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Brought to you by the people behind ll Lido, &Sons is a sleek Italian Bar with Cocktail, Wine and Salami bar, a Cheese Room and an Italian kitchen. In addition, with 13 varieties, &Sons is said to have Singapore's largest collection of Italian Cheeses. 繼續閱讀
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Buffalo Mozzarel la with Momotaro Tomatoes Grilled Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin Tagliata Spanish Pork Ribs with Butter Potatoes Tagliatelle with Duck Ragù & Foie Gras Caserecce with Truffle Pesto & Porcini Mushrooms Wagyu Beef Ravioli with Roast Jus
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等級4 2016-08-30
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The restaurant is one of the eateries under the ilLido group. It is well known for its pasta. I decided to visit the restaurant on a weekday nite as there was a promotion for its pasta with a 50% discount.Baccala Cakes with Sea Urchin Sabayon ($18++)It looked like 2 char black balls with cheesy cream when served, and smelt a bit burnt too. The cream was buttery with a hint of seafood. Cut open the balls, inside it was filled with buttery creamy salted cod. From the staff, I learnt that the crispy thin crust looked black as squid ink was been used here.Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Carbonara ($26++)It looked like a pool of cheesy creamy sauce when served. Inside filled with spaghetti and crispy savoury bacon bits. It looked rather plain when mixed evenly, but the taste was rich and creamy which kind of reminding me of salted egg yolk. Yummy, but left behind a pool of oil.Service was great with staff making small talks and refilling the water often. The place was kind of quiet and cozy with the dim lights around. Hi I was able to spin a pokestop while dining inside too. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-10-05
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Went to &Sons Bacaro for a 6pax family dinner on 4.10.2014. It was an excellent choice! The food was good, dishes were served in small plates, kind of like italian tapas. The restaurant was by beppe devito. somehow i didn’t really fancy il lido much even with 50% for 2pax palate discounts (never tried it under palate actually) & it was “far away” in sentosa. maybe ought to consider trying some time.The place was chic as advertised on its website, which also showed menu items & prices. not really buzzy on a saturday evening (same for other chic restaurants on nankin street), a pity but no complaints from us…haha! sons was less than 50% full, and interestingly the other 5 tables looked mostly family like us. we had the wagyu tagliata. it was good, chargrilled flavourful, tender, medium rare. Baccala (salt cod) cake with uni sauce was the best dish of the night. thin crispy crust was excellent, minced salt cod was excellent, and great uni sauce combination.I would put the light cream, flavourful truffle pesto tagliatelle (top photo) as my second favourite for the night. no feel of pesto though – not sure how a strong pesto flavour goes with subtle truffle scent.The roasted cod was very good. my wife & i both made very good cod ourselves at home. this though had better grilled flavours.the grilled kurobuta pork neck was very good, like a good char siew or thecharcoal broiled pork collar at imperial treasure teochew. maybe i should try & reinvent this dish at home again.I liked the iberico pork truffle paccheri too. very agreeable but i prefer the truffle pesto if asked to choose.Burrata was fine, nothing like the supreme version in valentino, after all that cost 3x more. Surprising the same uni sauce did not come out good on this carbonara dish. i would not order this. Looked like ah bor ling – mochi dumplings..cheese was very strong, not sure if blue cheese. anyway i like blue cheese, but it is not the most popular dish.We had a S$55 bottle of wine, 2 beers & 1 mojito. dinner for 6pax came to S$260nett, about S$30nett pax excluding drinks, pretty ok. The service by the western servers were ok, not too friendly, kind of unsmiling. one server kept filling water to the glasses, a good thing.Their lunch is cheaper with S$10 pasta etc. The street is quite interesting with mad poets gastrobar, platypus gourmet etc. I will go back again.See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/10/05/excellent-italian-tapas-sons-bacaro-on-4oct2014/ 繼續閱讀
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Hunting for authentic Italian fare in Singapore is definitely no mean feat. Most Italians do know their food well, just think Joe Bastianich and Luca Manfé (Winner of Masterchef Season 4). Knowing &SONS Bacaro offers one of my favourite cuisines in small, bite-sized portions, I definitely had to pay them a visit.As true-blue Italians do not separate alcohol from their meals. &SONS Bacaro conveniently takes on the facade of both bar and bistro. The fancy candlestick-mounted lights set against plain dark furniture seem to create the mood for some serious business talk.The Europeans serving us had thick accents, and the bar was abuzz with lively music and chatter on a weeknight. This definitely makes a great hangout for PMETs, or in fact any large group gathering. If you can't decide what to select from the menu, here are 3 Must-try Italian dishes at &SONS Bacaro.Tagliatelle, Truffle Pesto - S$12.00It came as a surprise that the tagliatelle was so moist. I recall attempting to cook my very own tagliatelle but it was either overcooked, turning soggy, or undercooked and remained tough to chew. The temperature of the dish was just right, and the plating was fantastic. The hint of truffles wasn't very strong though.Cheese & Potato Ravioli, Balsamic Vinegar - S$9.00These small pasta envelopes are definitely one of the more difficult dishes to cook, and &SONS Bacaro nailed it! Each ravioli had a consistent filling, and the chewiness and texture of the pasta was top-notch. The exterior may appear oily, but it is in fact the balsamic vinegar adding a fragrant touch to the savoury dish.Mushrooms, Gorgonzola & Polenta - S$8.00This is my personal favourite and I would highly recommend that you start with this. It's one of the more satisfying vegetarian dishes at the heart of Italian cuisine.The Gorgonzola gave off a strong cheesy smell (which I loved), and having the mushrooms and polenta soaked in it was downright good. It was rich, creamy and flavourful— and when down to the last spoonful, the only thing I could think of was "I can't believe it's over!" I'll definitely order this again on my next visit. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-03-30
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&Sons was pretty much like a bar restaurant, with really loud music playing in the background. The concept here is that the food they serve are tapas style, with small portions for each dish. We were expecting to have decent/great food here but we were really disappointed.The yellow sauce you see at the top is the sea urchin sauce. Both the taste of the sauce and spaghetti were really forgettable. This dish was also quite oily.I really love cod fish but the Roast Cod was very charred (the other side of the fish was even more charred), such that the charred taste overpowered the taste of the cod, which was really a pity. Not to mention all the charred bits are super cancerous too. The only thing I liked out of all the dishes was actually the salad served with the cod.The iberico pork belly was really tough, making it really difficult to bite the meat apart. We were expecting the meat and fats to be melt-in-your-mouth sort of standard . The Tuscan bean cream was mild, tasted like mashed beans only. The mojito was ok to me, which had a strong lemon taste but no mint taste. Wished I could somehow taste the mint since that's one of the biggest components of a mojito. 繼續閱讀
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