New Bites - March 2014
This month, we have two new cafes for your ever-growing list. One we dub as our happy place, the other - our home sweet home. On top of that, we reveal some new Korean and Japanese restaurants hidden from the crowd's eye, where you'll find gyoza, sashimi and kimchidillas worth your every buck. 1. One Man Coffee
If every café had a song identity, Happy by Pharrell Williams would be One Man Coffee’s. It might have been the bright yellow signboard or the subtle injection of classic cartoons running on the hanging telly. But whatever the reason, this new joint has the innate ability to chirp you up when skies are grey. Unlike most cafes, One Man Coffee shares its space with Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar in Upper Thomson. Don’t let its name fool you – the café isn’t a one-man show. Taking care of all things culinary is Sarah, previously working the kitchens of Immigrants Gastrobar, while E-gene comes with an impressive decade of coffee experience in Melbourne, where he has trained with a three-time barista champion from Axil Coffee Roasters. (That’s where they get their single-origin coffee beans from!) The brunch menu is lined with exciting choices like Gashouse Eggs (also known as eggs in a basket) served with smokey bacon jam, as well as a winter-looking French Toast Brioche with homemade berry compote, candied walnuts and fresh cream. Yum and yum. Next to the counter is a vintage cabinet stocked with pastries from Bakery Artisan Original (B.A.O.). Don’t miss their in-house bakes like the fluffy pound cake, best had after a quick heat up in the oven. 215R Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349. Tel: 6456 1555. 2. Woodshed
Woodshed – Just like the hut that characters from the movie Frozen sought food and shelter from in the snow storm, this cosy haven is one that we would gladly hideout at whether or not the weather threatens. The first third of the café is decked in warm brown wood with the best seats in the house up front. The rest of the space feels like a giant but comfortable living and dining section of IKEA with varying seats to match the number of people in your party. You’re welcome to make use of their free wifi or even their shop space as a whole! The spacious interior makes for a great event location, which the owners are more than happy to accommodate. While a full-fledge food menu is still in the works, cakes from Cakes Literally are available here. Our favourite: The Lemon Cheesecake. It pairs nicely with their coffee, whose beans come from a local roaster. Make a correct guess on the ingredients of their mystery pink soda and it’ll be on the house. We managed to get 3 out of 4 right. Bummer. PS: Spot their hand-painted Woodshed chicks on their walls. We hear they will grow as time goes by! Also, show them your receipt from Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh and you'll get to enjoy a 10% discount. 204 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218451. Tel: 6299 4308 3. SYNC
Bringing us a step closer to futuristic bistros, SYNC synchronizes our love for food with the relationship we share with technology. The Korean Fusion Bistro is powered by Samsung; hence menus come in the form of interactive Galaxy Tablets – no surprise there. (Tip: They act as great light sources for food photography attempts in the dark!) Also known as the Galaxy Bistro, it sits on the edge of a quiet corner in Westgate Mall with a sheltered alfresco area, which turns into a romantic sanctuary come nightfall. Lounge seats are also available for your chill out session with drinks from the bar. We’d recommend you to start with the Cream of Bacon and Kimchi (available daily), which comes in a generous serving fit for two. And for more kimchi infusions, try their Kimchidillas – a taco wrap that comprises of kimchi and spicy meat served with a side salad. Eye-catching mains here include Bacon Wrapped Salmon and Bacon Wrapped Beef Steak. But if you prefer your meats covered in nothing but a good sauce, go for the Grilled Ribeye Steak that comes with a choice of a spicy or bulgogi sauce. Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #03-01, Singapore 608532. Tel: 6369 9913. 4. Gyoza-ya
The basement of Somerset’s newest mall, Robinsons Orchard, is stashed with the widest range of cooking ware but more importantly new restaurants like Gyoza-Ya. To fans of the Japanese pan-fried dumplings, it is time you venture here for a try. Needless to say, the Yaki-Gyoza is the star of the menu. Served in a platter of 6, it comes in pork and vegetable variations at just $4.80. Generous portions of ingredients are stuffed within the walls of thin and stretchy skin, giving you a full and enjoyable chew. For those interested, the gyoza comes in a boiled version as well. Another highlight worth your buck is their Jya Jya Men. Sounds like Zha Jiang Mian? It’s similar. Thick and springy noodles come with minced pork and a special miso paste. Drip in some white vinegar and chilli oil before giving it a good mix. Towards the end, crack in the soft boiled egg provided, stir then call a server over for some boiling hot noodle water. Finally, season your noodles with as much Jya Jya miso as you’d like. Robinsons Orchard, 260 Orchard Road #B1-02, Singapore 238855. Tel: 6737 5581. 5. Kiku
Image credits: Kiku Facebook Page
Kiku – This high end Izakaya restaurant calls home in an intimate two-storey shop house in Duxton. A wide variety of authentic Japanese cuisine is offered here, with the chef’s innovative take on the cuisine here and there. Their lunch sets include the Bara Chirashi, which features 5 kinds of sashimi served with rice, while the Osashimi gives you 3 types of sashimi with a rice ball. With a background in Chinese cuisine, the owner and chef, Calvin Yeung goes on to blend various cuisine elements together. This can be seen in dishes like the Caviar Maguro with Onion Dressing, a French and Japanese composition, as well as a popular Dan Dan Noodle cooked with Japanese ingredients. Being a traditional Kappo restaurant, cooking methods like grilling, deep frying and nikomi are also showcased in the kitchen. Try the Grilled Squid that has been marinated in Konbu sauce and served with a spicy seaweed salad or have a go at the Gyu Gatsu Nikomi. PS: Kiku is a candidate for the upcoming Restaurant Week promotion, so grab your slots! 21 Duxton Road, Singapore 089487. Tel: 6225 5567. Don't miss any of our past 'New Bites' finds! Read them here: New Bites - February 2014 New Bites - January 2014 New Bites - December 2013 New Bites - November 2013 New Bites - October 2013 New Bites - September 2013 See Also: Explore these new food places Check out these new spots for your cafe adventures
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