From fresh, hand-prepared salads to mouthwatering burgers. Chili's kicks up the flavour with food that is anything but ordinary. continue reading
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Chili's Cheesesteak Bite Grilled Baby Back Ribs
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Level4 2013-10-13
Full Chili's review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2013/10/chilis.htmlChili's began in 1975 in the United States Of America, in Dallas, with a focus on the cuisine of the region, which is Texan style barbecue and Tex-Mex dishes. Arriving in Singapore in 2009, Chili's has since been serving up food that is consistent with its Southern American roots, hearty, generous portions of food that carry bold flavour.Ambience at Chili's is comfortable, but lighting is somewhat dim, making the overall restaurants look dark. I like the little touches of stained glass, and mexican inspired decor, which give the interior its character. Layout is spacious, and furniture is functional with sufficient elbow room... although the size of the plates at Chili's tends to make the tables seem small.Service at Chili's is excellent, styled after the personal and friendly service you'll get in America. Staff are knowledgable about the menu and ingredients, proactive to make recommendations and suggestions, observant and efficient. Food arrives very quickly, despite busy peak periods. Excellent service at Chili's, among one of the best I've seen!Barbecue and Rotisserie is becoming more common in Singapore, but Chili's is one of the few places to get good Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine. Recipes aren't very traditional or authentic, but flavour is big and bold, and many of the dishes are very tasty. Portions are quite large, and prices are reasonable, among one of the cheaper options for Mexican cuisine in Singapore. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-08
Just came to have lunch at Chili's today with my family on a public holiday. I had the crispy chicken tacos, my first time trying this dish. I was quite pleased with the dish which came with 3 soft tortilla tacos that were wrapping pieces of crispy fried chicken. I loved that the crispy which was accompanied by lots of fresh tomatoes and lettuce which provided moisture and cut the greasiness of the chicken. The server was good too, being polite and responsive. The cost is about $30 for the tacos. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
The baby ribs here are absolutely amazing. Drenched in Chili’s famous sauce and slow cooked to perfection. The meat is really soft and juicy, easy to pull apart from each bone along the ribs. Every mouth of these ribs brings you closer and closer to heaven as you chew the meat without much effort. You’re allowed to choose 2 side dishes for the main course. I chose their classic French fries and corn on the cob. The fries were piping hot when served, filed with potato; it was really fat and nice! The corn is wonderful too, showered in butter and baked slowly, it leave a nice residual taste in your mouth. It is not overly buttered but if you’re on a date, you may want to avoid this as eating corn can get pretty mess. A trick that I always use is to use the knife to grind the corn out, like a corn grinder. Moving your knife as though you’re cutting a piece of meat. You not only look lady-like/man-like,, you can impress your date without looking like a pretentious person/a barbarian. This place gets pretty busy during lunch/dinner hours especially on Friday-Sunday as people come out to play. You may want to call in for reservations to avoid the long queue. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-06
If you are craving for pseudo Mexican fare, come to Chili's for an affordable experience. I tried the burger bites with fries and onion rings. The burgers were more like sliders given their size. The patty was passable, with the meat somewhat overgrilled. The fries were also not fantastic but thankfully not soggy. The onion rings were however forgettable, with it somewhat not very crunchy and luke-warm. continue reading
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http://static1.sg.orstatic.com/UserPhoto/photopending/0/FC/00314I20CC2A2ED32AD5D8c.jpgIf you love your burgers big, you'll love chilis. This is by far my favourite American franchise in Singapore. Okay, this and Tony Romas. See, no other restaurants serve their burgers this big, and I love em big! The more fillings, the more meat, the better! This is definitely a burger that burger lovers will love! My standard order is the Southern Smokehouse Bacon burger, because who can resist bacon & onion rings in their burgers?! And they hardly do this anywhere else. Apart from their fantastic burger, they load the whole basket full of fries. I often skip lunch when I know there is a dinner at Chili's, because how else are you supposed to finish this giant of a burger with that bed of fries!If you're going with a big group, order their bottomless tostidos with salsa, its thin and crispy, just the way I like it. Plus, the salsa is refillable too. And only for those with a huge appetite, definitely do not miss out on their molten chocolate cake. It is a fantastic cherry on top of a perfectly good meal! Don't attempt to finish it on your own though, the chocolate is really rich, and two spoons will make you quite sick. Desserts are always meant to be shared. My favourite outlet is the one in RWS, only because there are stores still opened after dinner for you to wander around. The shops around Tanglin were closed once we were done with dinner, so we had no choice but to wander off to the more crowded area of town. Definitely opt for the one in RWS! continue reading
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