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At Fish & Co., all seafood is prepared in a simple and straightforward manner. Using only the freshest fish and seafood, as well as natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs and various spices; Fish & Co. dishes up great tasting meals in generous portions - as a mark of quality and value. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-06-15
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Fish & Co has been in Singapore for as long as I can remember. But haven't been back since my college days, when we would go to the Fish & Co glasshouse! They have expanded their menu to cater to the health conscious, they even have a menu for 500 calories and under!They jumped on the "high-tech" wagon and now hand customers an iPad so that the customers do the ordering themselves. Sadly, as someone who is familiar with UX best practicies. This user-interface needs some work. It requires alot of drill down to get your specific order done and the only way to get back to the main menu, is to drill back up. The table we were seated at was meant for 12 and it was a square shaped, rather a long table whereby people on both ends can't even see each other.For a weekday lunch hour, it wasn't packed, in fact, it wasn't even half full, in comparison to swensens on the other side of NEX, which would have a snaking queue outside. Both serve similar western fares for about $20 (after GST + service charge) with main course and ice cream desserts. 1. Grilled White Fish with Ebiko $16.95++Instead of the typical fried fish and chips, I tried to go with something "healthier", or at least I was convincing myself that it was indeed healthier. The fish tasted okay, nothing special. The grilled cheesey topping with the ebiko was nice, although the ebiko had a dark orange exterior and was definitely frozen for a long time. The sides were beancurd and coleslaw. I loved the coleslaw as it had raisins in it! I was very full from this main course alone!2. Clam Chowder soupSomehow they forgot to serve everyone their soup, so after I was done with my main course, they served me the soup. Which I barely finished. It was thick, didn't taste like it was straight out of a can. Nothing great, nothing bad.3. Tiramisu ice creamI was almost at my limit after the soup and here comes the ice cream! There was only one flavour, tiramisu. It had nuts in it and it tasted like the normal king's ice cream.The lunch menu also came with a drink which I had an earl grey tea, you can pick fizzy drinks as well. Now I know why people flock to swensen's for lunch instead. You get so much more value there, especially if you order a sundae. However, here at Fish & Co, you do get a drink and a soup as well.  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-12-31
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Went to fish & co about 8.30pm. Two people were celebrating their birthdays in different tables, so the crew had to go there and sing happy birthday song loudly. not sure if it was meant to truly celebrate their birthday or embarrass them because the birthday boy/girl looks pretty embarrassed! as a result, service was a tad too slow because of these frills that they offer.anyway i'm very pleased with the cover of their menu. looks SO GOOD. wonder which agency did their menu... the designer really deserves a pat in his/her back. *applause*i was hooked to the menu cover page.Tried the mexican drumlets... spicy just won't cut it! thankfully, fish & co offers water so i drank cups after cups of it. Pizza didn't come fresh - it was cold, kinda hard to chew. tomato bits and cheese almost tasteless.. just plain weird. it was akin to buying it from a bakery store!when the baked salmon came, i almost cried. the breaded salmon was salty like hell, the carrots were so hard, bland and weird tasting. the other vegetables were worst...it was really awful. i think even my dad, who isn't a cook at all, can cook it better intuitively. hopefully fish & co chefs would up their game... go for some cooking courses or something. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-07
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Sister and I decided to have our dinner venue fixed at Nex Mall.As I was craving for fish meat, we decided to have Fish & Co. that night. There wasn’t any queue around 7pm and we managed to get the seats within minutes. The restaurant is apparently full house once we got seated.The server was a young lady who explained the on-going promotion and also the soup of the day when she gave us the menu and iPad. This is first time I used iPad to order from Fish & Co..I didn’t realize that Fish & Co. has changed the ordering system. They are relying more on the technology and reduce the manpower on the service line. Nevertheless, the ordering system using iPad was user-friendly and straight forward to me. Once we placed the order through the system, the service staff will print out the order list and confirm with us on the order. Our foods are served within 15-20 minutes time.I ordered Fish & Chips @S$15.95 with additional S$5.50 to complete the meal with a soup and a drink. One of the recommendation in the menu. The presentation of the main course is as delicious as it looks. The fish is crispy in the outer and soft in the inner. I love to have it with tartar sauce. The soup of the day was Seafood chowder and I ordered Ice Lemon Tea for my choice of drink.Sister had Baked Cod with Spicy Teriyaki @S$18.95 with additional S$5.50 to complete the meal with a soup and a drink. Flaky Atlantic Cod Fillet baked and topped with spicy teriyaki sauce. The sauce was widely spread all over the cod fillet topping when it is served. There are options for two sidelines and sister decided to go with the coleslaw and rice.Total Bill was S$54.02 inclusive of 7% GST and 10% Service charge. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-31
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FOODMy first time trying out its seadfood platter. The serving for seafood platter is quite big, and is ideally for two. It comes with butter prawns, crispy fish and chips, french fries, sotong, mussels and its fragrant rice. I like the prawn and the sotong such that they have some kind of BBQ taste which makes its taste great. The rice is also awesome when mix with some tar tar sauce or chilli sauce. The fish is also quite crispy, but best with spread with some ounce of lemon. The mussels, however, have some sort of "fishy" smell which make me lose my appetite for it. AMBIENCEThe outlet is quite small and crowded. Quite a noisy place as well.SERVICETheir service is generally acceptable, but the food takes quite a long time to come. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-01
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I decided to order something other than fish for dinner today.Grilled chicken & prawns with peri peri sauce $18.95++This dish consists of 5 succulent mid size prawns and a rather big slice of tender chicken thigh, both grilled to perfection and topped with spicy peri peri chili sauce. The peri peri sauce was quite nice with lotsa minced garlic, spicy and fragrant at the same time. My choice of two sides were paella rice and homemade coleslaw...both are equally yummy. The serving portion is quite huge, I couldn't finish the chicken and rice in the end and gave them to the husband.Fried calamari $9.95++This is a must order for me, squid rings coated with thin and crispy batter drizzled with spices...squid is juicy and tender, not overcooked. Super delicious! 繼續閱讀
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