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Chef's tireless effort for years, Jerry's customers are getting served the near-perfect smoked-barbecue fare: tender and succulent baby back pork ribs, chicken, pulled pork and beef brisket, along with the delicious and sticky homemade barbecue sauce. And this is besides Jerry's very popular Deep Fried Mushroom and the most talked-about Buffalo Wings in 6 levels of spiciness. continue reading
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BBQ Ribs Buffalo Wings Deep Fried Mushroom
Review (8)
Level2 2015-03-25
Having come here with high expectations we have to say we were slightly disappointed. Portions are HUGE and in that sense it's really value for money.However the starters were only decent ("Buffalo Wings" with no vinegar are totally NOT buffalo wings), and the ribs were a little overcooked. The sauce was delicious though!Jerry's is a nice place to come eat if you're in the area and craving for wings, but not quite worth a long journey. Non-halal (obviously).Please visit http://bit.ly/19hybeW for full review and photos. continue reading
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for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ (:the first thing i noticed when i was there was that Jerry's claimed to be the first restaurant to come up with buffalo wings and fried mushrooms! hmm not sure how true is that, but anyway, their buffalo wings were AWESOME. they offer three levels of spiciness - smoking ($12.95), intensi-fire ($12.95) and chef's challenge ($13.95). well, i was kinda intimidated by the latter two names, and anyway yi can't take spiciness, so we went with the smoking buffalo wings. they were ultra crispy i absolutely relished the crunch of the beautifully fried chicken skin when i bit into it. and the loved the slightly sweet, slightly tangy sauce that it was slathered with YUMYUMYUM.the nachos supreme ($12.95) was just the way i loved it. a generous pile of fresh tortilla chips topped with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese. a few of the tortilla chips were slightly soggy, but i dont suppose you can fault that considering they were weighed down by the amount of cheese it came with sour cream, salsa and chili con carne on the side. i loved the chili con carne! not sure whether this is the first time i'm actually eating it. haha. but it was really delicious on second thought, we should probably only have ordered half a slab of the memphis style hickory smoked barbecue pork ribs (half $19.95, full $32.95). not that it wasnt good! it was. that was the problem. it was too much of good stuff! haha we just had too much meat that day. the ribs were beautifully done, barbecued for 5 hours, and they were tender and meaty with a good amount of sauce. each dish comes with a serving of steamed vegetables, and one choice of the following sides: baked beans, potato salad, baked potato, french fries.finally, we had the roasted beef tenderloin and pulled pork combo ($32.95). this dish really gave us the best of both worlds. initially i wasnt too impressed by the pulled pork. on its own, i found it stringy and a tad dry. but...dip it in the bbq sauce that it came with, and it was completely transformed! the sauce complemented it perfectly and gave it a wonderfully refreshing flavour that was irresistible. the roasted beef tenderloin lived up to its name - it was one of the most tender pieces of beef i've ever eaten, it practically melted in my mouth continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-29
Have you tried their fiery buffalo wings here? Please come prepared for a good tongue tingling should you order them! The good news is that you can specify the degree of spicyness of the BBQ marinate from level 1 all the way to level 5! I tried level 3 and it was manageable, so onto level 4 the next time! Aside from being spicy, the wings are immensely tasty and. Their battered fried mushrooms are good to but careful not to bite them them immediately upon being served, as the juices are HOT! Steaks here are excellent too, being well grilled to your requested done-ness and juicy. continue reading
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Level1 2012-11-25
WAITED 10 min to be serve to the basement.WAITED another 10 min for someone to take our orders.WAITED 20 min for the food which was worth it WAITED 10 min for my sauce after getting the wrong sauce for me.WAITED 30 min for the drinks after we finished our food.WAITED 10 min to foot the bills in the end we have to proceed upstairs to pay ourself. Was shock by their food as the portion was really big that i can share it with my girlfriend.Pull pork and beef was well cook, tender and delicious. Had deep fried mushroom for the first time. Really tasty together with the tar tar sauce.Tried the Clam soup in the bread cup for the first time as well and it was great! Environment was good at the basement. Quiet and relaxing.Overrall everything is good other then their service i would rate 0. I have to pay service charge when i dont get any service at all. I think they should have more staff as i only saw one chinese man serving food and drinks from the start at the basement. continue reading
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Level2 2012-07-03
I used to come here for the wings but the last time I visited, the standard is no longer the same. It has taken a really long fall!! My friend order a steak, he almost pucked! I tried a bite... It is my first time tasting a steak like it has been soaked in salt water for 3 days!! If you are looking for place for sashimi that taste like the sea, this is it. After my friend fedback to the waiter, he had a piece and had the audacity to said this is the seasoing??!! hence that marks our last visit ever. To be fair, the dessert was not bad. Soup as bland though. I later heard from a friend that the place changed hands. That may be the reason. continue reading
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