8 Must Try Dim Sum Restaurants in Singapore!
Sundays are family days and we do the one thing that matters the most on family days — eat. What else, right? For many families, one of the many options available is dim sum. If you’re looking for places that serve good dim sum to dine at with your family this Sunday, look no further — these 8 dim sum places will solve your problems!

Not into dim sum? Can’t eat non-halal food? You may opt to check out the old-school delights and halal restaurants instead!

Self-proclaimed as the best 24-hour dim sum restaurant (and they’re not wrong), Tim Ho Wan has extended beyond Hong Kong and is now globally known. Pork makes up a large majority of their selection. Their BBQ Pork Baked Bun is so good it’s gotten many of their patrons dying. Not ordering it when you dine here would be a crime!

The best Liu Sha Bao in Singapore is all right here, baby! Victor’s Kitchen’s liu sha bao is a legend. Slice through the buns with a knife and watch all that golden custard flow out, tantalizing you from beginning to end. Victor’s King Prawn Dumplings are also another recommendation from us; you’d be drawn in immediately by how fresh and succulent the prawns are.

Anyone up for some Teochew-styled dim sum? Victor’s Kitchen liu sha bao is amazing, but Swatow Seafood Restaurant puts a local spin on the dish by incorporating pandan, resulting in the bun being light green in colour. Did we mention the all-time favourite Paper-wrapped Chicken Wings are available here too? All moist and thoroughly well-seasoned. We hear your stomach rumbling!

One of our best dim sum picks is this humble dim sum restaurant, unsurprisingly popular amongst Singaporeans. If you haven’t heard of it, we don’t know what rock you’ve been living under! Swee Choon serves up the standard dim sum fare; simplistic in their work and food, but the authenticity is glaringly obvious. Once you’ve experienced them, you’d understand why they’re very popular too. 

Paradise Dynasty has been praised by countless customers for allegedly having some of the best and prettiest xiao long bao in Singapore and we can testify to that. Their xiao long bao are very colorful, each coming in a different color and flavor! Now you can savor different kinds of xiao long bao all at once. Make sure to not forget to order other delights such as the la mien and pork bone soup!

Nowhere else can you find a more affordable dim sum buffet than at Yum Cha in Singapore. For the budget-conscious people who are craving dim sum, make Yum Cha your new home. It’s also an ideally good place to yum cha at with your family and friends. Tempting delicacies such as the Seafood Dumplings and the Phoenix Claws are a MUST here.  

Looking for dim sum that doesn’t fit the norm? Wan Dou Sek is one such place. The offerings here are daring and unusual. Where else can you find buns that are stuffed with seasoned pork belly? Or mantou that’s served with chili crab sauce? Wan Dou Sek’s offerings are simply thrilling. Some dishes are even creatively given Japanese, Korean and Thai twists. Not trying everything here would be a huge regret!

Seeing as it’s operated by the same corporation that handles Paradise Dynasty, it goes without saying that Din Tai Fung serves quality dim sum at affordable prices. Xiao long bao is one of their most popular dishes. In fact, Din Tai Fung is practically known for their xiao long bao! They offer different variations of it, with others including extra ingredients such as vegetables, truffles, angled gourd and shrimps. Try all of them. No questions asked.
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