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Fuelled by the flavours of the Australian steakhouse, they strive to serve up succulent steaks and seafood that are not only flame-grilled to perfection, but are also tasty. They also boast a well-stocked bar on hand to complement the meal, making The Prime Society an ideal hang out spot for both dinner and post-dinner drinks. 繼續閱讀
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Fillet Mignon Hotplates Ribeye Steak
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等級4 2015-05-01
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See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/04/30/good-wagyu-steak-dinner-the-prime-society-on-28apr2015/ had a good wagyu steak dinner with wife at the prime society on 28.4.2015. ^^ it was raining. didn’t feel like cooking, didn’t want to go far so the prime society at dempsey seemed a good choice, only a few steps in the rain with a large golf umbrella.place was not crowded, less than 50% full at 6.30pm and afterwards. we had a roll & butter. service was very good. competent, friendly & polite. my wife was here previously & had the wagyu & oysters. for me, first time. we ordered about the same things. oysters were S$5eaach, so with palate 50% for 2pax, it was S$2.50/oyster, quite doable. they were good too, juicy, plump, tasty, no metallic taste. i can have this again! we ordered our wagyu steaks – 2 ribeye both medium as recommended by server. i asked to take photos of the wagyu. they decided they did not want me taking the chef preparation area, either that or it was some communication thing, so they brought the 3 different cuts to the table. it was fine by me, as i already said to the lady that it was ok if photo was inconvenient for them. this lady said the same thing that sirloin had the fat on the outside & ribeye had more marbling at fat at the middle so more flavourful. she added that the topside was also an excellent cut. she said topside had to be cooked rare or medium rare & would be tough if medium. i had the impression that topside was usually not as good as sirloin or striploin & ribeye was best among the 3. anyway, i am quite keen to go back & try the topside!^^ the 200g cut was a good size. it was very well chargrilled & medium was quite fine for me though i probably would not have minded medium rare too. for me, it was better definitely than angus, not better than my own wagyu ribeye from mmmm, and of course one can never make comparison with the much superior – excellent kagoshima japanese wagyu & miyazaki japanese wagyu at arossa (now closed)A4 japanese ohmi japanese wagyu from me@oue. the 3 sauces were very good for the wagyu steak. like the red wine sauce best with a dab of béarnaise. did not take much of pepper sauce. excluding wine, it was S$98 for 2pax after 50% palate discounts. not as good deal as arossa previously, but arossa could not survive at tat price & location, no point right? it was really enjoyable dinner. & i plan to be back to try the wagyu topside. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2014-03-25
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To celebrate our anniversary, my boyfriend specially reserved a seat at Prime Society for dinner as online reviews were good. Ambience was great and the waiteress welcomed us with open arms. The complimentary starter, charcoal chips with some sauce was pretty unique as the sauce was really salty. I was telling myself not to get turned down by this starter. Next, they served the bread. This dish was another dismay! The butter to be spread on the bread was another salty sauce. To add on, the mains that we ordered was another major disappointment. Firstly, the wagyu corned beef. It tasted like normal harm and the chef cut the ham in very thick slices. Secondly, the grilled salmon. Sprinkled salt on the salmon was not spread uniformly, hence the fish tasted like salt again. We were overwhelmed by the saltish experience. Overall, I would not come back to this restaurant again. Or maybe we would try their beef next time. 繼續閱讀
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New Head Chef Dallas Cuddy promises to bring change to this Australian Streak restaurant, making ingredients from scratch with a fine-dining touch. He even grows his own herbs outside the restaurant... ... WUT?!The Prime Society serves one of Singapore's best Australian beef cuts, with quality steaks from Mayura Station, Rangers Valley and Cape grim- the best you can get from all over Australia. In Mayura station, they feed the wagyu cows marshmallows and sing to them. That's better than how my mom treats me.Although some of the breeds are good, don't bother with the inferior cuts like tri-tip or petite tender, instead go for the time tested flavourful cuts like Sirloin or Ribeye.Also perhaps the staff didn't inform the guests properly which is a service oversight, but some of the steaks like the Cape Grim sirloin was intentionally seared to produce a charred exterior, which might look burnt but is the way it's done to introduce a mutli-layered flavour. I recommend:Starters-Truffle chicken liver parfait pastry ‘cigar’ ($5/piece)-Salmon ceviche, whipped roe and anchovy pastry ($13)Main-Mayura Station Full Blood Wagyu Sirloin cut ($110)-Cape Grim Grass fed Black Angus- Sirloin ($58)Dessert-Baked lemon and honey cheesecake, blackberries and burnt meringue ($10)More photos and the full review at http://sethlui.com/prime-society-singapore-food-review/ 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-08-16
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I was attracted by the decoration of this restaurant. Plus, this restaurant has good reviews on the internet, so my friend and I decided to give this restaurant a try.We reserve a table for two in advance. When we arrived, we found that the restaurant is almost empty. The restaurant might have more people during dinner. Rib Eye steak:I order a medium rare rib eye steak. It is serve with a drop of potato mash, a garlic and some vegetable leave. The meat taste great. But since they did not cook the steak with any sauce, the only flavor I got was the meat taste.Barbeque Ribs:The ribs taste nice, and the barbeque sauce is awesome as well. But the ribs is a little bit of too fat and greasy that it was so difficult for us to finish this dish.Cheese Cake:A cheese cake for dessert! The cheese cake is especially yummy! I like the fresh mulberry and the cookies at the bottom. This is the best dish that day.This restaurant has a great dining environment and it is a little pricy. The food still needs to be improved. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2011-10-25
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Our table was seated right in front of the open kitchen, which meant we could see our steaks being cooked, but also meant we ended up smelling of steak by the end of the nightIt’s certainly not cheap – a decent cut of steak starts at around $45, which prices slowly increasing depending on the cut, origin and whether the cow was grain or grass-fed. This was a huge hunk of meat, but much of the weight was in the bone. It was grilled really well, with a nice charred exterior and quite rare inside. However, we weren’t raving about the meat as much as those who had the rib fillet. I guess there was less fat in our cut, so the meat, though well cooked, tasted a tad one-dimensional.Dessert was an absolute rip off. The chocolate trio consisted of a crème brulee, chocolate tart and ice cream. The tart was the size of a 50 cent coin and tasted like it was store-bought. The texture of the crème brulee was like pudding – not very pleasant at all.It was worth a try, but I don’t think it’ll be the first place I think of when I have a major craving for steak. 繼續閱讀
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