Arriving by Bus: #36/531, Bustop Name: Suntec Twr Three, Bustop No.: 02149. Arriving by Train: Esplanade MRT Exit D, City Hall MRT Exit A. Nearest Carpark: Suntec City Carpark. 繼續閱讀
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Tony Roma's has been Famous for Ribs for more than 30 years. It all started back in 1972 in North Miami when Tony opened his first place with Baby Backs as the house specialty. However, the Tony Roma's story does not end with ribs. Crisp fresh salads, mouthwatering char-grilled steaks, the original BBQ chicken, and delicious seafood make up a menu that is sure to please every guest. 繼續閱讀
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Baby Back Ribs Blue Romarita Crispy Chicken Tenderloins
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等級4 2015-08-25
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The place has gone through a change and is now having a bigger dine in area. But no more view of the koi ponds. In celebrating 20 ribvolutionary years in Singapore, the restaurant is having a promotion of having either of the 2 anniversary entree with a bowl of soup for just $20++. One could enjoy this promotion by showing the voucher which is available from facebook. Although it is only 2 of us dining, we are shown to a comfortable booth table.We are served some bread with butter. The bread is soft and is quite delicious with the garlicky butter.Mushroom Soup ($6.90++ usual)The soup is quite rich and creamy with lots of mushroom slices in it.French Onion Soup ($6.90++ usual)The soup is topped with a rich layer of melted cheese. Rich broth with caramlised onions in it.Signature Trio ($20++)Baby Back Ribs, Southwestern Chicken and Onions Rings served with 2 choices of side dish.I have selected mashed potatoes and coleslaw as side dishes. The mashed potatoes is topped with savoury bacon bites and has chunky soft potatoes in it. It is the real deal, unlike some restaurants which makes mashed potatoes with powder form. The rib is tender and juicy, as well as the chicken.Anniversary Trio ($20++)Baby back ribs, fish fillet and mozzarella sticks served with salad mix and a side dishHere I have selected broccoli as the side dish. It is best to eat the mozzarella sticks while they are still hot, because you will find that the cheese can stretch to a very long distance.Total bill is $47.10. Overall the serving is quite huge and the two of us cannot finish it even thought we are both very hungry when we start eating. Although the place is packed, iced water is refilled regularly. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2013-12-17
59 瀏覽
The snaking, long queue at Tony Roma's always put me off when I was hunting for dinner at Suntec City. Despite recommendations and ravings from most of my friends, I never really knew what was so good about their famed baby back ribs. Paradoxically, being a true blue Singaporean, long queues never fail to repel me away (and that is probably why I haven't tried out Dim Ho Wan and Krispy Kreme yet.) Anyway, it was my friend's birthday.. and Tony Roma's was selected.With more than 150 outlets worldwide and two locally, Tony Roma's take pride in their baby back ribs which are marinated with home-made sauces and then, slow-smoked to mouth-watering perfection. Other signatures include char-grilled black angus steaks, seafood and other varieties of entrees and salads. After the long wait, looking at the menu already calls for some serious drooling to start.For those who cannot decide what to have, have their St. Louis Ribs Sampler (S$38.90) which allows you to try the best of everything. It includes a dozen of ribs, featuring four of Tony's Signature Sauces: Original BBQ Sauce, Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies and Tony Roma’s Red Hots, together with a selection of two side dishes. Out of the four, BBQ sauce and Red Hots are my favourite: for the former, nothing beats the original, while the latter has a distinct spiciness of four different types of peppers and Tabasco sauce, among the aromatic smoky flavour. Good to share between two persons.Out of 10 diners at Tony Roma's, at least 8 would opt for their famed Original Baby Back Ribs (full, S$38.90). I mean, who would opt for something else other than a dozen ribs lined with tender, lean pork loin, basted with their original BBQ sauce? With comparison with the meatier cut of St Louis's ribs, baby back ribs triumphed in terms of tenderness and sweetness. The ribs come in 3 different sizes, and is completed with two side dishes as well.If you love the ribs at Tony Roma's, be sure to try out the Stickybones ribs at Morganfield's (Star Vista). 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-10-07
43 瀏覽
My friends and i decided to meet up for a catch up dinner @ Tony Roma's and it was really a worth for money meal because we get a free main course as she redeem it using the standard chartered voucher. All the three of use ordered the same dish, the original baby back ribs, half. The serving was quite huge and we get to choose 2 side dished each and mine was cole slaw and mash potato. The baby ribs is really delicious and the meat was very tender, the BBQ sauce was nice and was not too overpowering. Side dishes was nice too. Price is also quite reasonable ( Half $22.90 ) given that the serving was huge. If you are a big eater, you can opt for the regular or even the full. Definitely a must go and must try! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-08-14
32 瀏覽
Its Janice birthday today and we are meeting at Tony Romas for dinner.We ordered this Roma's Sampler to share. The Roma's Sampler consist of a trio of appetizers - Boneless Bites, Spinach Artichoke Dip and Half Onion Loaf matched with bleu cheese dressing, salsa, sour cream and BBQ sauce.I like the onion loaf, its crispy and nice.I ordered the steak and choose to have the corn cob and mesh potato as the side. The steak is grilled till perfection, soft and tender, not overcook. The corn is sweet and the mesh potato is very tasty.My friend had the The Original Baby Back Ribs with corn cob and coleslaw as the side. The ribs is well marinated and the bbq sauce is sweet and nice. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-05
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We were here for a second visit to redeem our complementary set of half-ribs as we had just signed up for their membership.This time round, the husband had the Ribeye Steak while I had the Tony Roma’s Red Hots Rib.Ribeye Steak ($34.90++)The steak was rich and flavourful. Flamed-grilled to perfection, the smoky taste coupled with steak’s natural juices was simply delicious! The portion was generous and left the husband contended and satisfied.Half-rack Tony Roma’s Red Hots Ribs ($22.90++)Their signature ribs were tender and soft as usual, with the right balance of fats and meat. Laced with a zesty blend of peppers and Tabasco sauce, the ribs were surprisingly more tangy then spicy. The portion was just nice for one pax. Overall, it was a good dining experience with quality food and pretty decent service! We will be back for more 繼續閱讀
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