ( free if you bill adds up to $ 50 and u pay by DBS card). The taste was ok and the yuzu green tea is nice. Hoever the waiting time was quite lone. My burger was the first to be served and the rest of the food took quite a long time to come, esp the baked rice. All of us have finished eating our food when the baked rice is served. A suggestion for them would be to speed up on the serving time as it was lunchtime and there wasn't really much orders, thus i don;t see why they take so long to serve. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-24
87 瀏覽
I was at Northpoint to meet up with friends. All of us felt like sitting down somewhere nice to eat and chit-chat. This place gets a little crowded because their prices are reasonably priced. Maybe due to the size of the crowd, the service of the staff seems a little disoriented and overwhelmed. Otherwise I assume they would be better on good days. We ordered Toast, Tart, Mango Snow Ice etc. The toast and mango snow ice is huge! luckily I was not alone and with a group of friends who can help share the "burden". the others was okay. nothing spectacular. I think I was mainly full because of the mango snow ice. The rest of it was only average. 繼續閱讀
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