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Synonymous with its world-famous chicken rice, Chatterbox was the talk of the town when it first opened in 1971 at the former Mandarin Singapore. An endearing icon that has stood the test of time – including several waves of refurbishment over the years, Chatterbox has been feeding hungry diners and satisfying discerning palates with its inimitable menu of well-loved specialities prepared with time-honoured and fiercely-guarded recipes. Firmly establishing itself as a prime and quality dining destination, it has remained a top pick for many years, among generations of Singaporeans and tourists who relish the well-executed Asian and local cuisine at this stalwart coffee house set in a five-star hotel. 繼續閱讀
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11:30 - 21:30
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等級1 2023-02-26
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这家店的味道还可以,非常没有性价比也就算了,毕竟是在乌节路,但服务态度真是差得离谱,非常不推荐一个人去吃。我当时在周末晚上九点到店,直接领到了所有人做一起的位置,我看着空荡荡的餐厅(至少3/4是空桌),还没有落座就询问可以换个位置吗,比较想一个人吃,领班断然拒绝,都有预定了呢,并且在我询问“现在应该也不会有太多人来了,晚上九点以后还有很多人预订吗”,坚定表示有的有的。当然,等我离开后,也没看到任何一桌所谓的“预订”到场。这对服务人员来说,好像也不是很麻烦吧 ......一向是个懒人,这次被气到写200字就是为了打差评 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2019-11-05
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去新加坡旅行十大必吃的一定有海南雞飯份,在烏節路地鐵站一出ION商場直行十分鐘,文華酒店的文華雞飯一定要一試就不往此行了。雞肉是超級的滑,雞皮晶瑩剔透,是完全無脂肪和肥膏,平時不會食雞皮的我,今次都要將d雞皮全部吞哂落肚!!!另外的三個醬料都超級好味,超乎香港天天海南雞飯的水準,個湯更特別,清清的,還加上豆腐,與一般坊間的充滿胡椒味的不同,飯後飲完格外舒服滿足。今天是閒日星期二,晚上七點係繁忙的晚飯時間,無諗過餐廳🍴基本上坐無虛席,大部分的客人都是當地新加坡人,看來這間餐廳都很受當地人歡迎。唯一美中不足的是餐廳燈光太過暗淡了... 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2018-05-26
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剛剛到了很多旅遊書推介的 Chatterbox。點了海南雞飯和龍蝦喇沙。叫做係佢嘅 signature dishes。雞身鞋口,油飯乾爭爭,醬汁完全冇特別。喇沙極為普通,龍蝦係一般波士頓龍蝦,肉削。只係一餐普通嘅午飯,一個雞飯、一個喇沙同兩杯野飲,盛惠 S$100(約HK$600)。真心講句,我情願山長水遠、汗流浹背咁食大排檔雞飯,飲真正鮮榨嘅竹蔗水,都唔會再返嚟呢間酒店食。餐廳侍應服務態度欠佳。真正明白,咩叫做試過就算。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-02-10
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Must we eat Yusheng on Lunar New Year.  Why not do something different.  I tried the Fried Hokkien Noodles (富见me) reads this as Mandarin and translates it as Propersity Sees Me in the New Year. This dish is served with thick vermicelli fried with Abalone clam, squid, pork, egg and bean sprouts. What surprise me what the dish was served in white banana leaf.  This adds to the fried aroma and keep the food warm.  I was busy capturing the food picture for 10 minutes and yet the food can still keep warm. The chef used fried lard and this add the smoothen texture of the gravy.  The ingredients used was generous.  I was happy to enjoy the king size prawn, 2 slices of abalone clam.The noodles is also served with Chatterbox home-made chilli.  It is not spicy hot.  My preference is not to add chilli and the noodles is already tasty.   This service was fast and waitress was attentive to my needs.  This dish costs $27. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-12-02
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Chicken rice is one of their signature dish in Chatterbox. Definitely not for the budget traveller as the chicken rice costs $27. However, it is a good dining experience to try out food in an air conditioned, cozy spacious ambience. The chicken is smooth & tender just to my liking. There are 3 different sauces (dark soy sauce, ginger, chili) available to dip the meat. I love the ginger sauce most (the samsui ginger chicken at soup restaurant is pretty good too). Other than chicken rice, their lobster laska ($36) is my favourite too. The soup is very thick & flavourful. Lobster is fresh & tender meat. Their fresh brewed coffee ($9) tastes normal, I still preferred starbucks coffee Overall, the food were good though a little bit salty for our taste buds. Needs to drink lotsa water after the meal Price is a bit steep but probably because it is a 5 star hotel restaurant.  繼續閱讀
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