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Lao Beijing is a classic Chinese restaurant that serves a variety of Chinese dishes including dimsum, rice and noodles. With a wide range available on their menu, this restaurant is certainly suitable for patrons of all ages to enjoy. continue reading
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Review (23)
Level1 2021-01-25
I’ve definitely seen the better days of laobeijing and it has definitely declined drastically over the last year.Conclusion: rude staff, lousy service, mediocre food We waited for an hour for our food to be served and the staff did not care one bit while all the other tables have finished their meal, we finally got our small portion food served. The big disappointment was the duck where they just slice the duck from the kitchen and threw the carcass out (without informing you where the rest of the duck you paid is going to the bin) where as other restaurants will serve the carcass as standard. Staff were very unhelpful, turns a blind eye and deaf ear to anything you ask for, and definitely did not do anything to help.Juts utterly disappointed by the service and the quality and quantity of food, will not recommend anyone to visit this restaurant to avoid disappointment continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-20
One of the perks of not having to work on a weekday is to be able to enjoy a peaceful afternoon high tea, away from the bustling weekend crowd. I had been to Lao Beijing for their weekend hi-tea buffet 3-4 years back and though the spread wasn’t spectacular, it was good enough for me as it had everything that I wanted. I decided to revisit the restaurant to check out its weekday buffet menu.Its weekday hi-tea buffet is priced at $13.80++ per adult with more than 20 items to feast on. While appetisers, soup, dim sum and desserts were laid out on an unappealing buffet set up for self service, the xiao long bao (steamed meat buns), noodles and dumplings would have to be ordered separately which was good so the latter would be made upon order and served fresh and hot.This actually tasted more soury than spicy with a strong vinegary flavour but I quite liked it because it could ignite my senses. The textures of the crunchy bamboo shoots and tender shiitake mushrooms made great accompaniments but it would be better if the soup was made less starchy.The Beijing-style Appetising Cucumber was just standard pickled cucumbers. The Stewed Peanuts were tender and flavourful but still not the best I had. The Sliced Beancurd Skin looked like beef tripe at first glance but I liked its firm and slightly chewy texture which was like eating cuttlefish. The Fried Noodles was average, nothing to rave about.The sliced pork with garlic sauce was my favourite among all appetisers. Thinly sliced tender pork belly blanched and marinated in a rich, garlicky sauce that wasn’t too overwhelming. Not greasy at all and in fact, the layers of fat on the pork belly tasted crunchy.The Beijing-style ‘Shao Mai’ was more meaty as compared to the Cantonese ones with more crunch from whole prawns, hence each morsel was quite heavy and dense and I got sick of it just after 1 or 2 pieces. The Special Fried Pancake was a little hard and dry on the outside but the inside was juicy with meat and chives. The rest of the fried items were just greasy and boring so skip them if you can.One of my long-time favourites because these are cooked in boiling water and are non-greasy. These Beijing-style dumplings had thicker skin as compared to our local wantons or sui kows but I loved the combination of the pork and cabbage filling which was well marinated. I would dip each jiao zi into black vinegar and eat with shredded ginger. Heavenly.Their Xiao Long Bao were made to order so you’d have to wait for this to be served. But it was worth it because these buns were steaming hot when they arrived on my table and it was just a joy to see how much meat juice each parcel contained. It would ooze liquid with each bite. Delicious.For full review and pictures, please visit http://www.springtomorrow.com/2014/03/11/weekday-hi-tea-buffet-lao-beijing-novena-square/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-28
Have bought their signature Beijing stir fried noodles and spicy pork to share with my sister. The stir fried noodles was really generous in portion and good to serve two people. The noodles are very chewy and tasty, with lots of fried eggs, prawns and beansprout added in it. The noodles are very chewy and not too soggy too. The spicy pork meat, which the marination of the meat is really fragrant and is also quite spicy. Meat is tender and juicy. Restaurant layout was very spaciouis and with many traditional furnishing here. Staffs are friendly and helpful too. continue reading
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I knew not much about Lao Beijing Restaurant, but I heard its reputation was not bad in food chain. It was able to grab customer’s attraction with their several secret recipe dishes.What caught my eye was their signature Chinese Ramen. It called ‘’Dan Dan Mian’’ as well, famous street food in Sichuan. Pretty, tidy and the richness of the gravy was so hearty. Although a bit oily, a bit sinful, yet I enjoyed the noodles especially soaked up with delicious sauces. There was heaps of minced pork sprinkled all over and the gravy looked thick and dark red. Slightly spicy along with sesame where the noodles were tough. It declared in Menu that it was handmade. Taste wise I must say it was all in all good. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-21
Serving authentic Northern Chinese fare, noodles and juicy dumplings, Lao Beijing is my favourite venue for family dining and cosy gatherings.Their all-time favourites are Traditional Roast Peking Duck, Beijing-style Sweet and Sour Fish, Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp, Pork and Chive Guo Tie, Dan Dan Noodles and many more delectable dishes.The simple dishes I ordered on my special day is as good as always. I was presented with a special birthday cake as well. No wonder It has bagged numerous awards and retains its position as one of Singapore's top restaurants in Singapore Tatler's 'Best Restaurants' guide. continue reading
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