Arriving by Bus: #7/14/14e/16/65/106/111/123/175/502/502A, Bustop Name: Midpoint Orchard, Bustop No.: 09038. Arriving by Train: Somerset MRT. Nearest Carpark: Centrepoint Carpark continue reading
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A place for authentic Indonesian street food continue reading
Opening Hours
12:00 - 21:00
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 21:00
Signature Dishes
Bakmie Ayam Martabak
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Level4 2015-11-04
JTown Cafe is a small outlet in Midpoint, selling Jakarta street food at reasonable prices, and somemore in orchard area. It is located across from the food court. Although the selection is not a lot, the place is packed during lunch with the office crowd with most having its lunch sets priced at $5.90.Bakmie Ayam ($5.90)It is actually indonesian chicken noodle, served with a cup of iced tea.The iced tea is bland but refreshing to have in such a hot day.The noodle comes with a bowl of soup, filled with 3 pieces of beef meatballs.I like that there is a lot of crispy fried shallots in the noodles. Remember to add the spicy tangy chilli sauce from the counter. The heat from the sauce adds extra kick to the dish.Martabak Campur‬ ($3.90 regular)indonesian pancake with mixed topping of peanuts, chocolate rice and cheeseAs I am too full I decide to take this away which costs another $0.20 more. I like the texture of the melting cheese, the crunchy nutty peanuts and chocolate rice which makes a yummy dessert.Overall the food is not bad. No wonder the place is packed during lunch. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-07
Bf brought me to a place where he said he had a very good mee soto there. When I heard mee soto, I thought the place sold Malay food. Then he added that the place's called Jtown. Straight away what popped inside my head was that 'J' should be related to Japan. But wait, Japanese restaurant serving mee soto? Sounds legit. But I was completely wrong when I knew that Jtown was an Indonesian restaurant, and 'J' actually referred to Jakarta!Jtown sells Jakarta street food like mie ayam (chicken noodle), mie bakso (beef meatball noodle), gado-gado, and martabak manis (sweet Indonesian pancake). The menu is not really extensive, but the price is reasonable.Bakmie Ayam - $5chicken noodleI opted for a simple bowl of bakmie ayam. According to them, the noodle is handmade and freshly made everyday. Unfortunately, the seasoning didn't really suit my tastebuds.Mee Goreng - $5.30fried noodleBf ordered mee goreng, which I thought they would use Indomie at first but no haha. Beside chicken, they also put mushroom and half boiled egg. Of course I helped him eating the mushroom lol.Martabak Campur (large) - $6.20indonesian pancake with mixed topping of chocolate and cheeseWe call this 'martabak manis' or 'terang bulan'. Bf had tried this on his previous visit and loved it. Beside chocolate and cheese, other toppings available are Ovomaltine and D24 durian (eww). The large size is actually equal to small size in Indonesian street food context haha.Overall, I recommend this to fellow Indonesians in Singapore who are craving for Indonesian street food, especially martabak manis!For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-13
This is a hidden place with good food! There wasn't much crowd perhaps due to the location but the food is really tasty and affordable. Ordered the chicken popcorn noodle that came with a bowl of soup. The noodles were a little bit dry though, so it is better to pour a bit soup to it. Chicken popcorn given was a lot and the noodles were really chewy! continue reading
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Working in Orchard might really take a toll on the wallet. That is, unless you know where to go.  My search for cheap eats in Orchard brought me to Midpoint Orchard, a mall I had no reason to visit for the past decade of trawling Orchard Road. A sprightly coloured neon sign with a coloured interior sets Jtown Cafe apart from other tenants  in the basement of the shopping centre. It is a modest affair, simple tables and stools and an open kitchen concept, nothing fancy. Stepping into the restaurant, my party was promptly received by warm Indonesian hospitality. We were shown to our seats and recommended the set lunch right away.Bingo.For just $5.50 - $5.90, you can choose from 5 main courses, and receive a complimentary beef ball soup and homemade green tea.I had the Black Pepper Chicken Set and it was good! No sign of peppery undertones but the chicken was still amply savoury with its sauce, and there was rice and some greens blanched and served on the side. It just really packed the warmth of homecooked food with comely flavours. The free bowl of beef balls served in chicken stock would certainly give the main dish a run for it's money as well. Chewy and fragrant. Yum! Some might complain that the soup would be a tad on the saltier side - a problem easier resolved by the homemade green tea, which was light and refreshing without the overpowering sweetness from it's canned counterparts.Then if you are looking for a dessert to round up your meal (like I did), give the martabaks a shot. Martabaks are Indonesian sweet pancakes, served hot and sprinkled with sugar. It's very much a sweet tooth dish, but even till now I'm not quite sure what to make of hot durian in my dessert. You will need to find out for yourself for that.Total Cost for Lunch $5.90 + $3.90 = $9.80That's a full meal with drink and dessert to boot! It certainly does not get more value-for-money than this. continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-30
In search of affordable places to have lunch in Orchard, we came to this little cafe like place opposite the somerset MRT station.This cafe serves Indonesian food at really affordable prices healthy for your wallet. Definitely worth a try if you are around the area.They also have set lunch specials for a main course + a homemade green tea for less than $6! For my meal, I ordered a bowl of Bee Hoon Bakso and upgraded my drink to a can of Sprite for only $0.20 more! Worth it!My bowl of Bee Hoon might look plain but that's because I opted out of garnish & vegetables. Although it looks plain, it sure doesnt taste plain. The soup base is quite flavourful and the noodles soaked up the soup well.The beef balls are also huge and tastes like those you get with beef noodles, but just jumbo sized. Nice! continue reading
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