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Founded in March 2010 and located in the Bukit Timah neighbourhood in Singapore, My Little Spanish Place is inspired by the 'meson', a typical home-style restaurant often found in Spanish regions. The restaurant boasts a full-fledged menu of Spanish home-style dishes and desserts. They also offer Singapore's most complete Jamon bar and a Spanish 'Despensa' (pantry). 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2016-02-23
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Full review's at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/09/my-little-spanish-place-bukit-timah.htmlThis cosy little restaurant is homely and charming. In part credited to the gregarious familiar service. And that impressive jamon bar.We ate:1) Joselito Guijuelo Iberico Bellota ($25 for 25gram serving): cured for a whopping 48 months, intense and decadent but so worth the cholesterol.2) Gambas al Ajillo ($16): fresh sweet shrimp sizzled with olive oil, fried garlic chips, and chilli pepper; that umami gravy was most sumptuous.3) Croquetas ($12): stuffed with jamon nubbins, cream, and mash; excellent on its own.4) Tortilla de Patata con Aioli ($10) - a thick, dense potato omelette layered with onions, and sided by aioli: passed muster, but was forgettable.5) Huevos Fritos con Chorizo y Patatas ($18) - fried eggs with chorizo and potatoes: What I expected was a breakfast hash of sorts, but this was really just a mish-mash of thick fried chips, fried chorizo dice, and a fried egg sunny side egg, strewn together. Rather disjointed and jarring 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2015-03-14
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Ever heard of the Spanish saying "Mi Casa es Su Casa"?Basing their philosophy on the saying which simply means "My House is Your House", My Little Spanish Place is a home-style Spanish restaurant that's possibly as close to mesóns as you can find in Spain. This quaint little shop is located along Bukit Timah road, just a minute walk from Coronation Plaza. Don't be surprised when you enter the restaurant. You will be greeted with a selection of wine displayed on the wine rack on your right. Alcohol is such an integral part of the dining culture that to the Spanish, many consider meals to be incomplete without wine or Sangria. My Little Spanish Place provides a huge selection of Sangrias and a fully Spanish wine list. The yellow lighting adds extra coziness to the place- a feeling of comfort, warmth and a stronger sense of home. Especially love the brickwall details!Special menu of the week is written on the blackboard.Founded by Chef Maria Sevillano in March 2010, My Little Spanish Place has been around for quite some time and in 2013,. To mark its three years, a new Jamon bar was introduced Priding themselves on their Jamon Bar, My Little Spanish Place offers five different types of cured ham which is truly a rare sight regardless of whether it is in Singapore or overseas. Most restaurants offer only one or two types of Jamon, with top-notch restaurants offering up to a maximum of three types. L-R: Joselito (48+ months)/ 5J (30-36months)L-R: Sierra Mayor (30-36months)/ Laudes (18-24months)/ Fermin (18-20months) Chef Edward Esmero, co-chef & partner of My Little Spanish Place, in action. Chef Edward has been with My Little Spanish Place for more than a year now. Dedicated and passionate about his job, he is extremely particular about the standard of food served, regardless of ingredients used or even, food plating. That said, 80% of the products are imported to preserve the authenticity.The manager of My Little Spanish Place & Chef Edward giving an introduction before the food tasting session begins. (Yes, the manager is from Spain!)We were served the Red Wine Sangria, a red wine punch flavoured with fruits. It is a typical beverage in Spain & sometimes referred to as the national beverage of Spain. I like how the fruits give the cocktail a slight citrus taste.Chef Edward explaining to Openricers about the Jamon Bar.While most restaurants use machines for the slicing of Jamon, My Little Spanish Place still does it the traditional way- all Jamon are hand carved. Jamon carving is not as easy as it seems. A well-carved Jamon is one that is as flat as possible but most people tends to carve a 'hole'. Pictured below, Chef Edward demonstrating how to hand-carve the Jamon.First on the menu was the Jamon & Cheese Platter. We were served two types of Jamon, namely 10 Vetas Jamon (left) and Fermin Serrano (right) together with olives, Manchego cheese & quince paste. On first look, it's probably hard to differentiate between the two types of ham but it's recommnded that you start off with the younger because the longer it has been cured, the stronger the taste. Trust your tastebud to do the job because they don't lie! I'm also impressed with the choice of cheese used. Manchego cheese tasted really light, absolutely no issues with the saltiness even if you eat it on its own. Eat the cheese with quince paste if you'd like some sweetness, they go really well together!Warm breads were served alongside the platter. Though they were clearly not part of the main platter served, it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Yes, as cliche as that may sound. Place the ham on top of the baguette to give it extra crunch but I prefer to keep things simple by eating them separately. Next up was the Croquettas, served with Alioli (garlic mayonaise). The filling is similar to creamy mashed potato, nothing quite fanciful about this dish. It probably paled in comparison to other dishes served that night since there weren't any surprise factor.Gambas al ajillo- Garlic prawns. The prawns are cooked in olive oil with garlic & chilli pepper. Looks are deceiving, this dish is definitely not as oily and heavy as it looks. Dip the baguette into the sauce and eat while it's warm!Voted to be the favourite dish among the Openricers, Champinones al Horno, mushroom stacks topped with prawn & melted Mahon cheese, glazed with Sherry vinegar. It sounds like a simple dish but the simplest dish is, more often than not, the hardest to perfect. The mushrooms were done to perfection, juicy and succulent without that overpowering earthy taste. Definitely top on my list!Next, Chef Edward prepared something that is not in the tasting menu because he wanted us to try it. It's their Tortilla de Patata con Alioli- Potato Omelette with Alioli. A very complex but interesting dish! I took small bites trying to figure out whether the potato omelette tasted more like potato or omelette and I just couldn't decide on one. The texture was similar to an omelette on the first bite but as you continue, it changes to become more similar to that of potatoes. I've never had anything like this before.What's a Spanish meal without paella, a classic Spanish dish? Two different paellas were served, namely the Paella de la Casa and Arroz Negra. Spanish food are very much influenced by seafood because of its location along the coastal region hence both the Paellas contain seafood. Pictured below, Arroz Negra, Black Ink Paella, rice flavoured with black ink squid broth with prawns and squid and served with Alioli.Paella de la Casa- House Paella made with special ingredients such as langostinas, chorizo, prawns, black mussels and chicken.The Black Ink Paella was of the right saltiness and I like the zesty flavor after squeezing in the lemon. However, I still prefer the House Paella because the rice was more flavourful due to the variety of ingredients added.Finally, Dessert Platter consisting of Churros, Hand-churned Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Tart was served. This is Chef Edward's award-winning dessert platter, needs no emphasis on how good it is! The Hand-churned Strawberry Ice Cream is not any ordinary strawberry ice cream that you see outside. It has to be mixed once every 20 minutes, A+ for effort. I'm not a fan of chocolate but my favourite is the Chocolate Tart that's made with 68% dark chocolate. Does this tell you how good it really is?If you haven't been to Spain & would like a taste of authentic Spanish food, why not visit My Little Spanish Place? Just put on your bib and prepare for a night of gastronomic adventure! Oh, be sure to try out one of their signature item, Spanish Suckling Pig that's not featured above! Chef Edward will also be presenting a special menu at SAVOUR on 26th to 29th March. He will be conducting cooking classes, one on weekdays and two on weekends so be sure to catch him in action at the F1 Pit Building. Also, My Little Spanish Place will be opening a new outlet at Boat Quay in mid April 2015, do show your support!Lastly, thank you Reka and Jenny for the invitation! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-03-13
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Really honoured to be part of this OpenRice Food Tasting on the 10th of March at this humble restaurant - My Little Spanish Place! Throughout this food tasting, the chef of this restaurant, Edward personally shared quite a few tips on making spanish dishes, as well as explaining the comeabout of the dishes. I got to admit, Chef Edward is really very friendly and approachable! Once settled, we were prompt to try out their signature Red Wine Sangria ($12/glass). Sangria is often being served in Spanish restaurant and this is my second time trying out Red Wine Sangria! Accompanied with strawberry and apple bites, the drink is really refreshing and goes well with the other 8 dishes that I'm going to introduce to everyone!We started off with the Platter of JAMON and CHEESE, which is accompanied with riped olives. Jamon is the spanish terms for ham and at My Little Spanish Place, they do serve 5 different kinds of Spanish Ham, ranging from 18 months old ones to 48+ months old ones! Today, we got to try out the 1.5yrs old ham and the 2.5 years old ham. Personally prefer the older (2.5yrs old) one, which has a stronger taste! Goes well with baguette and cheese! Croquettas ($8/4pcs), which is one of their signature tapas was served next! Croquettas, which is the spanish term for croquettes, is stuffed with jamon and being lightly fried. Served with garlic aioli which gives the croquettas a strong favour! Next up is another tapas, Gambas al Ajillo ($14). Gambas al Ajillo, which is Garlic Prawns. The restaurant uses fresh shrimps and the sauce is made from boiling olive oil with garlic and chili pepper. I've to admit, the sauce goes really well with the baguette! Champiñones al Ajillo ($15/3pcs) which is a mushroom dish, is my favourite tapas of the night! Lightly toasted baguette, served with fresh and tender mushroom and shrimp, accompanied with garlic and olive oil. The mushroom is really juicy and goes well with the sauce! Bagus! Tortilla de Patata con Alioli ($8/4pcs), the chef recommendation. Eggs, potatoes and last ingredient (you've to find out from Chef Edward when you visit them!) will make you a step closer to making this dish! We've tried all sorts of egg omelette, but its really quite unique to have such a Potato Omelette!Paella de la Casa ($49/small), the spanish version of claypot rice! Stuffed with large shrimps, mussels, chicken, langostinas and chorizo! What's my verdict? You've to try this at My Little Spanish Place! Its really sedappp! Arroz Negra ($44/small), which is literally black ink rice served with prawn and squid. And for the black ink version, there's cheese inside! Personally still prefer the house version though..Chef Edward personally plated our personalized Dessert Platter, which includes the 3 signature desserts at My Little Spanish Place - Churros, Chocolate Cake and Hand-Churned Strawberry Ice Cream! Churros, served warm with cinamon sugar and warm chocolate. Churros here are just in the right size, just 2 mouthful and its gone! Chocolate Cake, served in a lollipop stick. Verdict? Real chocolaty! As for the Strawberry Ice Cream, I've to definitely give a special mention to it! Its hand-churned, in other words hand-made from scratch! Oops. I forgot to ask if Chef Edward did participate in the upcoming Gelato World Tour 2015? If yes I'd definitely be there to support! Photo with Restaurant Manager of My Little Spanish Place (left) and Chef Edward (right). Both are very friendly and approachable dudes! All in all, my experience at My Little Spanish Place had been a real pleasant one, especially with the absolute standard of Spanish food and quality service - staffs were really very prompt in their service, very alert as well. Just that I've to asked for a change of plate when my plate is pretty unclean, perhaps a point to take note maybe? Otherwise, thumbs up for its service!Oh ya, before I forget, alcoholic lovers and wine lovers, My Little Spanish Place has a huge variety of wines and beers - you've to try it out!  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-03-13
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Tonite I am invited to a food tasting session by OpenRice. The restaurant is located in the middle of a row of shophouses. Its dine in area is small with both indoor and outdoor. With brick textured wall, wooden shelves on the wall and warm orange lights, it gives one a homey and cozy feeling. Most of the items in the restaurant are imported from Spain, including sparkling wines and sparkling water, as well as, the rice which is being used in the paella.The restaurant is turning itself to a Jamon Bar, which is unheard of in Singapore as a leg of jamon cannot keep for long once it is been used. It served 5 different types of Jamon at the counter, with the oldest about 5-6 years old to the youngest about 18 months old and each costing about an average of $8000. The jamon has to be craved as flat and straight as possible and staffs have to be trained to do it.Tonite we served with dishes by its new co-chef Chef Edward Esmero. Although born in Philippines, he grows up with Latino influences, which brings him to Spanish food. He has worked in various places around the world, including Gordon's Grill of Goodwood Park Hotel.Sangria Tinta (Red) ($12/ glass, $42/jar)We start the meal with a glass of Sangria Tinta (Red) each. It has red wine, mixed with various fruits such as strawberry, orange and peach in it. It has a fruity taste and does not taste strong as there is lots of ice cubes in it.Next we have a selection of jamon and cheese from the deli, served with lightly toasted bread.10 Vetas Jamon ($16/ 25grams)This jamon ham is made of black pig and is about 2.5years old.It tastes quite flavourful and tender.Fermin Serrno ($7/ 25 grams)This jamon ham is made of white pig and is about 18mths old. Although it looks less drier compares to the other jamon, it tastes slightly less flavourful.Manchego ($8/ 50grams)It is a type of queso (Spanish Cheese). It is made from sheep and the texture is hard. It is served with fruit paste. The sweet taste from Quince Paste (a type of fruit paste) balances the strong taste of the cheese.Aceitunas Romero ($6)Marinated olives in rosemary and lemon garlicIts simple and sharp taste opens up one's appetite.Croquetas ($12/ 4pcs)CroquettesLightly fried jamon-stuffed creamy croquettes.Inside it is filled yummy soft mashed potatoes with bits of the flavourful ham. I would prefer the outside to be a bit more crispier. The onion alioli which is served with it, adds another dimension of flavour to it. The onion alioli is made in house and sold off the counter in jar of 240 grams. It is a classic sauce and could go well with anything such as potato chips.Gambas al Ajillo ($16)Garlic PrawnsA traditional house favourite. Fresh shrimp cooked in a dish of boiling olive oil with garlic and chili pepper.It looks rather oily and spicy but the spicy taste is just a hint. The sliced bread tastes great with the olive oil sauce. The prawns is fat and juicy.Champinones al Horno ($15/ 3pcs)Garlic MushroomsTender mushroom stacks topped with shrimp, richly flavored in garlic and olive oil.It looks simple, but with one bite, the mushroom bursts out with juice all over the place. The mushrooms have been grilled before roasting in the oven. This helps the mushrooms to contain all the juice within themselves. And beware that it is quite hot too.Tortilla de Patata con Alioli ($8/ 4pieces)Potato Omelette with AlioliThe national dish of Spain. Traditional Spanish egg omelette with potatoes and onions, served with homemade alioli.It looks like a multi layered omelette. With a bite, you will tastes the soft potato with the sweet onion in it.Paella de la Casa ($52/ small, $94/ large)House PaellaThe house Paella is a full-flavored recipe made with special ingredients including black mussels, chorizo, prawns, and chicken.The rice is flavoured with saffron, which gives it a unique flavour. Arroz Negra ($46/ small, $82/ large)Black Ink PaellaLiterally ‘black rice’, the Arroz Negra is flavored with a black squid ink broth with prawns and squid, served with a side of alioli. It takes about 20 mintues to be cooked, which is shorter than the other dish as seafood takes a shorter time to be cooked. The rice is moist and tangy with the lemon juicy and alioli mixed into it.Next we are each served a Dessert Platter. Churros con Chocolate ($12)Star-shaped dough pastry sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, served with warm chocolate.The churros tastes light and crispy on its own. Dipped in the rich chocolate, it is so sinfully yummy.Strawberry Ice-CreamThis hand-churned ice-cream uses milk and fresh fruit to make. It has to churn by hand constantly. It tastes milky and refreshing, totally different from the usual strawberry ice-creamTarta de Chocolate ($14)Chocolate TartA triple layer of crumbly crust, a truffle-like interior, and a shiny glaze make this tartlet irresistible to chocolate lovers. Served with homemade ice-cream.The chocolate filling is thick and rich which will be well loved by chocolate lovers. It is served with crushed almond cookies and olive oil. No wonder it is an award winning dessert.Overall the food is great. But it would be great to come in group, in order to try out more dishes, as dishes as Paella is huge in serving. Besides having a great meal, one also could purchase rice, olives, cheeses and other items imported from Spain at the counter too. 繼續閱讀
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I was very fortunate to be invited to dinner at My Little Spanish Place by OpenRice. It was an exquisite, educational experience for me. This is the only place I know of in Singapore for genuine, fine Spanish cuisine.Our first dish was jamón with cheese and olives. We had finely cut slivers of two kinds of jamón: jamón ibérico (from the special breed of a black, ibérico pig) and jamón from a white pig. Neither was anything like regular deli ham. The colour, for one, was different: the jamón ibérico, in particular, was a lightly glistening, deep pinkish purple, with fine whitish veins. The taste: delicate, multifaceted, unique. And very tender. The fat is light on the tongue: it melts in your mouth, which indicates it is mainly healthy monounsaturated fat. A delicious gem! The rare and prized jamón ibérico is a must-have if you're here.You can view legs of ham hanging in the kitchen. Choose from various types of ham, from different breeds of pigs and regions, and the chef cuts it off for you. He also makes roast pork much like char siew in Chinese cuisine, with a crusty skin. It must be ordered at least 2 days in advance.Our second dish was croquettas - lightly fried jamon-stuffed creamy croquettes, served with garlic mayonnaise sauce. I loved these: the crisp tender crust - no greasiness - is made of flour and milk, not water. It was the perfect foil to the rich smooth filling, which does double duty to complement the intense and complex flavours of the jamon.Our third dish was Gambas al Ajillo (prawns in garlic olive oil). A traditional house favourite, this is shrimp cooked in olive oil with garlic and chili pepper and served with slices of French loaf. A nice transition to ocean freshness and sweetness, played off by the contrasting pungent and aromatic flavours of the accompanying ingredients.Next was my favourite: Champiñones de horns (Garlic Mushrooms), which are tender black mushroom stacks topped with shrimp, richly flavored in garlic and olive oil, and served piping hot in sherry vinegar. The mushrooms were oozing with their natural juice, having been grilled on high heat. Another excellent choice of a simple yet naturally tasty dish, prepared in a way that accentuates the natural flavour of the main ingredient.Then came the tortilla which was a potato omelette, made of potato slices cooked in 6 egg and then when firm, sliced into rectangular pieces that look like nonya tapioca cake, and served prettily on little wooden sticks. It is not on the restaurant's extensive menu but I think it should be. It had a slightly firm custard texture with a thin browned skin on top. The chewy potato and the soft egg textures were an interesting combination. A mild and pleasant tasting intermission after those successive bursts of voluptuous, umami flavours and before our final savoury dish.We had two kinds of paella: Paella da la Casa (white) and Arroz Negra (black rice). I enjoyed both very much, but preferred the amazing looking squid ink infused paella.The Paella de la Casa is the restaurant's House Paella. It is is a full-flavored recipe made with special ingredients including black mussels, chorizo, prawns, and chicken. The Arroz Negra (Black Ink Paella, literally ‘black rice’), is flavored with a black squid ink broth and contains prawns and squid and served with a side of alioli. Both were absolutely delicious and deeply satisfying. The rice was plump and its full flavour set off the freshness of the seafood ingredients.Finally, came the dessert platter, consisting of1) Tarta de Chocolate (Chocolate Tart): A triple layer of crumbly crust, a truffle-like interior, and a shiny glaze, served with the restaurant's homemade strawberry ice-cream, which was more like sherbet and tasted homemade - i.e., natural, light, and made with real strawberries. Perfect accompaniment to the opulent chocolate.These out-of-the-world chocolate tarts are fortunately available for takeout.The chocolate tart would have been a heady, heavenly conclusion to our wonderful feast but there was more:2) Churros con Chocolate: A star-shaped dough pastry sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with warm chocolate. The churro was very good: crispy on the outside and light and soft inside. A perfect tantalizing concoction of textures when dipped in the chocolate.This culinary experience of gorgeous flavours is fittingly accompanied by cold, refreshing fruity sangria. My Little Spanish Place is a cosy, warm place. Its interiors are elegant yet homely and comfortable. It is ideal for an intimate or a family or communal meal. Dining in Spanish culture is a shared affair, very much like in our culture. And this is the perfect place and menu for that. I would love to revisit and continue exploring the very best of Spain's rich and varied cuisine, which My Little Spanish Place offers.  繼續閱讀
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