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Crispy Potato-wrapped Prawn HK-style Wontons in Special sauce Singapore-Style Ramen
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A Noodle Story 超好面 located in Amoy Street Food Centre has differentiated itself by being the first and only Singapore-style ramen. This is the brain child of two Shatec trained friends who decided to create ultimate noodles dish through a combination of modern European techniques and Asian flavours providing gourmet quality noodles at hawker prices. A Noodle Story has announced on Jan this year that due to increase in operating cost (rental and cost of raw ingredients), their prices have increased by 50 cents. Hence, please note to increase the prices by 50 cents for all the prices stated in this blog post. Singapore Style Ramen $6The Singapore Style Ramen $6 consisted of Noodles, Hot Spring Egg, Cha Su, Potato Wrapped Prawn, and HK Style Wanton topped with scallions. The soup was served separately in a small bowl. The noodles were very springy and were similar to mee kia. Singapore Style Ramen $6Potato Wrapped PrawnCha SuHot Spring EggThe noodles were cluttered together in a lump making it hard to eat. The chilli added at the side lacked spiciness and fragrance and was too dry. The ingredients such as the Potato Wrapped Prawn, Cha Su and Hot Spring Egg were quite good whereas the HK Style Wanton was ordinary with nothing much to shout about.As a whole, the presentation and concept of this Singapore Style Ramen was unique. It looked real good. But taste wise, it was not mind blowing. Nevertheless, I still must say that I admire the spirit of these two young men for their innovation in creating such a dish. Moreover, the effort taken to arrange the ingredients in the bowl although this was not a restaurant. http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2014/01/a-noodle-story-amoy-street-food-centre.html continue reading
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A Noodle Story is a hipster hawker stall that sells traditional wanton noodle with a modern Japanese interpretation coined as Singapore style Ramen .The stall is manned by two young enterprising guys . The waiting time was a little longer than your usual hawker fare but you could see the effort the guys put in to prepare your bowl of noodles . The presentation of the bowl of noodles was very good . Served with an oversized woonden spoon, the bowl had a myriad of colours making it look rather appetising. Kudos to them for paying attention to detail .The singapore style ramen was served dry , similar to wanton noodles , accompanied with a small bowl of soup . The bowl of noodles had a lot going for just $5.50 . The toppings consisted of wontons, char su, onsen egg, and a potato wrapped prawn fritter. Additional toppings can purchased separately. The noodles were like mee kia but with a more springy texture . The thin noodles was tossed in a special dry sauce which packed a savoury punch . Umami ! The wontons were big and had chunks of juicy prawns in it . The Char Su was well executed making it very juicy , pity it lacked more flavour compared to char su you get at ramen joints . I suspect they left out mirin, a type of japanese rice wine essential in Japanese cooking to keep the cost low. The onsen egg or hot spring egg was perfectly done . Hard on the outside and a runny yolk in the inside . The potato prawn fritter was unique , my first time having such a prawn fritter .Overall, the noodles was rather good. The unique bowl of noodles shed a different light on the evergreen wanton noodle. The combination of the springy textures of the noodles with the various toppings made it a rather satisfying meal.For more please visit :https://gluttonthatshoots.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/a-noodle-story-amoy-food-centre-singapore-ramen/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-25
When I heard that Amoy Food Centre was going under renovation for the next 3 months, I quickly went to have a try of "A Noodle Story" before it closes.I reached there after Lunch time and I thought it was closed as there was no queue. Luckily the stall holder said they ran out of Char Siew but still able to make me a bowl of noodles. I ordered the normal "Singapore-style Ramen" at $5.50. This pricing was not cheap consider other noodle stalls in the vinicity.When the dish came, I was very surpised by the generous portion of ingredients in the bowl. There was a fried prawn, 4 big wantons and an braised egg. The ganishing also looked appetizing and Japanese.What surpised me most was the braised egg, it had a melting yolk and tasted very good, so much better than those from Japanese Ramen stalls. The wantons were meaty and the fried prawns really had a big prawn inside, I thought it was of more flour. However, I found that the noodles were disappointing. The noodles used were local Mee Kia. The Mee Kia tasted soggy and the akaline tasted was a bit on the high side. The sauce and Chilli for the noodles was slightly too salty, I prefered a lighter taste. Overall, the "Singapore-style Ramen" can be better if they use more springy egg noodle . continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-22
Located at the Amoy Street Food Centre, A Noodle Story (超好面) is opened by former Waku Ghin chef de partie Gwern Khoo and his business partner Ben Tham and together they have created a Singapore-style ramen.The noodle servings are available in three sizes – $5.50, $6.50 and $7.50.Crispy Potato-Wrapped Prawn, HK-Style Wonton, Tender Cha-su and Hot Spring Egg are also available as additional side orders.The noodles to me seemed more like our local mee kia rather than Japanese ramen and the chilli used is actually hae bee hiam (sambal udang kering), a spicy dried fried shrimp sambal.This is served with several slices of tender Japanese-style chashu, two pieces of wonton filled with fresh springy prawns and had a hint of ginger in it, one piece of fried prawn wrapped with potato shreds which was crispy, fragrant and really tasty, as well as half a Japanese style onsen egg that was cooked perfectly (just the way I like it). Each ingredient gave a different dimension to the dish as they brought different textures and flavours to your tastebuds. The noodles are typically garnished with freshly sliced scallions and red pepper but I don’t like scallions so I asked them not to put any garnishing in my bowl.Overall I would classify this as fusion food, so I’m not really sure if it is popular with the local crowd, as I noticed the queue at this stall is not as long as the some of the other stalls at the food centre. I did enjoy the noodles, which were a change from the usual ones being sold at most hawker centres and my favourite ingredient was the crispy potato-wrapped prawn. Yums! continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-11
Read a lot about this stall at Amoy Street Food Centre and decided to give it at try in the evening hen there is. No queue .. Head that during lunch time the queue is very long. The noodle presentation is like Japanese Ramen. Very nice presentation. The noodle have a piece of big bruise pork which s very tender and taste like those chat Siew in Japanese Ramen. Also there are 2 big wanton and a piece of fried potato prawn. Like Japanese ramen it has a half boiled onsen egg. Overall the noodle look and Tate very good. And it is not expensive too. Worth to try. Cost about $6 per bowl continue reading
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