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Moi Lum Restaurant was founded in the 1920s by founder Mr Khong Yu Lum. The restaurant has been selling their legendary Crispy Fried Chicken 梅林烧鸡 and Golden Coin Beancurd 金钱豆腐 for the past 80 years. The restaurant started out by renting a shop space in a little coffee shop eatery selling and producing wanton noodles along Tanjong Pagar Road. During the 1930s, Moi Lum Restaurant started providing catering. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Golden Coin Beancurd Majestic Roast Chicken Roasted Delights Salted Egg Spring Roll Crispy Fried Chicken
Review (10)
Level4 2015-12-01
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/12/01/good-dinner-chat-moi-lum-on-26nov2015/an RI friend organised november G20 dinner at moi lum 梅林 at maxwell road on 26.11.2015. ^^ we had 11pax.the last one we had here was almost 3 years ago on 16.1.2013.restaurant has several couplets on the wall, a bit of chinese tradition.restaurant was less than 1/2 full.the 8 treasures duck 八宝鸭 is their signature dish.i saw the leg was quite disproportionate, size like a goose leg. later i realized probably the stuffing caused it to look huge.must say this dish was really excellent!duck was tender & so very flavourful. this is for me a fine chinese dish. though it was not served as an individual dish, the preparation must be so fine & skillful & the flavour was exquisite. ^^the next dish, yam basket, was rather poor though.the yam has now fragrance 芋香.this is such a common almost ancient chinese restaurant & now zi char dish. quite surprising.made me recall what a good yam basket i had at ah orh according to my previous post, though i cannot really remember the taste now.my friend seems to be ordering all the birds here – duck & chicken.but this chicken was again excellent, probably their signature also.it came with sticky rice & other tasty stuffing, forgot to take photo.chicken was deboned. the server confirmed that. we were wondering how that was done. didn’t have the answer. :-)this was so different from the usual roast chicken, and also the very processed roast chicken with roast skin & minced meat made into a pancake (some restaurants called it 金龙鸡) which i don’t like.salted egg prawns were competent, ordinary.actually not that great, in my opinion.hk steamed flower garoupa came with a load of fried garlic.fish was very good, quite expected of a good chinese restaurant. the garlic gave it some differentiation.not a wow dish for me, unlike the 8 treasures duck 八宝鸭 & the chicken.the chives dish i guess was new for us, don’t recall having it previously, but not my favourite at all.a 3-egg spinach or a good fragrant garlic fried vegetable dish would do better for me.we had a fruit platter to share.& some red beans pancake also.dinner came to S$31pax nett for 7dishes include dessert. quite doable. the duck & chicken were beyond my expectations. fish was very good & the other dishes so-so. so overall i supposed quite good but a bit incomplete, not in terms of food quantity (we all had a wonderful meal) but in knowing what good dishes the restaurant serve.another way to look at it-having 2 outstanding dishes is better than having mostly above average dishes.we all had good chats & a wonderful time together. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://littlemomentsofmylife.wordpress.com/ this restaurant is unbelievably popular. for quite a few times when we tried to come here without making reservations, it was ALWAYS full! so this time, we finally remembered to make a reservation for it.first up we had the fish maw crab meat soup ($18 medium). this was a flavourful soup with a nice consistency - not too gooey nor too thin, and there was a rather generous amount of crab meat inside which i liked.the majestic roast chicken ($14 small) was nicely done! i loved how the meat was tender, with the slightly crisp skin. and there was this chili sauce (slightly like chicken rice chili) that went beautifully with it! the dried scallop white cabbage ($16 medium) was a very well-received dish! simple but tasty, i loved how the scallop gave a delightful flavour which balanced out the monotony of the cabbage.the braised spare ribs ($18 small) was a simple dish which i quite liked! the ribs were braised till the meat was soft, and it fell off the bone easily. the sauce was also very tasty lastly, there was this vegetable dish that is apparently not on the menu! it was really interesting! i initially thought i wouldnt like it? but turned out that it was a really well put-together dish. it was full of an array of ingredients from crisp lotus roots, black fungus, carrots, celery and macademia nuts!!!! okay maybe that's why i loved the dish so much. i mean, the lotus roots were really interesting, and had a yummy texture. but it was the nuts that sealed the deal for me haha. continue reading
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Although I did not have a chance to try at the actual stall itself, I had the opportunity to try this awesome Moi Lum Salted Egg Fish Skin as it was at Singapore Favourite Food. Well, I was given a huge portion of it when I bought this dish and I finished every bit of it. It was so addictive. It was crispy, topped with spring onions and the salted egg sauce goes so well with it. Well, Moi Lum is known for its Cantonese Cuisine, they have other dishes which I would very much like to try as well like the roasted chicken but don't have the stomach for it. I will definitely visit the restaurant for to try on their other dishes one day. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
I'm not usually a fan of fish skin but decided to give it a try since my friends were raving about how awesome this is! Moi Lum had set up a stall at Singapore Food Festival this year so I had a chance to try this dish without having to go all the way to Tanjong Pagar. It's amazing how they can make the skin so crispy that it crumbles the moment you bite into it - it's almost like eating keropok. The salted egg was not too salty and helped to mask over the fishy taste. Very addictive snack! continue reading
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Well I got bought this dish at the singapore favorite food event at the marina bay sands area when I noticed that moi lum is one of the winners for the voting session. of cos I have to try their famous salted egg fried fish skin as this is recommended by so many people. the auntie was very friendly and proud of her dish and indeed it is no disappointment. the fish skin is fried to perfection, very crispy and not oily. I think I can just eat the fish skin like keropok non stop this is seriously very addictive. the salted egg yolk sauce make the dish smell even good, but a little salty in my opinion. I will definitely order this in their restaurant the next time I visit them! continue reading
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