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Level4 2014-11-19
This is one of my favourite dim sum shop, which offers a whole lot of dim sum varieties. I have not known any other places that has comparable number of varieties. If there's ample parking place, we would have visit it more often. Having said that, the dim sum shop is always packed with customers, especially during the lunch/dinner hours. My suggestion is to go there during the off-peak timing to avoid the crowds.砂煲鲍贝粥 - $6脆皮竽泥 - $3.50扣肉包 - $3.50Some hits and misses, which probably also depends on individual's liking, so I shall just list out my favourite items!The claypot clam porridge was super nice and tasty, with generous serving of clam (at least 8 or 9 pieces), which was perfect for two to share. I also liked the toasted bread with taro fillings. It reminded me of similar taiwan snack, which was taro filling sandwiched between two butter biscuits. If you order this, eat it when it is still hot so that the toast will be crispy. The pork belly bun was another hit . The pork belly had a good proportion of the meat and fats, which leave you yearning for more without feeling greasy/guilty. The skin was surprisingly thin and tasted like the char siew bun skin. Pricing was also pocket friendly. Usually we spent less than $40 for 2 pax, with a very satisfying tummy. =)Click on http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/09/126-eating-house.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-15
Simple snacking here at this famous 126 Wen Dou Sek dim sum restaurant.  Here you can really feel the traditional factors and layout here and the service here is slow as usually served by the old folk staffs here.  Restaurant is warm but still consider quite spacious.  Tried their steam dumplings and braised chicken feets.  Dumplings are filled with generous amount of minced meat inside which is juicy and fresh.  Dumpling skins are soft and moist too.  Chicken feets have been braised till really fragant and not too salty.  Is easy to chew and super delicious.  Less than $10 which I have paid, is consider reasonable. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-10
Talking about 24 Hours Dim Sum, 126 (Wen Dou Sek) comes straight in our mind. Located in Sims Avenue with unit number 126, they sells an authentic fare of Hong Kong Dim Sum.It's run down ambiance and furnishing was very resemblance to the any eateries in Hong Kong. As it was the still very early in the morning on the 1st Day of the Year, the place was rather empty with air con full blast. Unlike the usual times, the place will be packed full of supper goers.The dining floor area was fully utilized with tables and chairs placed so close to each other that one can barely walk through the aisles especially when the hordes were present.We were out of luck and Char Siew Baos were sold out. Having ordered the porridge, let me present you with the Century Egg Porridge. It was served in a cup rather than a bowl with chopped meat and century eggs.While the minced meat porridge was the downgrade version from the former and served in a bowl. A good stomach warmer and went pretty well before the start of any fried or steam dim sum.The Chee Cheong Fun is one of the dishes that I like and wont get bored after eating. Its gravy was thick and fragrant topped with fried and spring onion. Freshly made to order, it was served piping hot, the fillings of prawns and char siew were succulent. A different style of Chee Cheong fun, Shorter in length and less oily version. Yums!No high hopes for Liu Sha Bao, they were ordinary, no oozing effects. Fillings were just plain yellow custards but still its hot for the fillings.The thin translucent skin layer of the Har Kao were just right wrapped with juicy prawns.Love the thin layer of crispiness that sums up both the carrot and yam cake. While the mango salad sauce was welcoming generous over this crusty fried layer of Toufu which complement its crispy exterior and the soft marshy inside.What a sinful meal for a start of the year. Another deep fried stuff, the prawn dumplings. Douse abit of their sweet chilli that packed with prawns paste, it just wont go wrong.The other dim sum staples tasted pretty average, Chicken Feet, Siew Mai, Siew mai with scallop and lotus leaves rice was pleasant but not to die for. 196 Chicken Feet 鸡脚 - $325 Lotus Leaves Rice 荷叶饭 - $3.8076 Siew Mai with Scallop 带子烧卖 -$5.50187 Siew Mai 烧卖 - $2.80And last but not least the total bill for 6 pax.Overall, I would say their Dim Sum was not that Tip Top Outstanding and rather i find it a decent place where one can hang out with a group especially when hunger pangs in the night. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-15
126 Wen Dou Sek is alway is fave place for me and my buddies as they operate til late hour at night so we craving for some dim sum we alway will go down to dine in They serve wide range of items ranging from chee cheong fun which is my fave , har gow , siew mai , congees etcI like the prawn chee cheong fun as the skin is smooth and soft and the sauce is soothing need not to bite much, the filling is fresh . The siew mai is big in serving and taste good . continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-01
Wan Dou Sek is one of my favorite place for dim sums, apart from Ban Heng Restaurant and Swatow Restaurant. At Wan Dou Sek, they used real fresh ingredients and its chilli sauce is quite special and very tasty! Some dishes that its a definite must-try are its Chee Cheong Fun, there's char siew and prawn chee cheong fun, the sauce is really thick and has a fragrance smell! Its one of my favourites. Others includes its Siew Mai and its Prawn Dumplings! Also, for their drinks, they used containers instead of usual cups and cans, which is very special. The prices of their homemade drinks are also quite reasonable, ranging from $2.00 to $2.80. As for its Dim Sums, it ranges from $2.80 to $6.00. It also serves Congees and Cze Chars in the evening! Definitely a good place for quality dim sum and food! continue reading
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