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Oscar's at Conrad serves meals all day, daily. They feature International as well as Asian cuisine in buffet and ala carte styles. continue reading
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 For the full review, click on the link below: http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/11/Oscars-Latin-America-Cuisines.htmlLatin America, one of the continents that is hardly to be in our travel destinations. While we can found the cuisines from Mexico, Argentina and Brazil easily in Singapore now; Aruba, Chile, Columbia, Guatemala & Peru cuisines can be considered alien to most of us.Fortunately from 5th November to 4th December 2015, all the cuisines from the countries mentioned above can be sample without the need to travel to the other side of the planet. In charge of entertaining our palate, is Executive Sous Chef Rodrigo Martinez, born in Chile, has worked around Latin America before making a pit stop in Conrad Centennial Singapore.Some of the dishes that I like during the night: Taco, one of the popular dish from Mexico. It has beef fillings, beans, onions, guacamole, chipotle mayonnaise and coriander. The version of the tortilla is the non-crispy version. When you are eating taco, please just use your hands. Squeeze the lime, roll the taco and just put it in your mouth. You will find the gorgeous explosion of flavours in your mouth. The beef is succulent, the rest of ingredients are fresh and the chipotle mayo just bind all the ingredients well. Yum Yum. Mini dishes of Peruvian Ceviche (Peru) and Mango Papaya Salad (Aruba). I saw ceviche dishes many times on travel channel, so I definitely won't miss it this time around. In short it is raw fish cured with citrus juice. It tasted fresh, tangy and the purple onion provide a hint of sweetness to the dish. The Mango papaya salad easily stands out as Caribbean dish. The combination of prawns, mango, papaya and coriander is just delectable and refreshing. It works well as an appetizer.From the carving stations, this dish Huachinango en Costra de Sal, Tequila y Hoja de Plantano (Mexico) is a must try. It is a red snapper wrapped in banana leaf and baked in salt crust seasoned with tequila. One of my personal favourite style of cooking fish, the salt crust act as a seasoning and also maintain the moist in the fish while cooking it. So the meat will remain tender and juicy. The banana leaf and tequila just add a different flavours to the dish.Mariscos al Pil Pil – Seafood cooked in chilli and garlic (Chile). This dish was proven to be the favorite dish this evening. Perfectly cooked tiger prawn, it was fresh, springy and succulent. The chilli and garlic was there to add flavours, elevate the flavour of the prawns. This was considered the popular dish of the night because it always runs out. So it is a must-try dish. Thumbs up!Asparragus Peruanos – Peruvian asparagus with egg sauce (Peru). The white asparagus was coated in egg sauce and baked until it has a crispy crust on top. The asparagus was crunchy and sweet, while the egg sauce gave a creaminess feel to the dish. For desserts, Churros with Chocolate Sauce (Cuba) and Dulce Tres Leches – Three milk cake (Columbia) got my pick. The churros on the night was a little bit salty, but with the combination of the chocolate sauce was just heavenly. Solid, good quality chocolate was used, by itself it was also lovely. The three milk cake, consist of condensed milk, cream and whole milk. This cake is just moist, light and fluffy. Delicious. If you prefer something more of street food style of desserts, you can try their shave iced. Similar to our version of Ice Kacang kosong, it just consist of shaved iced and different type of syrups. Its popularly known as Raspado in Mexico and Columbia. As a food blogger, it is always our hobby to find new cuisine to try. This experience with the Latin America cuisine in Oscar's this time around was a great experience. I finally able to try exquisite like ceviche, and as well as dishes from Chille, Peru and other Latin America Countries. So if you are as curious as I am about Latin American cuisine, come and visit Oscar's from 5th November until 4th December for Savouring Latin America. Please note ever popular Oscar's buffet line up are still available. Thank you very much to Conrad Centennial Team for the tasting invitation. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-10-29
At Oscar's, prepared to feast on an impressive buffet highlighted by one of the largest Caesar salad station in town, freshly shucked oysters, succulent seafood-on-ice and live carving stations.Located in  Conrad Centennial Singapore, Oscar's has been famed for their variety of fresh marine crustaceans such as snow crabs, bright tangerine-coloured baby lobsters, prawns and more!But their dessert spread is what made me smile non stop during lunch! Check out their macaron assortment and chocolate fountain! They also have a huge variety to satisfy that insatiable sweet tooth craving!They also have an interesting variety of cakes, some of which had alcohol. There was one that smelt like cheese and tasted like plain cheese, which I found was quite strange. The interesting bit about Oscar's involvement is how they are the only restaurant to incorporate the sustainable menu into their buffet. I find that generous of them because MSC certified products are priced at a premium, and their buffet is priced only slightly more expensive than usual. Sashimi! My favourite! Especially Fresh Salmon! The sashimi were fresh! They were serving salmon belly! I can just eat plates and plates of it. Of course, I didn't as I need to keep some spare for the rest of the buffet spread. Similarly to oysters, the chef will only cut when you order. Their cheese platter are also very good! It is such a waste that we didn't order wine to go with it.I was pleasantly surprised to see an ice cream and waffle station. You can ask the staff to cook a waffle for you and she will ask you to come back in about 5 minutes. You can ask for however many quadrants you want.I highly recommend either the vanilla ice cream of the Stracciatella ice cream. Both were spot on and were heavenly! The ice cream here was very smooth in texture. Their mango and passionfruit sorbets were too sour for my liking.They also have a frozen yogurt machine. Take note that machine shoots out the froyo very fast! The froyo tasted okay, not too sour and not too sweet. But it melted fast!You can also get a coffee or tea. I got a moca which wasn't too dull. They provide you with sugar and additional milk. The coffee order is taken at your table. Not sure if you can get a second cup though.Here is my assortment of kuehs that I picked up. All of them were delicious and pretty good. Definitely met my expectations!The ambience was very warm and cozy. The color theme of the restaurant is in the shades of yellow. It reminds me of sunflower. Bright and Cheery! It is ideal for gatherings or family (ideal for kids too) or couples.All in all, I realized at the end of my meal, I spent way more calories on dessert than on real food. Mainly because I love sweets and I was too excited to explore the dessert selection, I didn't have much space for my mains. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-20
Finally got a chance to try buffet dinner here. There is a wide variety of food. There are also noodle cook stations outside the restaurant. The signs to the cook stations were not obvious and we almost miss out the chance to try. There are many variety of noodles to choose from - something different from the usualy buffets. I like the tom yum noodle best. My child love the waffles with icecream. Many choice of icecream, and the friendly staff will assist to scoop. Will come back again continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-12-01
It was highly recommended by my friend, so I came here for my early birthday celebration. We saw they were offering buffet options which looked attractive. Nevertheless, we decided to just try their Fish and Chips. It costs $35 per plate, a bit pricy but portion was quite huge! The fish was very fresh and sweet. The side dish should put aside, as there's some sauce on the veg and tomato so the fried fish batter was soggy. The bread was nice too,with 2 kind of butter given,is expensive but worth the price. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-09-03
Thanks to my colleague, I got to enjoy the international buffet at Conrad Centennial Hotel’s Oscar’s Café & Terrace We made a reservation for one of the weekday night for buffet session. International buffet is more of quality of the foods served as the value must be worth while to spend. The restaurant is located at the lobby level of the hotel with the warm lighting interiors and lively ambience to dine in.We were greeted with a smile and friendly gesture. There are sections of different type of foods all around the restaurant which range from fresh sea foods section, cooked foods with different kind of cuisine section, sashimi section and dessert section. We are spoilt with the choice.There are different kinds of cheese, hams and breads available to start off with the sessions. Customize own dressing for salads are available next to it and it is ideal to have it as appetizer.The highlight of the buffet is that chef will only shuck the oysters upon request. This absolutely shows the freshness of the oysters. There is one more thing that amazed me is the Parmigiana (Parmesan) bowl where the lettuce is tossed with the sauce, cheese and other ingredients personally by the chef to present us with a Caesar salad. The chef uses spatula to scrap the cheese from the bowl each time to mix the salad which makes the whole process looks interesting.Cooked sections are just fine with the available choices. All are kept in warm condition and the foods are well-cooked. One of the dishes that I was quite impressed was Bake Roulade of Salmon with hollandaise sauce. The smooth meat texture which compliments with the sauce makes the salmon taste juicy and addictive. And they do cut the sashimi upon request by the diners. As for dessert wise, they served wide selections from cakes to cookies and puddings. Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch was one fine cake that I love. The sweetness of the chocolate with the hazelnut crunch really taste sinful. Live section is also available at this section as the waffles were served upon request as well. We get to choose the toppings and mix match the choice we want upon the waffles served. I had it with gelato.The buffet ended with a cup of nice coffee for my buffet partner and a tea for me. The service staffs are attentive to diners. They will approach us to see what we need on and off and clear the plates promptly before we are back with new foods on plates.For more photos of the buffet pictures, check out my blog post : http://hazeldiary.com/?p=2199 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)