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Claypot Frog Porridge
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Level1 2023-08-05
店鋪:獅城芽籠九巷活田雞 (Deliveroo/Food Panda)地址:旺角豉油街126-128號明威閣2樓Freshlane獲獎無數、拎過新加坡旅遊局綠皮書推薦同全島票選美食王等獎項🏆;開業28年,13間海外分店遍佈亞洲嘅新加坡必食美食🇸🇬——獅城芽籠九巷活田雞 @lor9.co 終於開到嚟香港喇🇭🇰老闆喺新加坡有自家農場養殖田雞,標榜非基因改造,以可持續發展同埋符合人道原則嘅標準,去養殖每一隻供應到所有分店嘅田雞🐸。多年來深受新加坡人同遊客歡迎,分店一間接一間咁開業,可以話喺家傳戶曉,甚至近年成為埋去新加坡必試嘅餐廳之一🤤✝️宮保田雞要品嚐新加坡最地道嘅風味,宮保田雞可以話喺非試不可。同川式宮保做法唔同,新加坡嘅宮保在於用咗大量辣椒同豉油去煮到田雞完美入味🌶,餐廳更加混合多年研發嘅獨家秘製醬料,嗰種獨特嘅惹味辣香真喺令人回味無窮,唔食得辣嘅人就要小心喇😏✝️薑蔥田雞薑蔥田雞就相當濃郁開胃,啱晒食唔到宮保香辣嘅人🤓,田雞有豐富嘅蛋白質,肉質細嫩似足雞肉,鮮味得嚟夠晒鑊氣,用嚟送佢哋超香甜綿滑嘅獅城優質白粥就最適合不過另外試埋佢哋嘅菜脯煎蛋同白焯芥蘭,前者用咗糖、麻油同辣椒去醃製白蘿蔔乾,放喺炒蛋當中🥚,食落鹹香爽口;芥蘭望落新鮮🥬,食落清新爽脆,有一種食家常便飯嘅感覺🏡 continue reading
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For more food reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/04/lion-city-claypot-frog-porridge.htmlTalking about the food in Geylang Lorong 9, it is obviously known for its Beef Kway Teow and Frog Porridge which are just located opposite each other separated by a road. If you are preparing to have both for dinner, do not worry about making two trips as whatever you ordered from the Beef Kway Teow territory can be served to the Frog Porridge territory and vice versa.Having Frog Porridge from Lion City Claypot is top of my choice whenever I think of having such porridge, however if you are driving there it may be a little challenging as parking lots are limited.Fried Oysters can be ordered too if you like. For those who do may feel hungry after the frog porridge, it is recommended to order their Beef Kway Teow over the plate of Oysters.As a fried oyster lover, I find that this dish was rather average, nothing much to rave about. Lion City Claypot is rather popular and finally after about 30 minutes of wait, our dinner is here.Slices of ginger were added with cut spring onions were added in reducing the smell.The meat was tender and for those who have not tried before, it texture was similar to chicken but on a delicate side.Porridge was thick and gooey, topped with chopped fresh green onions and this pot of cantonese style plain porridge was at its best consumption when you scoop some fragrant gravy from the frog leg claypot. As they are placed in the scalding hot claypot, do remember to be careful during handling. Out of the few Frog Porridge places in Geylang, the crowd of Lion City best explains its popularity and the standard of food. However as compared to my previous visits, they have not been maintaining the standards. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-28
For those frog leg porridge fan, you definitely must miss out this famous Claypot frogleg porridge at Geylang. Always crowded once it opens from 3pm, i would be better to be there early to avoid the super long wait.I have ordered their signature gong bao frogleg to go along with the plain porridge.  Before you taste it, you can already smell the super nice fragrant of the gong bao sauce used.  The frog leg is very soft and chewy, and really sweet and tender too.  The added spring onion also enhance the taste of this local delight.The stall is small but is quite tidy.  The service staffs here are quite friendly and approachable.  For less than $10 to grab this yummy dish, is worth the price! continue reading
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Travelled to Geylang to experience a different Singapore... and to tick off something on my experience food check-list, to eat Frog Porridge at Geylang! The whole place is boisterous and lively, with neon lights and enjoying delicious street-food just three metres away from the main road. Do note that the frog porridge here takes around 30 minutes to serve (or more!) because it is very popular. There won't be a visible queue, but there are plenty loyal customers sitting around with huge orders. People watching is a fun experience here though, so no worries about being bored. After waiting for quite a long while, it finally arrived! Remember to tell the uncle to go easy on the chilli because even after mentioning, it is still quite spicy! >_< I only survived with a cold drink. The spiciness is not immediate, it is an overwhelming choking aftertaste upon eating a few mouthfuls. But - the wokhei flavour is marvelously rich and savoury, with tasty together with the tender frog leg meat. I can understand why people are so crazy over this once I started eating it. The second surprise was the porridge itself. it is the Cantonese type of plain porridge, thicker and coarser in nature. The best part is how the porridge is very yummy even on its own. It is simply seasoned with scallions and spring onions... the classic combination to create a delicious porridge pot. Definitely recommended street food at Geylang! ;) Well, but it could get a little messy. Equip yourself with tissue packs and wet tissues. Or you can buy some from the aunties milling around. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-28
Late night food hunting around geylang for fun. We went to Lor 9 beef hor fun and saw the frog leg porridge was still open so we went over to check it out. I ordered kung pow frog leg and plain congee.Both dishes were served in claypot, as the place was dark and the claypot was deep, you can only hear the sizzling sound and smell the bubbling meat. Fresh frog legs were succulent and very tender. Hot kung pow sauces was tangy, spicy and flavoursome. Thick congee with heavy ‘claypot wok hei’ taste neutralizes the heavy flavored frog legs, making it a perfect ying yang combination. continue reading
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