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Nutella+Banana Crepe Stephan's Crepe
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Level4 2013-10-06
Tucked away in this small corner of Seah Street, you shouldn’t be surprised if you walk past it and missed it with your bare naked eye. Its isolation is another level, mainly because it’s cramped beside a small construction site, and another dining place that made full use of its alfresco dining area, blocking any possible sight of Entre-Nous Creperie. This little cute French Restaurant is operated by, well, French, which makes it worth the try for authentic French crepes.Cheese Platter :: A selection of four French cheese, accompanied by French Baguette, honey, grapes and walnut. It was the perfect starter for my dining partner and I. The baguette was served slightly warm, and literally hard / slightly crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. Although I’m not one to say the quality of cheese, I must say I did slowly savored each and every art of it. The only thing I’d wished for is, more Baguette please!Geraldine’s Favorite / Entre-Nous :: Geraldine’s favorite is, by chance, my favorite too. Containing goat cheese, roquefort cheese and emmental cheese, it was a cheesy night for me. And I love it that way. I thought though, it tasted slightly burnt, but managed to scrape through. If you’re a fan of prawns, tomato and avocado, then Entre-Nous Crepe is for you. You get the best of three worlds in a simple crepe served hot. As a cheese fan, I’d say though, I’d go for the latter, for the sheer fact that you can taste the distinction in each of its ingredients better, more enjoyable.Sable :: Two shortbread biscuit dressed with their famous salted butter caramel, I say this is the dish of the night. Looks can be deceiving, and in case, it is. The caramel looked to kill your throat with just a single touch, but I was proven wrong. It was one of the easiest caramel to eat – not too rough, but still withholding its distinctive caramel taste. Them, matched with its vanilla ice cream, was just a perfect three-way.Granted, the food isn’t the best in town, but the warm and homely service, on top of it being away from the hustle and bustle, this small restaurant is worth a visit. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-01
I had the homemade salted butter caramel and the La Groix crepe which has Camembert cheese, potatoes and bacon. The crepe are v thin and lovely. Won't feel too gelat as it is very thin and big eaters might not find them filling. The savory La Groix crepe with chunky mash potatoes is awesome but I just wish it was more warmed up. The sweet caramel crepe was not bad but I would suggest to share as it may get quite cloying.  continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-05
A friend introduced this place to me back in 2011 and I've been back since.This was probably my 5th or 6th time here and this time I had the set menu. I think it's about $30++ for one savoury crepe, one dessert crepe, the soup of the day, plus a drink. Not too shabby, eh?Soup of the day: clam chowder. This was awesome and this is coming from someone who is NOT a fan of clam chowder. Too many times have I tried fishy-tasting, weird clam chowder. This on the other hand, was not the case. For my savoury crepe, I chose the La Groix - camenbert cheese with potatoes and bacon bits. I usually would go for Geraldine's Cheese (different kinds of cheese in one crepe), but I wanted to try something different and was very happy with my choice. The addition of bacon bits was great!Lastly, the dessert crepe. I had to try the Entre-Nous (homemade salted butter caramel) crepe. Actually I was quite surprised I hadn't tried it till now. This creation was da bombbbbb. It's salted caramel done right - not too sweet and not at all hard on the throat! I'm craving for this right now, sigh. A must-try! continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-24
Layered crepe has been a recent trend in the food business and the layered crepe here is really good due to the cream in between the crepe which is smooth anf flavourful. The chocolate cream has a rich and heavenly chocolate aroma and the taste of the crepe is not too sweet making it perfect.Other flavors are also not bad and the crepe goes well with a cup of tea or coffee. continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-05
The place has a family ambience but also resembled a small art cafe as the paintings of French scenery and cuisine hung around the wall, which seems like a totally different world from the chicken rice shop two doors away.Stephan favourite ($19.80) is a galette filled with roasted chicken, wholegrain mustard and caramelised onions. Galette refers to a savoury crepe made with buckwheat flour. The ones here are organic and unsweetened, good for those who are especially health conscious! The chicken is not too dry which can get easily so in many sandwiches in townthe Faustine's Milky Dream ($6) This was named after the daughter of the owners here sounds like every child's sweet fairytale with a happy ending. It was simply thick frothy milk topped with salted caramel which was not overly sweetened.the salted butter caramel ($9.90) As for the sweet Crepes, the salted butter caramel was a slight disappointment as the crepe skin could be more evenly cooked but the sauce was really fantastic! It might be personal preferences but I usually liked crispy thin-layered crepes but every culture does crepes its unique way This French house attracts many office workers during weekdays but we were glad we went on a Sunday afternoon when the place is not too crowded and perfect for chilling out with friends. As you might have noticed, many of the items are named after the owner and his family. I guessed this is one adept expression of how chef-owners translate their passion for life into their food. continue reading
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