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Fresh's menu features a bevy of food that caters to the health-conscious individual, including wraps, grilled paninis, salads and soups coupled with their smoothies and fresh squeeze juices. To top it off, they serve all of their food and drinks in eco-friendly cups and containers to make it a truly comprehensive guilt-free experience. 繼續閱讀
08:00 - 20:00
08:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 18:00
Healthy Start Breakfast Turkey Bacon Avocado
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等級4 2013-07-11
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An impromptus trip to Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) for lunch because is conveniently two MRT stations away from my workplace. I know is lunch peak hours at 12 noon so everywhere is packed, even for Mcdonald. I need something to fill that hungry stomach so after a few rounds, I settled in for my meal at Fresh Healthy Cafe.I chose their Turkey Club Mango (The Perfect 10 menu) at $10 nett. The menu display states that my choice is 400+kcal. And that's what I want because planning for a quality run after work. You can choose from panini, wrap or salad. I'm curious about Panini so I chose that. It also comes with a Mango smoothie. But for $10, it is overpriced though the food is nice.So Panini is some grilled bread. Quite crusty and soft with every bite. Definitely better than normal sandwich set we had elsewhere. The ingredients used are fresh as you can tell by the crunchy sound from the vegetables. There are of course turkey bacon, tomato and cheese (I guess).And as for their smoothie, I can taste the Mango flesh and is pleasing to the palate because not so sweet. Actually it tastes in between a mango smoothie and sorbet. I feel the ice crusty. The cafe is small with limited seats for you to dine in. But if you want a takeaway, it is available. And they serve the food up to your table. Okay, though overpriced but if it includes everything like GST and service tax in the price of $10 too, it is definitely worth still. I do recommend all to try 'The Perfect 10' menu and choose Panini. It is nice! 繼續閱讀
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