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Gyoza-Ya, a casual dining restaurant which houses both the concepts of Gyoza and Jya Jya Men in a comfortable and friendly dining setting, is located at Orchard Road – Robinsons Orchard (previously Heeren Mall). Gyoza-Ya serves variations of freshly made gyozas. These “dumplings” are expertly made by their Master Chef immediately as an order comes in. continue reading
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Gyoza with Cheese Mentaiko Miso Gyoza
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Level4 2015-06-26
Read good reviews of this place and decided to check things out for myself. Garlic Rice - both the versions with or without seafood are really tasty! It's a small portion but the price is not high too lah. Tori Karaage - very deep fried but a tad tasteless leh. Rather disappointing...Ramen - they only have one type of ramen. The texture of the ramen is quite QQ so not bad actually. The broth is also the thick pork-based one. My girl actually wanted a whole bowl by herself. Of course we had Gyoza too and yes yes, the Gyozas were very nice. Crispy base and soft steamed dumplings tops and flavourful fillings!! Not sure if I'll return again for a full meal but yes, the Gyozas are worth checking out at least as a snack. continue reading
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Are you craving for some delicious Gyoza in town? Yup! Introduce you guys the Gyoza-Ya, a fast food Japanese Restaurant located at basement of Robinsons Orchard. My very first visit to Gyoza-Ya restaurant with friends for dinner! The impression of this restaurant given me was that, their services toward the customers were excellent. Other than, they had this little small kitchen showcasing to the publics on how their dishes is being made, especially a plate of mouthwatering Gyoza. Fresh hand-made Gyoza Gyoza-Ya Restaurant sell variety of Japanese foods and desserts. The Signature Gyoza with their secret recipe. Japanese Red Bean Gyoza Sui Gyoza with Prawn Udon Yummy dessert! Love this! The Gyoza is a good bite for all range groups of people, a side order compliment with their main dish. I love it because it does not give you an oily aftertaste! Gyoza-Ya restaurant made fresh and well-seasoned Gyoza to fulfil their customers hungry moment. Likewise, do try out their dessert too! It’s worth the price for your casual dining at Gyoza-Ya restaurant.Photo with Linda and Sheena! Thanks for the invite ;) continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-03
Gyoza, usually a side dish at Izakaya or ramen-ya, becomes the leading star at Gyoza-ya. Having opened at the old Heeren since last year, it has introduced new items to meet the ever-changing consumers' tastebuds. One of my favourites picks was the all-new Crab Gyoza $7.80, an interesting and flavourful twist to the traditional meat filling. Made with fresh crab instead of frozen crab meat, each dumpling is wrapped with the exact same amount of filling, churned and measured to perfection by the machine.The other new dish is the Tonkatsu Udon ($6.80). Gyoza-ya also prides itself as being the first to serve this Jya Jya Men($6.50) in Singapore. I loved the Yaki Azuki Gyoza out of all and felt that it needn't be eaten as desserts towards the end of the meal. Sweet red bean mash encased in thin, crisp shell that reminded me of my all-time love, the Croissant Taiyaki. Never mind if there isn't any butter since they're probably healthier.Matcha, Sesame and Yuzu Ice Cream ($6 each). The biggest draw factor is the price. With the gyozas at an average $4.80 for 5 pieces and other food not exceeding $7, it's possibly one of the best deals for Japanese food in Orchard.Full review and pics: http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2014/09/gyoza-ya-singapore-new-crab-gyoza-and.html continue reading
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Wait no more, Gyoza-Ya has launched a fourth filling for their gyoza (dumpling)! - Pork, Vegetable, Prawn and now Red King Crab (Tarabagani). As the name, Gyoza-Ya, this restaurant is specialised in both pan-fried and boiled gyoza. Also as member of the Akashi Group of restaurants, Gyoza-Ya is sure to bring out the authentic Japanese taste from Japan to Singapore.Red King Crab Gyoza is available in both Pan-Fried (Yaki Kani Gyoza) and Boiled (Sui Kani Gyoza) with Miso Dressing, priced at $7.80 for 5 pieces per plate.There is limited quantity daily depending on availability of their Tarabagani. The gyoza are made freshly everyday.My personal favourite drink is Kuri Lemonade (Japanese Cucumber with Lemonade). A very refreshing and smoothing taste! Another new item added, Tonkusei Tonkotsu Udon (Special Pork Bone Soup with Thick Noodle).For more photos, view http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2014/08/gyoza-ya-robinsons-orchard-singapore.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-16
I'm definitely game for gyozas for lunch anyday! Gyoza-ya is one of the hottest lunch places on Orchard Road, housed in the basement of the new Orchard Robinson (previously: The Heerens) now, and I can understand why after going once.Gyoza-ya's Ninniku Yaki Meshi, or Japanese garlic fried rice, was teeming with wokhei fragrance and fried omelette. However, the portion is so small, it seems like a tasting serving! I could finish the whole bowl in five mouthfuls, I think... and yes, the photo was taken before anyone dug in.This outlet specializes in both pan-fried and boiled gyozas with pork or vegetable fillings. Of course, I have to try both the pan-fried and the boiled pork gyozas. The pan-fried gyozas are relatively more outstanding than the boiled gyozas. The pan-fried gyozas would definitely satisfy any expectations of crispy, slightly burnt dumpling skin with juicy steaming hot and tasty pork fillings. They have enough flavour on their own, but dip in the sweet sauce if you'd must. The boiled gyozas, on the hand, were also enjoyable and thickly coated with a sweet and sour vinegar sauce. But if you have to choose only one, go for the pan-fried ones!For full review: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/06/gyoza-ya-orchard-robinson.html#more continue reading
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