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Offering an elegant and intimate gastronomic dining experience, Iggy’s 38-seat restaurant offers a highly seasonal menu that reflects the dynamism of the international culinary scene by way of the Singaporean palate. continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-11
Pictures are at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/07/iggys.htmlDespite being renowned and celebrated internationally, I found Iggy's underwhelming. The ambience was stuffy and prissy, much like dining with the Queen. That was far from enjoyable. To compound its stodgy, chi-chi vibe, the food was inventive but contrived, delicious but soulless.We had the extravagant but substantive $275 11-course dinner:1) Stone and Pate - comprised a couple of baby potatoes, skins-on and charred into a stone-like appearance, sided by a truffle mayonnaise dip. Served amongst a bunch of actual smoothened stones, it's quite the inspired plating.2) Octopus Carpaccio showered with edible flowers and snow: delicate and evoked memories of a crisp winter's morning, just after the first snowfall.3) Mushroom Consomme dotted with shimeiji caps, and floating above a smooth egg custard: comforting and lovely4) Burnt Scallop -encrusted in an inky casing, revealed a plump succulent scallop: well-balanced against a curried tomato sauce.5) Toro Sashimi, with beetroot, arugula, baby carrot, mascarpone powder: a wonderful medley of the sweet, peppery, creamy and bitter.6) Anago with green pea, fava bean, and urui: uneven, the nutty undertones of the greens did little to compensate for the overwhelmingly fishy eel.7) Spaghetti, with shirako, kujo-neghi, sansho, and yuzu: the fish overwhelmed its delicate counterparts, and copious lashings of yuzu zest and fresh leek failed to save the day.8) Wagyu: absolutely sublime, complemented by a capered jus laced with alba black truffles. This was accompanied by grilled fat stalks of white asparagus, new potatoes and shitake.9) Kurobuta Pork: glorious as well, with nary a whiff of that "porky smell", lush and fork-tender. continue reading
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After been to a lot fine dining restaurants in Japan and Hong Kong, i may consider the entire experience was not bad, slightly above average? The flavor of 3 selections of amuse bouche increases from right to left.The smoke was really impressive, after the smoke gradually went out , the beautiful inside appears.The spanish mackerel was char-grilled with a crispy skin. The fish itself was tender, but no that kind of ‘melt-in-your mouth’ tender.Probably the most popular dessert at Iggy’s – infused by the Singaporean ingredients such as Kaya and pandan. It was delight and refresh, but the flavor of ceylon tea ice cream somehow much stronger than Kaya (those yellow creme on the right side). The ‘Kaya toast’ on the back with a hot and creamy filling was quite memorable.Then i was presented with a whole box of colorful goodness, you can choose any items as your Petit Fours: macarons, chocolates, soft candy, marshmallows or truffle chocolate. Such a perfect ending for a dessert holic.Your choice of tea or coffee is also inclusive.Food was nice but not wow, while service have large room to improve ( as no one introduce the main course when it comes to the table). If only consider it within Singapore, the rating might be higher. Anyway, worth a try. continue reading
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M was in town so I had an accomplice to satisfy my curiosity on much-raved-about Iggy’s. Named after its founder, award-winning Sommelier and restaurateur Ignatius Chan, Iggy’s is ranked 14 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014. We arrived with high expectations.The entrance is somewhat like “Aladdin’s cave”. Upon entering, the staff welcomed us warmly. Service was attentive, without being over-zealous. I must commend that the staff were genuinely helpful. After ordering our set lunches ($65++ for 2 courses, $85++ for 3 courses and $105++ for 4 courses), my camera battery went flat *horrors*. Thankfully, the waitress found a charger and lead us to another table near a power point. 2 thumbs up!The cooking-style is modern fusion. Flavours were subtle and never over-powering. Creative presentation, top-notch ingredients, but dishes lack an element of surprise. We came anticipating to be charmed but went home feeling “meh”. I mean… it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t mind blowing as I expected it to be.Sundried Tomato Foccacia and Wholemeal SourdoughChilled Gazpacho sorbet with Tomato Salad Amuse Bouche provided a much needed relief from the sweltering heat outdoors.Wagyu beef appetizer with red bell pepper “pappardelle” and pomegranate.M’s luxurious appetiser-generous portion of Foie gras with artichoke, white asparagus and Alba Black truffleFor the second course, we both selected Iggy’s signature Cappellini with crunchy Sakura Ebi and Konbu. Tossed in Shellfish oil, each strand of pasta had an intense crustacean flavour.For the mains, 70 °C Wagyu cheek with Pinot Noir and Hearts of palm fared much better compared to Pork Belly with Gobo, yam and kinkan. While the Waguy cheek main was flavoursome and melts in the mouth, the Pork Belly dish tasted flat and dull.Inspired by Singapore’s popular breakfast , Iggy’s Kaya and Teh Tarik dessert is a creative spin on the well-loved staple. The soft brioche French toast had a beautifully caramelised exterior. Served with a thickened custard-textured kaya and bittersweet teh tarick ice cream. Lip smackingly yummy!Vanilla ice cream on a bed of banana, served with Araguani chocolate, espresso, hazelnut. Not the most innovative dessert, but nevertheless satisfied my sweet-toothThe waitress asked what coffee/tea would like to have, so we mistakenly assumed that hot beverage was part of the set lunch. The $10 tip I intended to give the waitress for her fantastic service went into paying for this exorbitantly priced small cup of Cappuccino ($11.70 after GST and service charge).We were lukewarm towards the set lunch. Perhaps dinner will enchant? We’ll try, maybe, someday.For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/04/24/iggys/  continue reading
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Level1 2013-10-16
When we were visiting Singapore last month, Iggy's was high up on our list of restaurants we wanted to try. Having claimed the top spot in the Miele Guide for a few years (but ranked 4th this year), both Mr. C and I wanted to see just how special this restaurant was. I phoned ahead a week in advance to secure a booking for a weekday lunch, but please note that Iggy's does require credit card details upon making a reservation and a cancellation fee of $85++ per person would be incurred if you are do not give them advance notice of at least 48 hours.Situated on the 3rd floor at The Hilton hotel, the restaurant is hidden behind an intimidating black wooden door. Once inside, the theme of black followed throughout the corridor that the hostess leads you through until you are shown inside their dining room which is completely cream in colour. Minimalistic and a little stiff were the words that came to mind regarding the decor, but it had a modern feel to it. The menu for lunch had a number of options to mix and match pending on how many courses you wished to select and both of us decided to have 2 courses plus dessert. After ordering we were presented with an amuse bouche of chilled tomato beer and a crisp with thin slice of shaved abalone. Quite good. The abalone was soft and contrasted well with the crunchiness of the crisp, while the clear tomato broth was refreshingly intense in flavour. How adorable is the little beer mug~?They do not have a bread basket, but a server came around and placed a plump little roll on bread plates. She did not describe what is was, but only after taking a bite did we realise it was cheese bread. Not just any bread mind you, it had the most pleasing bouncy texture like a mochi and even Mr. C who is a bread snob found it quite delicious.To start I could not go past the burrata cheese. A bed of snow white burrata with pieces of crisp fennel placed artfully on top. The burrata was lovely, all creamy and gooey just the way I like it and the caviar contributed a touch of brininess to the simple flavours of the dish.Mr. C's dish was very pretty. A solitary Gillardeau oyster resting in a fushia pink purple pool of red cabbage and Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar. The bite of oyster I had was really fresh where the cabbage flavoured vinegar with a hint of wine was more sophisticated than the normal red vinegar usually paired with these briny creatures.Lamb is usually a favourite for me, so seeing lamb saddle on the menu was an easy decision for me. Three slices of lamb, blushing in colour accompanied by ratatouille. The main part of the lamb was relatively lean, not gamey at all, where the thin edge of fat added a richness to the meat. I quite liked the ratatouille, still crunchy roasted vegetables paired with a tomato- paste like sauce. The elements of the ratatouille were served separately which I suppose is good for diners so they can tweak the flavour according to their tastes.Risotto was Mr. C's pick. Japanese sweet corn risotto with Challans duck breast. Cooked to a medium rare even just from appearance it looked wonderfully juicy. However the stand out for me was definitely the corn risotto. Creamy with a buttery fragrance, grains of softly al dente rice mixed with super sweet corn kernels was just heavenly~ I really had to restrain myself from continually spooning into his dish All too soon it was time for dessert. Before coming here, I looked up some past reviews to give me an idea of what to try and the kaya and teh tarik seemed to be a popular dessert choice. Presented in a deconstructed fashion, a cube of well buttered brioche toasted to a crunch went wonderfully with the generous smear of fragrant pandan cream. The scoop of milk tea ice-cream covered in tea foam was surprisingly strong in taste with black remnants of tea leaves at the base. A well executed play on a traditional Singaporean favourite.Since we were sharing and not in a chocolate mood, Mr. C picked the remaining option of Peach Melba. Sweet juicy pieces of Californian peach nestled on a bed of creamy milk ice-cream with a shower of cereal for crunch. This was a lighter dessert, but nonetheless still pleasant. Peaches and ice-cream, nothing could really go wrong here.I did enjoy my experience iggy's~ Every dish although simple was well prepared with quality ingredients. Their portions however are quite small, with the exception of dessert which may not be satisfying enough for some diners and as a result some may not deem the meal as worthy of such a high price tag. continue reading
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Level3 2011-11-14
2011 – Ranked 27 in S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant2010/2011 – Miele Guide Asia’s No.12010 - Ranked 28 in S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best RestaurantAnd the list goes on & on for this Award-winning Modern European restaurant, which also happens to be in my top 3 fave list.The lunch was my first visit after Iggy’s had moved from Regent Hotel to The Hilton. The first few months were always fully booked & I finally gave up trying until a recent occasion when I brought 2 friends there.Ouch! The 4-course lunch menu @ Iggy’s is now S$85++/pax! I felt really bad as I didn’t expect the prices for lunch had gone up so much. Nevertheless, we were all eager to see what Iggy’s had installed for us.Honestly, it was an unpleasant start. I was a little put off by the Amuse Bousche. If you’re not a fish lover like me, you’d certainly give this Anchovy a miss. The twin fish served on Watermelon was marinated with different seasonings – one sour & the other, salted. It was hard to digest for me, too fishy; but my two guy friends gobbled them without a single trace. I assumed they liked it.I was starving so I indulged myself in their Sour Dough & Garlic Bread. That was good!Delightful, crunchy & juicy, is how I would describe the Gillardeau Oyster. The appetizer was an execution of explicitness & taste; a dish which marry European influences with fresh Asian flavour. Love how the deep-fried tempura Oyster was served, floating on a bed of sago with a tinge of lemon & dashi.Call me silly or loyal. Out of 10 visits to Iggy’s, I would order their Cappellini with Sakura Ebi 10 times. Just couldn’t get enough of this. Tried ordering at another restaurant once, but it was a disaster. Guess I would just stay faithful here. One word to describe the pasta: BEST! While we were waiting in between our meals, we noticed there was something different about the door to the kitchen. Look at the pix carefullyne minute it was opaque,Next, it became a see-through door. The 3 of us were trying to make a wild guess. What’s with this magical door? Give it some thought. I’ll reveal the answer at the end of this post. See if you get it right.Well, I was in a carnivorous mood that day & so I opted for their Angus Rib-Eye as my main. I was totally satisfied with the succulent tender cut, served with Brussels Sprouts & a dash of Wasabi. Not many chefs could produce a medium-well beef that melts in your mouth, & I was 100% happy with the immaculate skills.The finale was Guinness for me. The Miso Caramel dessert was a real treat with peanuts & marshmallow. However, my friend wasn’t too happy with his dessert.“Something missing in the middle?” he asked the waiter jokingly. Either you love or hate the plating of this Strawberry dessert. My friend was complaining that he could hardly find any strawberries in it. Lol! What do you think of this presentation?Ok, so have you got the answer to the mysterious kitchen door?Iggy’s has this very interesting concept whereby when the door is opaque, it means the chef is busy preparing in the kitchen. When the food is ready, the door will turn transparent to signal to the waiters to enter & pick up the food! Amazing, isn’t it? continue reading
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